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    new uk bookmaker always attract the attention of football fans, especially during major events such as the Euro or World Cup. However, predicting football matches and finding ways to win bets is not an easy task. Therefore, players need to grasp the basic principles of sports betting to avoid losing money. Many people have shared that they lost their money due to losing their composure after consecutive losses or placing bets recklessly. Hence, today, we – KTO bookmakers will share with you the most basic principles to become a wise sports bettor!

    Choose a reliable bookmaker – The golden rule

    Before participating in any betting games, including online football betting, you need to choose a reliable bookmaker to place bets. When betting on sports, ensuring the safety of players’ information and finances is essential. This helps players place bets with peace of mind without worrying about being cheated out of their money. KTO is a reputable bookmaker that competes fairly with other leading brands in the market. They have unique features that differ from other betting brands on the market. In summary, choose a truly reliable bookmaker. Simple interface, easy to play but high bonus rates are the top factors that attract customers to KTO Asia. Visit the website to grab the hottest promotional bonuses!

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    Study the odds – Relax with numbers

    To win sports bets, you should study the odds carefully. If two teams have relatively equal strength and stable performance, and the match is played fairly and transparently, the betting odds are safe. You can predict the outcome based on the correlation of the two teams’ strength and performance on the field, and the chances of winning the bet are higher. In case the home team’s odds are below and the away team is given a handicap, you can use the following tips to place bets:

    For example, a visual example of how to handicap in football betting:

    If the odds range from 0 to -0.25, then players should choose the away team, and the chances of winning will be very high. However, if the odds range from -0.25 to -0.5, you should consider and analyze the situation more carefully.

    Researching the correct odds ratio sheet

    Take the time to learn about the information – Enjoy the information of the two teams

    Check today’s football odds, check the odds for the A vs. B match today, etc. These are the keywords you need to search on Google first to find information.

    And it’s crazy that no one places a bet without understanding both teams.

    Before playing, we should spend some time researching information, referring to how to place bets around the match.

    Factors such as strength, form, head-to-head history, weather, etc. all have a significant impact on the match result.

    Ideally, you should consider the last 5 matches as this is a safe and informative timeframe for players to choose from.

    Learn about the two teams’ information

    Bet according to the cycle of a football team

    There is a standard way to bet based on a football team’s win-lose cycle.

    This betting method is often applied by professional gamblers.

    To become an expert, you need to have a good understanding of the club’s playing history and their opponents.

    If the team’s playing form maintains a stable condition (winning 2-3 matches then losing 1 match), we should place a bet.

    Therefore, we can apply the betting method for the highest win rate, which is the Winning Probability of the team that you believe in.

    Learn about the winning-losing cycle

    Thoroughly study information on bets

    Many players are quite impulsive when “hearing” matches with good odds, so they blindly bet without much information.

    Surely this is not a betting method to be used. When not researching matches thoroughly, the chance of losing bets and money is very high.

    Besides, we should not listen to others like friends or players who persuade us to bet.

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    Luck is a frequent factor, so you only bet when you are most sure.

    Perseverance and patience

    The experience of longtime football bettors is that they must “know when to stop” to win one hundred matches.

    Players need to be patient, not hasty in making decisions without careful consideration.

    If encountering bad luck or consecutive losing bets, you should stay calm. According to the experience of experienced players, in this case, you should refresh yourself by not betting on the next day.

    Then return with a good and refreshing mental state.

    In summary, you must “close the negative cycle” at the moment when you are in turmoil and lack of calmness.

    Find a game that you can enjoy and limit yourself to the amount you can afford to lose.

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