Amazon Echo Smart Speaker (2nd Generation)

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Amazon Echo Smart Speaker (2nd Generation)

Overview & Key Features

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Current Price £22.9923rd June 2024
Highest Price£22.9921st May 2024
Lowest Price£22.9921st May 2024
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£22.9921st May 2024
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Latest News

Amazon brings multi-room Spotify to the Echo

Amazon brings multi-room Spotify to the Echo

14th December 2017 - Business Insider

Amazon added Spotify and Sirius XM Radio to its Echo smart speakers' multi-room music streaming feature, according to CNBC. Users can now say "Alexa, play music anywhere," to prompt the devices to stream music from either service through multiple Echos...

Amazon Echo launches across Europe, Latin America

Amazon Echo launches across Europe, Latin America

12th December 2017 - Business Insider

Amazon has expanded the availability of its Echo line of smart speakers and Amazon Music Unlimited service to 28 new countries, reports VentureBeat. The additional markets are spread throughout Europe and Latin America, and include Belgium, Chile, Peru...

Amazon Echo's multi-room music streaming feature now supports Spotify and SiriusXM

Amazon Echo's multi-room music streaming feature now supports Spotify and SiriusXM

13th December 2017 - TechCrunch

Just in time for all of those ridiculous holiday playlists, Amazon's added two key players to the Echo's multi-room streaming feature. Spotify and SiriusXM now join the ranks of TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora and, naturally, Amazon's own Music Unlimited...

6 reasons you should buy an Amazon Echo over an Apple HomePod

6 reasons you should buy an Amazon Echo over an Apple HomePod

14th February 2018 - Digital Trends

But while the sound quality of the $350 device is incredible, to say we're disappointed by its “smarts” is an understatement. As our reviewer Caleb Denison points out in his review of the HomePod, it's less of a smart speaker and more...

Amazon Echo speaker deals save you up to $50 before President's Day weekend

Amazon Echo speaker deals save you up to $50 before President's Day weekend

14th February 2018 - TechRadar

You'll be able to find new Amazon Echo speaker deals ahead of the official President's Day 2018 sales events in the US, letting you save on the Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show or the latest standard Echo.Amazon has a discount available on all four of...

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8 Total Score
151 reviews

Amazon has lead the way with revolutionising the home automation environment and the Amazon Echo is great on price, sound quality and leads the market on functionality

8Expert Score
Ease of Setup
8.7User's score
  • Available in 6 different finishes
  • 7 High quality microphones
  • Cheaper than previous model
  • Constantly evolving Alexa
  • Poor sound quality than predecessor
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  1. Rating

    I am something of a technophile and certainly keen to try out new and innovative gadgets which claim to make life easier or at least enriched. I think for the moment the Amazon Echo Dot fits into the latter category. The far field voice recognition technology is excellent, certainly at least as good as siri.I have spent a few days working with Alexa understanding how to ask questions, sorting my daily news summary, sports team and building my music playlists, organizing Amazon music, for those with a Spotify premium account this will be awesome. The Echo Dot does have a speaker and its pretty decent comparable to a smartphone, and setting up bluetooth is easy.I would also encourage linking a google calendar, now adding appointments, planning your day is much more fun and available for everyone to see on their devices but also asking Alexa is quite intuitive.. Shopping lists and todo lists are useful.The skills (equivalent to apps to you and I) are for the moment limited, although the magic door is really good fun with children, as is Bartender for the grownups! The potential for skills is the best bit around the Echo, if Amazon can really engage developers with this, the Echo Dot could move to a really integral component of running your daily life.Having invested this time with Alexa is becoming increasingly useful and is a lot of fun and the capability will only grow.

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  2. Rating

    For 40 quid, what’s not to like. In my limited home automation system, here’s my 2 days of use review of the Dot. Plugged in, paired with WiFi using app on phone. I have Amazon Prime so most of my “play George Michael” type requests result in “shuffling songs by George Michael”… and voila. Or I can say “Alexa, play radio 2” and she’ll put radio 2. Now, speaker onboard isn’t great but fine for the spoken stuff, however here’s the cool thing, to me at least.. can use the onboard speaker for modest levels of personal listening music when working, but simply have a paired Bluetooth device and power it on, then say “Alexa, connect to Bluetooth” and it’ll pick that device and all following audio will come via that speaker. “Alexa, disconnect Bluetooth” and audio reverts back to onboard.Random questions you might have asked google via your phone you can now do via Alexa… “Alexa, what is the distance from here to Cairo”.. “Alexa, what is Osteoarthritis”, “Alexa, what are the headlines”…. to me, that alone is worth 40 quid. “Alexa, set timer for 10 minutes”, “Alexa, set alarm for every week at 7am on Tuesday”… and so on.When I can invoke a Logitech harmony activity via voice, I’ll be blown away.. apparently US have that feature now and we’ll get in soon… I hope soon :-). I also have a Wemo on my Bluetooth receiver hooked up to my Marantz Amp… I fire up the Wemo, then tell Alexa to connect to Bluetooth, and then play streamed music via the amp… or power on my Bose speaker, and connect to that…. I haven’t tried having both powered and selectively connecting to one or the other.. not sure if possible, but not an issue really as I only like one Bluetooth speaker device powered when I want it.Anyway, I ordered an Energenie set of 3 controllable switched sockets (Amazon deal yesterday) and hope to able to switch the 3 lamps on in the living room all at once, or independently using Alexa. Heating I sadly can’t do as I have electric radiators that all have separate wireless timed thermostats in each room.I’ve already ordered another two — one for home office, one for the bedroom. Working at home, I can now easily set timer to remind me I’ve been sitting too long and need to walk about for a bit. OK, so I am a gadget freak, but I am loving this already…. yes, maybe limited to some people but having easy call up of music, easy alarm set and timer, easy ask anything you might ask google, add that when you think of something you need to do later, just ask Alexa to add that to your to do list and it’ll add it for recall on your phone or via asking Alexa… and simple “Alexa, what is the time”, “Alexa, what is the weather like on Saturday”.. and more….. awesome for such little money.

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  3. Rating

    She says “I’m still learning….”Shows huge promise, voice recognition is good straight out of the box even with 3 different voices trying to talk to it at the same time with the TV on in the background…however it doesnt appear to be that smart at the moment and it think thats down to the search engine it uses rather than a failure to recognise the words. The app shows the words it has heard and 98% of the time gets it right..less so with my wife who is Scottish but still manages a high 90-95% hit rate.While you can add things to lists etc, you have to use the app to delete the items. I understand the logic for can tick things off your shopping list while you shop …but if you make a mistake you have to remember that error and correct it manually while you shop.The app is a bit slow to load on my phone (Moto G 2nd Gen) and I wish there was a windows 10 version so that I could set things up on my pc but most of the “skills” are android/IOS based so its only natural I suppose. On the subject of skills there are a few useful ones but an awful lot of very specialised ones that I cant imagine ever using,..a lot of them replicate functions already built in and others like Jamie Olivers recipes fall short of expectations as they send you an email rather than read out the recipe. Skills often require special phases to start them so you need to remember the key phrases. The ones I have installed so far are Kasa – to control a couple of wifi plugs, Trackr – to find my phone and Yonomi to integrate with Sonos.All in all – happy with my purchase and may get some more e.g one for the kitchen for radio and timers etc and another for the bedroom for radio, music, alarms and control of the lights.

