Google Home can now handle three requests at the same time

Google Home speakers can already perform two commands at the same time. But what if you live in a particularly connected household, where you may need to juggle more tasks? The company has an answer: three simultaneous requests. So long as you form full queries with “and” in between, you can multitask like a pro using only the spoken word. This could be particularly helpful if you want to turn on the lights, increase the temperature and play some tunes without having a Routine in place.

The feature is only available in predominantly English-speaking countries (Australia, Canada, the UK and the US) at the moment.

Even so, this arguably represents the next step for smart speakers: handling whatever you ask of them when you ask for it, not just one or two items at a time. Your computer and phone can multitask, so it’s only fair that your voice assistant should do the same.



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