Amazon acquires smart doorbell ‘Ring’ for $1 Billion

Tech giant Amazon is continuing it’s quest for world domination, adding another product to their already impressive catalog of smart devices.

‘Ring’ is a product that allows home owners to monitor their home from their smartphone, tablet or PC. The product is already used in over 100 countries and is just another addition to Amazon’s growing portfolio of home security products. These include;


Amazon Key – A security lock that allows Amazon delivery drivers into your home.. (Ironic i know)

Cloud Cam – A smart security camera for your home

And – The recent acquisition of another security startup called ‘Blink’


So.. what are Amazon’s intentions with acquiring multiple smart security startups?

It’s no secret that The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a passing fad, and the assistant (Siri, Google, Alexa) that integrates best with your homes smart tech will more than likely dominate the market for years to come. These recent home security acquisitions are all part of Amazon’s master plan; To secure Alexa as the home assistant that can connect ALL of your IoT devices.

Whilst i’m sure Amazon will bring far more innovative products to their ‘smart’ catalog in the years to come (Smart toaster? Smart fridge?), dominating the already existing home security market is surely a good place to start.




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