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  4. Rating

    My new home help! I now have 3 of these. They play well with home-automation products: Samsung Smarthings, Hive thermostats, Logitech Harmony Hubs etc, So basically this is the best there is as a voice interface for home automation as at the end of 2016. Also great for music – for £4 per month, you can have ONE of your Echos accessing 40 million songs, which is a lot fun.Update: As of March 2018 the Echos are even better – now being able to answer follow-up questions on the same subject, and seemingly now having access to Google data, meaning journey times can be estimated, opening times for local businesses are accessible etc. Basically, for answering general questions, it’s as good as any voice assistant IMHO.I also have a Google Home Mini and all things considered, prefer the Echo. The Echo can be amplified via a bluetooth speaker or a 3.5mm jack – the Google Home Mini can do neither. There are other differences between the 2 units, but this is the most significant one from my point of view. Don’t expect too much from their built in speakers music-wise.

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  5. Rating

    This is something to hook up to other things and add voice control. You will get bored of saying “I’ll be back” just to have it reply “asta la vista, baby” or ask it a few simple questions that you don’t really need to know the answer to.This little beauty is best enjoyed with all the wonderful add ons. The most basic one that you will have is music, just sit back and ask it to play whatever pops into your head.After that you start looking at home automation and if you already own rf plugs then you need to team this up with the broadlink rm pro, in fact you just need to get that anyway. It’s a brilliant piece of kit that comes in around £30 and controls radio and infrared devices and voice control is added via alexa and an app called rm tasker (£3.99 but free for 7 days). After that you will wonder how logitech can charge £80+ for their harmony stuff.Alexa has a lot of useful skills but unless you like voice controlled music then you will probably think this is expensive, if you have home automation then you’ll wonder how they can sell it for the peanuts they do. This device does so much for me now but it is only because I already had the tech that this complements such as smart plugs, smart thermostat, spotify premium, smart lighting etc etc. If you buy this without those then you are not seeing it’s true beauty. You will be tempted to call it expensive and rate it lower than its 5 stars. It isn’t perfect but then again it isn’t 5 years in the future. Nothing currently comes close so while it is still learning you need to forgive it if it doesn’t understand everything you say. You also need to explore the skills as they are releasing new stuff all the time.

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  6. Rating

    Alexa and I have been housemates for a couple of weeks now. I bought this with vouchers I got for Christmas and admit I was initially a little sceptical about how useful it would really be. As I’m about to start upgrading to some smart lighting in the home though I figured it would be worth getting familiar with the Echo first. The more I have been using it, the more I’m starting to rely on it. It does seem to integrate itself into your life without you really noticing. I do check the weather and news on it and also have become quite a fan of the lists features, there is quite a bit to find useful about this product even without smart home gear.The one thing that I never really saw myself using this for has now become the thing I use it most for, and that is music. I have a Sonos system and had always been happy using that for music with my Amazon prime, but they work in pretty different ways. I have to search up music or a channel through Sonos and can’t get all that specific, however with the Echo I just walk into the room and say ‘play music by…’ and get exactly that. No searching, no queueing, just music. I’m pretty intrigued to see what the upcoming integration with Sonos will bring later this year as the two together will be a match made in heaven to me! Whilst the speaker on the dot is not exactly designed to play music through, I am pleasantly surprised at how it sounds. Certainly better than my clock radio!There are of course some negatives to be had as with most things. Principally for me the app is a bugbear with it being slow and laggy and just kind of weird. I don’t find it all that intuitive in places. Also the number of UK specific skills are somewhat lacking at the moment, it can be very hit and miss whether the skill you think you want actually works as it should, however with new things coming along all the time and this being a relatively new technology I have high hopes these areas will improve over time. Alexa does seem to like to have random conversations with herself at times, usually in the early hours of the morning. I have no idea why, but being woken up suddenly as she relays the plot of a film or starts playing music has happened a few times. I’m starting to consider that maybe I have a tech savvy ghost! I turn the speaker right down before I go to bed now so it doesn’t wake me. This has made me hesitate to get another one for the bedroom at the moment though. I would be rather wary of just what I let this have control of, I wouldn’t let this control my security for example. It responds to any voice so the prospect of someone else messing with doors or cameras isn’t a good one. But then I wouldn’t trust security to any smart device so it’s hardly likely to be a problem.If you have been debating on whether to get one of these and would use it, I would say definitely give it a try. You might be surprised just what you find it useful for and as it improves over time, it can only get better.

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  7. Rating

    An excellent tool for home control, entertainment and information about all sorts of things. Before buying, read the Amazon guides that you can access from the site. This tool updates regularly and its abilities are expanding exponentially. We have a dot connected to a bluetooth speaker and a full size echo (in the kitchen). They arrive on Christmas day (well were unwrapped) and we have had endless fun since. It can be frustrating to use at times and watch out for toddlers and young children using it, but it is a huge learning process that we are enjoying.I recommend, if you do have children in the house and you don’t want them to be buying stuff from Amazon using the Echo or Echo Dot, that you check the settings and either disable buying via Echo, or add a pin. We found that children learn the pin quickly, so probably best to do your buying elsewhere until there is a more practical solution to do so with the Echo.I also found it handy to join a relevant Alexa group on Facebook to see what other things people are doing. It’s quite an eye opener.I’m very aware of the potential for disabled users, particularly those who are mobility impaired or blind. As long as you can speak, you can access a wealth of information.

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  8. Rating

    The idea of voice control is a novelty at first, so I bought this to control the Phillips Hue lights. Once set up it works as it should, but you have to ensure it’s not near a wall and I also find commands aren’t always heard correctly with music on or the TV too loud. I also have this connected to a blue tooth speaker as the Dot has a reasonable speaker built in, but the additional speaker improves things. I changed the wake up name to Amazon, which is funny if there is a TV advert on and mentions the word Amazon, it starts to respond to what it thinks is a question.Sometimes you have to repeat commands to control the Philips lights, but then it’s all about learning on how to set both up correctly. The echo can now add events to my outlook calendar which syncs to my phone, play music from Spotify, search for opening times of stores and so much more.Overall If you can spare the cash and have…. or want to start using smart home devices around the home, heating systems, compatible lights such as the Hue system, then this will be worth while, It’s early days for this type of tech, but in time it will become the norm when you see the likes of the Google version coming out soon. Just make sure your router is up to the job as with all this WIFI connected stuff, you may find things don’t always work as you would expect.

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  9. Rating

    It was originally a great phone until the recent update that removed Cyanogenmod.Since then the phone has been restarting randomly. It’s very frustrating when you miss your alarm because the phone is restarted itself in the night as is waiting on the pin unlock screen.My parter has the Swift 2 and has been having the same issues since she upgraded too.As as result we’ve both given up and bought other phones. Buy cheap, buy twice.

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  10. Rating

    I have already bought one Echo Dot for the living room and am really enjoying using it and discovering what it can do, amazing technology for the price, however this one is our second which we decided to place in the bedroom to enjoy music and doesn’t seem to work as efficiently. I couldn’t say why. I have had several occasions when what I requested has been misunderstood and a simple request to ‘stop’ had to be repeated 3 times. So I can only say that the one in the living room is fab but is the one upstairs in a ‘wrong position’ making it harder to receive sound waves??? We’re now going to try moving it around the room!

