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    Besides popular bet types like Asian handicap, European handicap, over/under, many bookmakers now offer simpler and more predictable supplementary betting options. The most common of these side bets is the penalty odds. So, what exactly are over/under penalty odds? How are they calculated? Refer to the following article from for more information.

    What Are Over/Under Penalty Odds?

    Before diving into the calculation of over/under penalty odds, it’s crucial to understand this type of bet.

    Over/under penalty odds involve predicting the score during the 11-meter penalty shootout between two teams in a match that remains undecided after the official 90 minutes and extra time.

    If the match remains tied after 90 minutes and two extra halves, a penalty shootout will determine the winner.

    In this bet, will present specific numbers. Therefore, understanding how to calculate over/under penalty odds will help you analyze and predict accurately to select the most precise betting amount. Choose ‘over’ if you believe the number of penalties scored will exceed the bookmaker’s prediction. Conversely, opt for ‘under’ if you think the actual number will be lower than the bookmaker’s estimation.

    Calculating Over/Under Penalty Odds

    In addition to understanding what over/under penalty odds mean, players should also know how these odds are calculated. Penalty shootouts have handicaps and over/under odds. The handicap bet involves betting on the team that will score more penalties. Meanwhile, over/under bets consider a specific number of goals scored from the 11-meter spot during the penalty shootout.

    Players have to choose a winning team and bet on over or under. In reality, each team gets 10 penalty kicks. Thus, if the shootout remains tied after these 10 kicks, the match concludes if one team leads by 2 kicks. Correctly predicting these outcomes leads to a win for the bettor.

    In this bet, both teams engage in the 11-meter shootout to decide the match outcome, and players place bets based on this result.

    Each team usually gets 5 penalty kicks. If both teams are still tied after these 5 kicks, the shootout continues until one team succeeds, and the other fails in the same kick. Subsequently, the penalty shootout ends.

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    Example of Calculating Over/Under Penalty Odds:

    In the final match between England and Germany, after both main halves ended in a 1-1 draw, and with 30 minutes of extra time, the referee organized a penalty shootout to determine the winner. Here, the bookmaker set the over/under line at 7.5. Betting above 7.5 is considered ‘over’, while placing a bet on 7.5 is ‘under’.

    The penalty shootout’s score is considered the result for calculating odds. Accurately placing over/under bets isn’t simple, especially when two evenly matched teams rely on luck for the outcome.

    Many bettors engage in over/under penalty betting, but not all win. In penalty bets, various odds prevail. Here are some of the most common 11-meter betting options:

    Betting on the penalty shootout’s final score.

    Betting on the team taking the final penalty.

    Betting on the team winning the penalty shootout.

    Betting on the successful penalty kicks from both teams.

    Betting on the total number of penalty shootout goals.

    Tactics for Analyzing Over/Under Penalty Odds

    Over/under penalty bets involve risk, but players still have the chance to develop strategies that can improve their winning odds. Here are some expert strategies for winning over/under penalty bets, which should be remembered alongside understanding how to calculate these odds:

    Analyze both teams’ capabilities: Regardless of the chosen bet type, analyzing the teams’ form is crucial. Over/under penalty bets require attention to the skills and techniques of 11-meter penalty kicks. Research beforehand is essential.

    After analysis, you’ll know which players are mentally stable and possess better penalty-taking skills based on their previous schedules. After compiling this information, you’ll be better equipped to bet on the team with the highest winning potential.

    In major football matches, teams like Germany, Portugal, and Italy often decide the outcome in penalty shootouts. Bettors can use this information when placing their bets.

    Place bets after the first round of penalties: If players have a clear understanding of over/under penalty odds and information about the playing teams, they should wait until the first round of penalties ends before betting. Successful kicks significantly impact the players’ psychology. Smaller teams often lack stability compared to more experienced larger teams in 11-meter shootouts.

    Focus on goalkeepers: Goalkeeper saves are a key deciding factor in victory or defeat. In modern football, most goalkeepers are talented and in good form. However, there are still more experienced goalkeepers with better save rates.

    Therefore, the advice for players is to pay attention to the main goalkeepers of both teams before participating in over/under penalty betting. If they’re renowned goalkeepers with a high save rate, the chances of an under result are higher.

    Key Points when Analyzing Penalty Odds

    Apart from understanding how to calculate over/under penalty odds and these strategies, players should consider the following points:

    Analyze recent history and form of both teams.

    Understand the styles and habits of each penalty taker. Based on their current form and penalty histories, reasonable assumptions can be made because the main goalkeeper isn’t always chosen to take penalties.

    Choose odds with the potential for higher wins, such as betting on the team taking the final penalty, the team winning overall, etc. Though these odds might be lower, players have higher chances of winning compared to other bet types.

    Wintips has provided comprehensive answers regarding what over/under penalty odds are and how to calculate them for new players. Hopefully, this article will assist you in making the wisest and most accurate decisions. Good luck!



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