Boost for Alexa skills.. have you tried out 3rd party skills yet?

Are you one of the many Alexa owners that have yet to try out Alexa Skills? Apparently you are not alone. Amazon responds with an update to the Alexa skills toolkit for developers to simplify development and increase the number and quality of Alexa skills available to end users like you and I. Share with us any Alexa Skills you have used and rate in the comments below.

Amazon released a major overhaul to its Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console that aims to streamline the development process of Alexa skills and boost user engagement, the company announced last Thursday. The new version of the developer console, which is where voice app developers create Alexa skills, splits the Alexa skill development process into four segments: build, test, launch, and measure. The new format enables developers to build a skill in a visual interface, test the skill’s performance via voice and text, preview the skill in the skill store to prepare for launch, and view how consumers respond to the skill.

The redesign will be key in bolstering user engagement and retention for Alexa skills, which are two sore spots for Alexa skill developers. One of the main issues with Alexa is discoverability of skills — 65% of users haven’t yet enabled a third-party skill, according to Activate. And once they find a skill, there’s only a 6% chance that the user will continue using that voice app within two weeks, according to a September 2017 report from VoiceLabs. Amazon seeks to boost user retention for Alexa skills (AMZN)

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