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  11. Rating

    I have the Amazon Echo and fancied a dot for the bedroom for alarm sleep sounds etc. Works well, sound is good, however after listening to the Echo it is miles away in sound, probably will be better with a speaker attached. It works fine for what I need and as always it looks good. One thing I don’t understand is as you have a choice of colour, in my case white, why do I have a Black cable across my white dressing table to the plug?

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  12. Rating

    What a wonderful way to hold the eco dot first or second generation it keeps it hidden discreetly away from the children the owl statue arrived promptly in a very nice secure box.The owl was protected well in polystyrene during transportation on opening I could instantly see the quality it is not heavy but not too lightweight either.On the bottom there is a felt padding so the owl will not scratch any surfaces I love the design there is so much detail on this statue I really like the eyes they look great.On the back towards the top there is a cutout in the ceramic this is there for the power cable for the eco dot so your able to keep it out of sight and it keeps the great look of the owl.This would be ideal just as a gift for a owl fan if you don’t have a eco dot or as a Pa per weight or even just to keep bits and bobs in the top overall I was very impressed with it and I would highly recommend it.

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  13. Rating

    Well made, Heavy,So will not fall over easily. Because of its large flat Base.The Echo unit fit in well, With a opening in the back for the Charging lead.a Great way to keep your Amazon Echo safe.

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  14. Rating

    I have echo dots in most rooms of my house now and whilst they are very minimalist, in certain rooms they can’t help but look out of place.My living room is full of home automation and tech, yet none of it is on display or easy to notice, so having the dot sat on the bookshelf just looked out of the ordinary for this room.The owl is perfect for this. It neatly hides the echo dot and matches in with my living room decor.Obviously an owl is not going to be to everyone’s taste but in terms of build quality, it is very good. The cutout for the echo dot is perfectly size for the dot to just drop straight into. You can also see from my pictures that there is an opening on the back of the owl which allows access to the usb and 3.5mm connections.I was a little concerned that housing the dot would impact on how effective its microphones were, but this has proved to be unwarranted. I have been using this dot in the owl for the last week and I have noticed no difference at all.Overall I am very pleased with the owl and how it has enabled me to fit the dot in with the rest of the decor in my living room.

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  15. Rating

    I had had this phone for about 6 months when I started having problems with it. The battery life was drastically reduced from when I first bought it, I was having problems with the speakers and the charging socket was faulty.When I tried to contact wileyfox through their website on a number of occasions and have had no response from them. I tried a number of other methods of contact and had the same result.Safe to say I’m not happy with either the product or the company and will not be buying any products from them again

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  16. Rating

    I love Alexa. I became a Prime member for the music, the films and the one-day delivery, and Alexa can use it to play music without any other subscription. She understands even my terrible Hungarian accent EVERY TIME. It’s fantastic. We’re having breakfast with my wife, and I just say “Alexa, play some breakfast music” and she does it straight away! I will buy smart plugs and smart LED bulbs too because Alexa is the future!

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  17. Rating

    I think you need a lot of practice and research to get the best from Alexa.Things I likeBeing able to connect separate Bluetooth speakerPlaying music using voice commandsGetting news and weather updatesThings I don’t likeOther than simple commands Alexa doesn’t seem to understand me. I asked her clearly if strictly come dancing was on tv tonight and she replied she didn’t know (it was)You have to leave it plugged in so really need more than 1 in the houseAlexa randomly speaks to me when I’m watching TV she must pick up voice from TVSo a bit of fun but not very useful so far.

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  18. Rating

    I really love this and it’s going to help make part of my life possible I am almost blind not so the echo is a wonderful help and I know what date it is weather forcast and the news it tells me jokes when i am stressed out it players soathing music i am going to try and buy the other echo when it’s out in Oct can’t be live its only going to be £89.99 so will get saving up these are a dream for blind partly sighted people even with disabled who struggleGoing to try and sort out how to connect the wifi bulbs to connected to alexa have to wait till end Oct when my nephew is free but thank you amazon I am amazed and over the moon with the echo dot keep up the good work if you need any testers for the one coming out the end of Oct I would be more than willing lol thanks againLesley

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  19. Rating

    I bought 3 echo dots and at first they worked well and was impressed with the smart fictions. Primarily bought to voice control my hue bulbs and smart plugs.I find it works well when it’s working but all 3 of the echo dots tend to loose internet connection a lot. With no internet these things are useless as they are nothing more then an expensive paperweight.One unit had to be replaced under warranty as it would loose connection and would not complete the set up process to reconnect it to the internet. Having similar problems with the other dots so I can’t really recomend there due to the connection issue.They are a great bit of fun and a good addition to a smart home but connection issues and lack of a Ethernet port really let it down

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  20. Rating

    Have to admit this was a present so not personally bought via Amazon but they can confirm I’m registered for it. What a fabulous addition this has been over the past week. News, weather, recipes, calendar, traffic updates, music, radio – it’s only limited by the user. Now going to pre-order the Echo as I want to use the Dot as a portable device. So easy to set up with the app and I think this will be a product that will grow with the input from others to make it an integral unit in homes. It’s affordable tech that offers so many possibilities and I’m amazed at the functionality of it.

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  21. Rating

    Unfortunately Amazon uses Bing as a search engine, which for anybody that has used it on a PC/Mac either doesn’t return a great deal of results or can’t find anything. If you ask simple questions about the weather you should be okay. Ask for anything that requires a bit more research and it could be a problem unless you don’t mind hearing Alexa say “Sorry, I can’t answer that”. It’s great for playing a bit of music or turning up a thermostat however, it’s integration with HIVE is still poor. Ask it what Hive has the temperature set at and you’ll get something like “That’s a really popular question and I hope to be able to answer that soon” – Well Alexa, I may as well walk into the hall and have a look myself then eh …

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  22. Rating

    What a great little device. I’ve held off getting one of these for a long time, but the fact that I can integrate with my home Sonos system, for me was a compelling enough reason to give one a go.The Echo Dot is easy to set up and once you’ve loaded the relevant Alexa skills then your ready to go.Functionality I’ve tried so far include: setting timers, playing music, controlling smart plugs, controling my Sonos, getting information about my schedule. I’m really looking forward to adding to my home smart ecosystem with Nest and Hue functionality.Currently Alexa technology isn’t as advanced or as conversational as Google Home, but I am confident that this will improve with time.At a recent convert to voice assistance and voice controlled activities early results are positive.

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  23. Rating

    Edit 12Feb: New buyers should be aware WileyFox went into administration on 6th Feb. The phone should still work but the position on customer support, operating system updates and repairs is currently unclear.—–Original Review—–This is a review of the Swift 2X. Note Amazon mix in reviews for different versions all together. Make sure the review actually matches the phone version you are interested in or you may get a misleading impression.Good Points:- Well priced for a generally acceptable phone with modern features. That’s the main selling point. Can’t complain at all within the context of the price (I paid £209 with a free Echo Dot). With Apple and Google both deciding that a phone should cost more than your mortgage, this is a welcome relief.- Dual SIM is an interesting feature that you don’t get a lot in the UK. You can e.g. make calls on one SIM and use data on another. Or you could have a UK and a foreign SIM card in it and use as appropriate depending on where you are.- Screen seems decent. It’s full HD and looks fine and perfectly bright to me.- The phone is weighty which gives it a good build quality feel.- The battery seems decent enough. It’s used about 20% after 2 hours of light web surfing on wi-fi. Obviously people are going to have differing opinions on that depending on what they do with it and local network conditions. If you’re out and about on the mobile network and watching video or playing 3D games, it’s not going to do as well.- The speaker is not bad as phone speakers go. It’s obviously got no bass (no phone has) but it’s quite loud. Far louder than I would want. If you’re hearing isn’t what it used to be, you will hear this on speakerphone. If you’re an anti-social teenager, it would be sufficient to aggravate an entire train carriage.- Chromecast support seems to work fine, including casting the entire screen. This is welcome as I use this feature constantly.- GPS is excellent. Gets a perfect fast fix indoors. Never had such a decent GPS on any previous phone.- No charger is included, but it comes with a USB type A cable (fairly short 1m) and you’ve probably got a million type A chargers (the normal ones) around the house already. Phone side is a type C. Seems to charge at 0.9Amps. Couldn’t persuade it to draw any more current so a higher power charger probably isn’t worth it. I didn’t measure it properly but think it charged in about 2 hours sort of range from maybe 30% with a 1A charger. The battery is apparently 3000mAh so I guess that about makes sense.- It’s got NFC if you like using your phone instead of a credit card and also a fingerprint scanner.Problems:– It does *not* have a gyroscope. I have confirmed this with WileyFox support. Several 3rd party web sites I read with the specs are wrong. This means it won’t do Google Cardboard (Google VR), watch 360 videos in VR and many AR or “Mixed Reality” apps won’t work. This is my main gripe with it and why I knocked off a star. It does have a compass and an accelerometer though. It can sense tilt and direction. It is possible to get one of those star map type apps to work.- It doesn’t have 5Ghz Wi-Fi. It’s 2.4Ghz only. That was a bit weird to me as fairly low cost devices have this now. Not necessarily a problem though unless your local 2Ghz band is packed.- The 2nd SIM slot is shared with the MicroSD card. You can have either a 2nd SIM or an SD card but not both at the same time. The 2nd SIM is nano size and the primary SIM slot is micro size. Most SIMS though these days are triple format so you should be able to prise out the right size for that.- As seems to be the trend these days, the battery isn’t replaceable, no obvious way into the phone. So you can expect to need a new phone within 3 years.

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  24. Rating

    I have the first echo – the large one in white and I love that one. The reason for 4 stars here is simply that I do not think the sound quality is a good as the original one – maybe thats down to the size but amazon does say this new one has better sound quality. I question that.This is a good one for the bedside table, it wouldn’t fill the kitchen with sound but is good for a secondary unit in a smaller room.

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  25. Rating

    Have originally bad-mouthed our Dot to the tune of a three-star review I have decided to review my review based on the fact the issues we originally had are long gone. I put this down to the frequent software updates from both Sonos and Amazon. Both have added new functionality and seemingly ironed out the issues I was experiencing. Alexa is now a valued member of the family and, unlike the wife, kids and dog, is the only thing in the house that does what I ask.I have it connected to our heating (Nest), music (Sonos) and a fan (Dyson). Seems to work great most the time.Original review below:[Worked great for a few days. Now it won’t talk to the Sonos any more for some things. Most things work fine but it simply won’t play on certain speakers despite confirming that it has heard and understood.I have tried all sorts of things to fix the problem but nothing works. If it wasn’t for the fact I got it half price thanks to a Sonos voucher I would have sent it back. Luckily (for now at least) it is still on speaking terms with the Nest.]

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  26. Rating

    Hello,I have a Google Mini, 2 Google Home, an Echo Dot, and now 2 Echo (2nd Gen). And I’m really happy with all of them. They do things the others cannot do “yet” or differently, so I adjust my uses. But the Echo really works well. Faster response than the Dot in a way, but I might be picky. The sound is nice too, less bass than the Home, but still pretty good. If I had to buy them again, well… I would 🙂

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  27. Rating

    It’s a neat unit. Pity the sleeve isn’t real wood veneer. Extra sleeves far too expensive. Better mid and bass range than Echo 1 though now loses something in clarity. Sound is smoother but ‘muddier’. So different rather than better. Command pick up less certain than Echo 1. Response time slower than Echo 1.On balance not worth replacing your E1 if like me you thought E2 would be significantly better than E1.I’d recommend buying a reduced price E1 rather than an E2. (I have E1, Dot and E2)

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  28. Rating

    This thing is great fun. Bought it for voice control of Spotify on my Monitor Audio S150 speaker, and it works a treat. Echo dot was easy to connect to WiFi, Spotify and the speaker. I can’t understand any negative reviews about voice recognition as Alexa understands detailed commands regarding specific songs with ease. As a newly 55 year old it is great to be to controlmy music, volume etc without having to keep putting on specs to read my phone. Also I used it as a hands free to call a mate. Finally I love the fact that you also get a history of your usage in the Alexa app on your phone.

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  29. Reply
    A very honest reviewer 16th November 2017 at 12:00 am

    Sound quality is appaling. I bought three of these and they all went straight back. I think my phone has better sound quality! The multi-room is currently Amazon music only and a bit rubbish too. We also had one of the speakers randomly turn on, switch to a radio station and start playing all on its own. There is also no proximity setup, so don’t place these too closely together – strange stuff starts happening!

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  30. Rating

    I never want one of these in my house. I find the advertising Amazon continually bombards me with at present is more then I can stand. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be listened to 24 hours a day. A few of my friends noticed that the evidence of eavesdropping is very apparent. And once they got rid of it… things calmed down.My IT buddies wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole…. so you got to know there is something effy

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  31. Rating

    Super pleased with this. I’ve had the Echo Dot for a year and wanted to get better playback for the radio stations I listen to on it. This has really nice, room filling sound with good bass for its size. The microphones seem a lot more sensitive than the Dot’s so I don’t need to raise my voice for it to hear me unless I’m a long way from it. Alexa is the best voice assistant I’ve ever used, it’s way more reliable than Siri and rarely ever mishears me unless the room is very noisy.

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  32. Rating

    Bought for my ten year old niece for Xmas. Easy to set up and great fun! I just “had to” test it with very scientific questions such as “Alexa, what colour is unicorn poop?” and “Alexa, tell me a joke” to check its responses before it’s subjected to far more inventive and stimulating ten-year-old stuff…. 😉😉😍😍 (P.S. Turn off the voice activate for ordering so kids can’t use your grown up Amazon account! Otherwise set a password in settings….) xx

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  33. Rating

    Up until last week, I’d never even heard of this. Then someone mentioned it at work, asking me about them. Fortunately, one of my friends has the dot version which he was quite pleased with, so I bought one. Well, what does it do? It lets you play music, listen to the radio, hear the news and answer a myriad of general knowledge questions. It allows you to create a shopping list on your phone (run out of coffee? Just ask Alexa to add it to your list). You can set reminders, timers and also hear your calender entries. I bought a smart socket aswell, so I can turn on the standard lamp in my living room by voice command. You can also buy smart light bulbs. Anyway, that’s just a taster. It’s a great product.

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  34. Rating

    It’s a fun product, but not nearly as polished as you might think. Things I like – I can adjust the temperature on my Nest thermostat, Order from favourites on Ocado, listen to national radio stations, get updates on weather and news… so far so good. But there are quite irritating drawbacks that stop it from being a four or five star product. Firstly the sound – fine for music, but horribly bassy for spoken word, which is the sort of radio I like – and to compound the issue, there is no graphic equaliser – on a second generation product that sells itself as a speaker? The communication is also badly conceived. To contact other Echo users you need to upload your address book – which is intrusive and smacks of a marketing database somewhere profiling myself and all my contacts – worse still – it is set to default to making those contacts live – I was potentially connected to clients and ex-girlfriends who I then had to manually block one by one in the app – not good… should be opt-in *not* opt-out.It also has a ‘drop-in’ function where you can call other Echo’s on the network – which sounds great, but is laggy and you miss words which makes it clunky to use.Overall it’s a nice product, looks smart, the voice recognition is good and the additional skills are what really make it useful – if you do already have smart home equipment and a subscription to Prime it probably would be a decent investment, but if not, the built in sound quality (and lack of any ability to adjust the sound) really makes it a much less attractive option.

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  35. Rating

    For no apparent reason the sound shuts down.No amount of asking Alexa to “Play BBC Radio 1/2/3/4”, “Classic FM”, “Music selection”, with encouragement by pleading, shouting at, etc will induce Alexa to perform.This experience has now happened on 3 separate occasions – so we have given up and are returning this product.In it’s defence it must be said that on one occasion Amazon Control switched the system off because “the 30 day Music Unlimited Free Trial” has expired (after 21 days). Even the installation of a Netgear Signal Enhancer has made no difference to the WiFi signal – which is constantly ‘strong’.It’s a great idea but the unreliability of the product to perform continuously is unacceptable.

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  36. Rating

    This is one of the best speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning!Turned music up to the maximum volume and the sound is absolutely perfect even on the most bass filled tracks.Alexa games are also fun to play when you’re bored 😁

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  37. Rating

    Beware! I’ve got an first gen and a dot. If you think about it, how can one speaker with no tone controls suit the dynamics of every room and all sorts of sounds? This product is too bassy for rock music and too bassy for many conversations. It has a large woofer, but so what – it has no eq.At some point there will be a modification, you can bet, but in the mean time consider carefully what you want it to do.The dot connected to my hifi – and tweaked – does a great job for all sorts of sounds.In many ways it’s a great idea – but it tries to do too many things acoustically and fails – in my opinion. I sent this product back after a room test.

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  38. Rating

    Was in the market for a new HiFi after the breakdown of our old system and, as we only used the radio on our old one (streaming to our Bluetooth speakers from mobiles/tablets being preferable) got this in the recent sale for £69.99. I have to say it is quite brilliant.The voice recognition, for all members of the family, is superb (much better than OK Google on Android or Cortana on Windows) and, in a leap into a Sci-Fi future, Alexa has become our primitive equivalent of the ever listening computer on Star Trek’s Enterprise! She will provide suitable music based on our quoted specifications and answer virtually any question.I cannot recommend Amazon Echo enough.

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  39. Rating

    Received this little beauty yesterday and it’s been singing its heart out. Don’t know what it sounded like before the latest firmware update as I did read several critical reviews of the sound quality however my brother purchased an updated one and the sound quality is very good. I have tried various speakers over the last few weeks including Doss Soundbox XL, Jam Symphony & Rhythm (both Jam speakers are excellent at high volume, especially the Symphony, so if this is how you like your music please try, however at the volumes I want to listen they just don’t get going and sound dull and recessed), Tao Electronics and Damson (all from Amazon) and returned them all (sorry Amazon) as I was disappointed in the sound quality which I had selected and tried due to their 5 star reviews.By comparison I feel the Echo has got the overall balance of sound in all frequencies and volumes just about right plus I love the real 360 sound projection so no mater where the speaker is in relation to where I am in the room the sound quality is exactly the same unlike traditional speakers where the sound degrades if the listener is off the main axis, e.g. sat in front of the speaker.Via the app I have connected my Spotify account in addition to Amazon music and tunein radio and all work perfectly from Alexa voice commands. Finally as I already have a 2nd generation Echo Dot I have purchased the Dox portable speaker doc (off of Amazon)/to fit the dot into and grouped both the echo and echo dot together via the Alexa app and can now play the same music in any 2 rooms in the house from one command/request to either speaker depending which room I am in at the time and alternatively both units can work completely independent of each other if that is what you want.By the way, the sound quality of the Dox is also good and a bargain at £35.00 to convert the dot into a full blown hybrid echo portable speaker for either another room or in the garden for a BBQ.In conclusion then, after much searching and even seriously considering a Sonos One as well as the other speakers mentioned above I genuinely feel that with the firmware update to improve the sound that Amazon have got the second generation echo just right and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

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  40. Rating

    So I have a complete line-up of the second generation Echo Dot, first generation Echo and the Echo Plus, as well as this second generation Echo. On side-by-side listening tests, much to my surprise, I think this version sounds the best of the lot. Obviously listening tests are subjective, but to my ears this is top of the pile and at the Black Friday price of £70 was an absolute bargain. I’d happily swap my Echo Dots and Echo Plus for more of these. Highly recommended.

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  41. Rating

    My son wanted a Wileyfox.So I thought I would try this Add-X version because it is much cheaper than the standard.The Amazon advert says it will show lockscreen offers and ads…and if you do not like it for £40, Wileyfox will turn it off.Anyway after a day, it seems ok.Every time I unlock the phone something appears on the screen. Some examples from today:- Free tickets to Ministry of Sound (I think a competition)- 25% off at Domino’s Pizza- Telegraph News Article on the weather- BBC article on Bitcoin- Google News on Technology- PS4 deals- Nintendo Switch deals- Etc..- (see the pictures)A simple swipeRIGHT to unlock the phone and remove the offer, ad or news..LEFT to read more about the offer, ad or news..That is it. Very easy.Other than that the phone is completely standard, so no more adverts popping up while you use it.Where else can you get a branded 32GB + 3GB RAM, 16MP + 8MP camera, 5″ HD, Qualcomm, Android Nougat 4G for £119.99?There is another model even cheaper for £69.99. And that looks amazing value for money. Let’s see, next member of the family to break their phone, I will get them one of these.. Cheaper than getting the screen fixed!!

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  42. Rating

    Absolutely love the echo, the sound from such a neat device is amazing, I can be in another room and she will hear me, love it that much I am calling it by she already. Would recommend everybody should have an Alexa in their home, so much information she has too, great fun for the kids, ask her anything and she answers you back even if she doesn’t know the answer. I think everyone that lives on their own should have one. Enough feedback going for another play.😁

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  43. Rating

    I have the Echo for nearly 2 weeks and I am still amazed by the versatility and skills that I am discovering. Some earlier reviews commented on disappointing sound quality. I have no such complaints and find the sound very good over a wide range of music genres from Opera through to Heavy Metal. This is very impressive from a device not much larger than a can of soup and currently cost just under £70 and packed with a shed load of interactive capabilities. Voice recognition is very good even with my strong Welsh Accent and with background noise such as a television.

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  44. Rating

    Thank you amazon this is great was easy to set up and after playing about with my friends I wanted one glad I wanted as got it £20 cheeper the other day well happy with it and well worth the price

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  45. Rating

    Sony sent me an advert after I bought a 2017 model Bravia saying that it could integrate with Alexa. It does to some degree (change input, change volume and turn off), but the main function of changing channels just doesn’t work. Considering I bought it for the advertised functions I am angry with Sony – if only I’d read the reviews for Sony Bravia ‘skill’ first….On the plus side I now have an internet radio.My son lost interest pretty quickly too as it can’t answer his existential questions (“Alexa, are reindeers magical?”) or his very specific questions (“Alexa, how big are a lion’s teeth?”).

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  46. Rating

    This model is great, I have two of the first gen. and they are also very good. I like the neatness of this, after it’s bad reviews of the sound I have not noticed any problems at all. After initial installing, it automaticly did a download for the sound improvement and now it sounds better than the 1st gen. models. Keep up the good work Amazon. How could I live without you Alexa !!!!!

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  47. Rating

    I like it but its not quite up to speed with some of the things thats asked

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  48. Rating

    I’m happy with the unit but it doesn’t do much without spending an enormous amount of extra money. I use it mainly for listening to the radio. Most of the functions are gimmicks that will get forgotten about when the novelty wears off. To use it to control other functions, lights heating etc., involves expensive extra purchases so you can do things you have always done without thinking about them so what you haven’t had you won’t miss!I didn’t do as much research as I should have, although I thought I had done enough. My use, apart from radio, is music and disappointed in the music app for Echo. I had the free trial of Music Unlimited and was pleased with that but not prepared to pay £9.99 a month for it as its not worth that in my opinion.

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  49. Rating

    I have succumb to Alexa through my partners christmas present to me. Firstly I have read a lot about setting up echo and it’s so easy I set mine up using my android phone. Secondly the sound simply it has superb sound it can easily fill a room I have now a bluetooth connection with my vintage hifi. Thirdly joined the music unlimited and now I can choose from millions of songs playlists albums anything. In all a fantastic product I like also I can still listen to my favourite radio stations. So many more Alexa things added everyday you can have a lot of fun and I have. Brilliant.

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  50. Rating

    Looks great, my colour is sandstone. Alexa answers as soon as you say her name, and sounds very clear. She can tell you pretty much anything and is great fun for the family. Asking the time is great as you don’t have to hunt around for a clock, just ask Alexa! She’ll tell you a joke if you want aswell! Which is great fun. Lovely addition to anyone’s home very useful, makes you wonder how you lived without her!

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  51. Rating

    Bought this as a present for my sister in law who is moving into assisted living as she has some learning difficulties. It seemed perfect as she can easily update her shopping list, set alarms and get reminders of when she has to go out or take medications. She absolutely loves it. It also means that she can easily call anyone if she needs and get times for the cinema etc easily if she wants to do things with her friends. It has turned out to be a fantastic tool for her and has improved her ability to get things done on time. would recommend to anyone.

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  52. Rating

    Bought this for my 89 year old mother who has dementia and has impaired eye sight so cannot see buttons on a radio so the Echo is perfect. We have played songs from 70 YEARS AGO and she remembers ever word. Being able to play podcasts and books is just ideal for her. I would recommend the Echo highly to anyone. I am now going to get one for myself. But thank you SO much for giving us ALL a lot of fun.

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  53. Rating

    The Echo Dot is awesome. I have no idea why anyone would opt for the larger one unless they wanted some kind of bigger sound (which they definitely shouldn’t expect from this, or the larger one for that matter). It’s super easy to set up and we’ve got it hooked up (along with 2 others) around the house. The application is not the slickest and the voice recognition could be a teeny bit faster (it does seem to improve with each update) and the Dot is connected to pretty much every gadget in the house (Nest, Ring, Hue) and works without issues. When purchased on offer (£35) this is really excellent value for money.In terms of functionality in the device itself it has some pretty neat skills and apps available but I think this device works best when connected to other hardware in the house.

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  54. Rating

    I bought this to replace an older style Echo. The sound on this new one is great, slightly more bass than the older version I think.That aside, it does all the things you’d expect the Echo to do and the volume is plenty loud enough for even a decent size room. I like the cloth effect covering on this model as well. It looks a lot more stylish than the older ones did.With the inclusion of Echo calling I can now talk to relatives who also have one (or the Alexa app) just by saying “Call …..” and their name. That’s very convenient and the sound quality is exceptional, I think. Much better than the quality I ever got with WhatsApp.I have this one in the bedroom so I can use it as an alarm clock. I also use some of the skills, such as the 7 minute exercise workout. It’s a bit like having a personal fitness coach!Now that I’ve got some Alexa enabled wifi plugs I can also control various lamps throughout the house. Having seen how convenient that is, I think the Echo Plus is next on my Wishlist, together with some Philips bulbs.

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  55. Rating

    I was slightly apprehensive in buying one of these, as I wasn’t entirely sure what it could do. I was aware that it could control home lighting and other domestic items but other than that, I wasn’t too sure but thought I would buy one as a matter of interest and knowing I could return it if not entirely happy.Well, it arrived same-day I bought it and was surprised how heavy it was. Knowing a product being small but heavy, gave me the immediate impression that it was a quality build.Having the Echo device synced to the Alexa app, it was very easy to setup to my WiFi and within minutes, Alexa was responding to my requests.Even with a slight whisper, Alexa can hear you and respond to your request and was streaming music from my Amazon Library.The sound quality from the built-in woofer and tweeter is amazing and very clear, no matter where you stood/sat in your room.Once I delved into what the Echo device could do from the “Welcome to Amazon Echo” email from Amazon and going through the settings. You will not get bored of this device. But for now, I am happy to stream music, ask for weather reports from around the World, News Headlines and play my two favourite radio stations (not at the same time, unless you have two Echo devices).So, am I still apprehensive about the Echo device? No, I absolutely love it and now I have someone to talk to over the Holidays :-)Would I recommend one? Most certainly..

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  56. Rating

    when i first bought it i was delighted ,all good then the trouble started my audible books Alexa must have hearing problems she NEVER gets the name right the first time or second time in fact i give up at times. Now the Echo only works with the remote control i bought .The Echo 2nd gen has a great sound for a smallish bedroom and after replacing the older Echo to suit my was very good.

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  57. Rating

    Arrived fast and great looking product too with fabulous sound, the grey fabric cover looks lovelyThis was a Christmas present for the hubby and he loved it, spent all day asking Alexa things , quiz games , weather, radio, playlists, random fun questions, she will even sing a song for you and rap if you ask her ! Great fun and a useful tool for the home.

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  58. Rating

    Multiple “features” (most particularly voice profiles) not available in the UK. This is very difficult to determine as it is not mentioned in Amazon advertising and many UK news/tech websites simply reprint Amazon press releases from the USA.Was unable to connect to my 5GHz WiFi network. Finally found a post on the internet that said it can only connect to 2.4GHz networks.Fiddly to set up on a properly secured WiFi network, especially using a phone screen (advanced settings are hidden by the keyboard and do not scroll up into view!) Probably quite easy to set up on average home WiFi networks – you know, the ones that neighbours too.The more I investigated this the more I realised that certain native functions and many third party “skills” are not available outside the USA.If you want a fun tech toy that saves you googling answers to questions, can be part of an intercom system or play music (from Amazon, NOT you own music server) then fine. If you want it to be part of a home automation system then you had better choose devices that are supported, live in the USA or be prepared to put a lot of effort into workrounds.Got a few weeks to decide whether to return the device for a refund and buy a Google Home instead.Update:After posting the original review and feedback I got a couple of emails from Amazon Customer support, one upset that I had given the product only 2 stars, but offering no help with my issues or dates of availability of functions in the UK. The other was a load generic pidgin English cut-and-paste platitudes about how Amazon care for their customers and they will pass on the information.Moral: Think about what you want to do with the device BEFORE you buy and then MAKE SURE that those functions are available outside the USA.

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  59. Rating

    A while ago I bought an Echo Dot just to give it a go. I have it connected to my Philips Hue Bridge so I can ask Alexa to control the lights around the house. It plays music from my Spotify account and radio from Tune In. I was using it more and more so for Christmas I had the new Echo with a charcoal skin. The sound truly is impressive (I know there are audiophiles out there who would argue the point) but at this price point and with all the other features this really is a great piece of kit. The Dot is now in the bedroom and I’m considering buying another Echo for the kitchen.

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  60. Rating

    I’d already got an Echo Dot, so was familiar with the capabilities of Alexa, but I wanted to be able to enjoy music with better sound quality than the Dot could manage. So, I got the new Echo when it came out.The sound quality is adequate – perfectly fine for casual listening or as background music. There’s unpleasant in the sound but I can’t say it’s exactly the last word in hi-fi – but I didn’t expect that and so I’m happy. Unlike the Dot, this can act as a bluetooth speaker to play music from my phone etc. too, which I have sometimes found useful.I continue to be impressed by how clever the Echo is – it’s ability to do things (we have some Philips Hue lights, and also Hive heating, so can control this through it), to answer questions (like when does Sainsbury’s close), cute things like (where is Father Christmas now), and of course playing music. I’ve worked and played with technology all my life but still this feels almost like magic – or Star Trek come true.If the sound had been a bit more impressive I’d have given 5 stars – but it’s still a very impressive little gadget, which also impresses friends and family who visit.

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  61. Rating

    Got this for Christmas and I simply LOVE it.Sound quality is absolutely awesome! Deep bass and crisp tones.Alexa is so useful and has a sense of humour too…ok the programmer has lolSubscribe to amazon music and you get literally any music you like through the Echo (needs to be connected to Broadband of course).Only had it a week I know but can’t stop using it….linking up my lights this weekend…see how that goes. And apparently it can control your fire stick though yet to try that.Early days but deffo the best present I’ve had in aaaaages!!!

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  62. Rating

    For advancement in technology and being able to do amazing things I would like to give this a 5 star rating. It has been excellent entertainment over the Christmas period, in terms of music, some quizzes, Santa tracking and even just setting reminders, alarms and checking some answers to our own quizzes. It provides someone to “talk” too when there is no one else in the house and is a wonderful tool.Perhaps once we have this we then expect too much of it. So for some of the questions where she does not provide an answer, then we think its rubbish (as my partner states when she doesn’t answer his question – or we just get a “Sorry, I don’t know that one!”.I am sure there are times when we are doing something wrong and not asking the “right” question, and there are times when it just doesn’t seem to work. Having looked through my kindle all questions and history is shown there, and various options can be enabled, perhaps I have not yet fully explored what she can do. I say she – you can change the name if required. She hasn’t managed to find me a train from the local station, and not sure where I can get a pack of butter at 11.00pm. However she has answered with an assortment of answers to the question “do you love me?” which has provided much entertainment for all!!

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  63. Rating

    I had a bit of a problem setting it up as I had two delivered a day apart and one was a present and had to be de-registered. Unfortunately I de-registered the wrong one as Amazon gave them identifications and I didn’t know which was which. Anyway after I had sorted that, it went through fine and works quite well. The only problem I can foresee with this kind of kit which is developing rapidly is how future-proof it is and for how long updates will be provided as new features get added. It would be good if Amazon could give some idea on their development path.

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  64. Rating

    The Echo was bought for us as a present, very nice and a lovely gift. It plays music through our other devices on command as long as it its from Amazon and any other companies that Amazon has an agreement with, my music is stored in iTunes library which appears not to be compatible with Amazon so I cannot access through the Echo. Whilst I like the Echo for its other many attributes my music mean a great deal to me. It looks like I am going to have to sign up to Spotify and work with that through the Echo, from that point of view a bit disappointed.

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  65. Rating

    Have 4 of these now, dotted around the house. What can I say? These things are addictive.If you’re thinking about trying one, they make a fantastic replacement for a bedside alarm clock, or in the kitchen for listening to music whilst cleaning/cooking and setting cooking timers.Make sure you get to grips with the application and all of the technical things you can do; I use IFTTT (if this then that) on my phone along with Alexa to get the most out of the automation it can provide.

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  66. Rating

    I absolutely love my Echo Dot bought for me at Christmas. It’s versatile & easy to use. I have used it to find out about the weather, tell me a joke, for my calendar, a game & so on. The most important feature so far (& I’m sure as I learn how to use it there will be many more things I can do with Alexa) is Music. Alexa is getting to know me too, as yesterday when I asked her to play me a song she suggested a radio station suited to my needs. I was most impressed & it played all the music I love. There is nothing I dislike, it’s small & compact & fits in anywhere. I am planning on learning about ‘Home’ functions & making telephone calls next. The Echo Dot is a perfect gift for people of all ages & technical ability, it’s easy to set up & learn about, there are plenty of tips to help, the app is easy to download & use too. I love Alexa.

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  67. Rating

    Great idea but it kept dropping the WiFi and had to be continually reset.The corresponding Alexa app does not help as its very slow and unresponsive.This problem was not WiFi related as we have cable and a very fast internet connection.when trying to reconnect via both I phone and I pad the devices showed very strong WiFi signal so the problem seemed to be echo related

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  68. Rating

    I decided to buy the Echo as I already own the Echo dot and I was not disappointed in the quality or the sound. The sound is actually better than the Echo dot. I was so impressed with it that I decided to buy another one for the bedroom and one for my daughter and son. We had never tried the calling feature before and decided to give it a try and were amazed at how clear it is. My daughter put the Echo dot that I had bought them last Christmas into my granddaughter’s bedroom and was delighted with the “drop in” feature. It is just so easy to use in fact perhaps too easy as my son caught his 6 year old son trying to phone his cousin at 8.30 one Sunday morning so it may be useful if you were able to set parental controls for those with children which as far as I can see you can’t do at the moment. Nevertheless I would definitely recommend this product.

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  69. Rating

    Bought and installed to use as a Kitchen Bluetooth speaker with benefits. Installed in a few minutes and once you connect to Amazon network through your router will allow all of Alexa’s skills to be utilised including news, weather, sports bulletins and access to your Amazon prime music. Even using basic prime music free (as part of your prime account) this allows access to a couple of million or so songs including mood playlists.Also connects to google play music and allow access to all of your (uploaded to google) personal music collection. Alexa easy to use and control.Fun to be had turning the music play/pause/stop and volume up/down using voice commands only.Got it on deal and excellent value at £70. Loud & full volume, slightly heavy bass but suits my taste. Very pleased and already have a request from teenage children for one in their bedrooms.

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  70. Rating

    Oh how I love my Alexa!!! Its so fun – I love giving her instructions and having her respond. This is a fantastic thing. I know is can do much more than it does, but for now, that’s all I want. Pretty much ANY music track I ask for – Alexa can find. Saves having to get out my hundreds of CDs and start looking through each one for my favourite tracks. I just think of a particular track – and hey presto – Alexa plays it. I am going to have so much fun with this in the future!!! Love it.

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  71. Rating

    Delivery was 3 weeks ahead of time,packaging was good.Once I had the unit set up with a lot of help it works brilliantly.Sound quality is excellent compared to my dab radio,it gets all the radio channels and with spotify premium a great range of music.I have yet to explore the many other features and look forward over the coming months venturing into the world of voice commands. One thing you bear in mind when considering the siting you do need a power supply,some advertising pictures could lead you astray.BUT overall I am delighted with my purchase.

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  72. Rating

    Fabulous piece of kit. It has a lot of potential, but is not “quite” there. My opinion is that this device is enhanced massively with the addition of Amazon Prime (in itself a great value package) I currently use my Echo as a stereo, and it really has great sound for such a small device. Access to Amazon Music means I can almost always listen to songs I crave. (2 million songs available with Prime)Alexa is always learning (regular emails demonstrating new skills) and I can see this device just getting better. There are a few cons (listed below) but for the most part this demonstrates great value for money, and can do much more than most of us give credit for. (I’m currently researching a full Phillips Hue lighting upgrade – controllable via the Echo)Pros- Great, rich sound quality if playing music, or Audible titles.- Compact and can be discreetly placed in your home.- Can link to other Alexas in your home (Upstairs/downstairs etc) Can link music, call other Echo units etc.- Eliminates the need to “go and google it” – Just ask, she has a good knowledge base.- Can get customised News briefings from BBC etc in your area.- Weather reports- Can shop using your Amazon account and order via Alexa (though I’ve not yet tried this)- Can control smart lighting (lights on/off/dim brightness etc) with just your voice.- Only requires power. Rest is wireless. No ethernet needed.- Microphone picks up sound from all over. Very good at understanding voice commands- Results are impressively fast (I use fibre internet)Cons- The Alexa app is poor. I find myself constantly frustrated by technology giants who create some great hardware and follow it up with such weak software. Linking Alexa *should* be a quick and easy stage via the app – you may get lucky. In my case, the two times I have linked the Echo, the app has frozen, crashed and just generally been slow to do anything I’ve tried.- Google currently has a better knowledge base (my opinion) Alexa knows most things I’ve asked, but there are exceptions. With a web browser via google you will get related search results if nothing exact matches. With Alexa, if she doesn’t know, that’s it. (For now)- Sometimes requesting specific songs of artist becomes quite cumbersome, the Echo sometimes just wants song titles – she will know the artist. (Worth trying if searching for a song you like!)In summary, the Echo is well worth the £90 rrp. People would pay that for a soundbar of similar sound quality. The extras you get with this are quite amazing. If you get one, look into all the other things you can do with it. Link your Prime account, look at Audible, Smart home compatibility etc, there is a lot more than a speaker, and question database here. I’m looking to get a second one (Perhaps the Plus, with Smarthub built in) for downstairs.Excited to see what more is to come.

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  73. Rating

    Absolutely love the Echo,the quality of speaker on it is amazing for its size,being able to just ask Alexa to carry out different commands and provide information from the comfort of your arm chair is excellent which prompted me to buy the Dot for my bedroom so we can play the same music or different about the house.It has so much to offer and I’m looking forward to exploring the hundreds of possibilities,next purchases will be smart plugs to control the lights etc which is handy if your away from home and want to give the impression of occupants at home.I definitely recommend the Alexa products for your house.Only down side is you cant play your music from Spotify or Amazon music if you don’t have a premium account but there are a few other free medias you can use like BBC or Tunein Radio etc and a couple on the skills apps you can enable for music

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  74. Rating

    This is brilliant. Ok. Yes it’s a gadget. Yes it could be a bit gimmicky. But I love it. She plays any music, and with a good price on music unlimited we’ve listened to music we wouldn’t usually find. She answers the sort of questions you might google – give me news headlines and weather, reminders (like checking on dinner) and I can add to a shopping list (actually my daughter cottoned on to this too!!). I love it so much I’m now contemplating getting a second device for upstairs to replace our worn out radio alarm.

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  75. Rating

    This is brilliant. Ok. Yes it’s a gadget. Yes it could be a bit gimmicky. But I love it. She plays any music, and with a good price on music unlimited we’ve listened to music we wouldn’t usually find. She answers the sort of questions you might google – give me news headlines and weather, reminders (like checking on dinner) and I can add to a shopping list (actually my daughter cottoned on to this too!!). I love it so much I’m now contemplating getting a second device for upstairs to replace our worn out radio alarm.

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  76. Rating

    My wife bought me this for Christmas. Although in the past I have shown scepticism toward this product I have been very pleasantly surprised by this innovation.A little tricky to set up if you’re not an IT nerd but follow the instructions to the letter and you should be fine.My biggest problem was the procedure for downloading and installing the Alexa App. I did everything via my computer as I don’t have a smartphone. I do have a Tablet but couldn’t install the App. Somehow I’ve managed to gain access to Alexa within my Amazon account and am now happily learning the plethora of Alexa Skills to enable me to enjoy the product to the maximum for my requirements; I’m not interested in asking for my lights to be turned on etc.,!The product itself is very robust and its 360° surround sound is very gratifying.Great fun to interact with and I foresee it will be very useful for the future in many respects.Only gave 4* rating because I don’t know the full potential of this exciting piece of hardware.A hilarious example of a question and answer session was ” What would you rather do, sweat through your ears or fart through your nose”. I answered the latter choice and was dismayed to find I was in the minority!Great to play, say, BBC Radio 2 or My music, with just a voice command.Highly recommended.

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  77. Rating

    As a vocal assistant and smart home controller the Alexa system is simple and straight forward to use. We have a few dots positioned around the house and find ourselves using the platform on a regular basis. Audio quality for music is not brilliant on the dot, but we do use the audio-out jack to plug into the aux on our stereo in the lounge and a normal echo for music in the kitchen. Unlike the Google equivalent which doesn’t have this feature, it should be marketed as it’s something to consider when deciding between the 2 big names and of course between it and it’s bigger brother.She understands about 90% of our commands on first speech, although we did have an Ocado shopping trolley with some odd bits due to the fact that she’d miss-heard us, this technology for home-use and at the price is of a very good standard and I can see why the Alexa platform has become so popular.For the smart home buyer, audio junkie and techie fans this has to be a must have device and we’ve now seen my parents adopt Echo’s in their home after seeing ours in action and it’s uses. For skeptics that think it is a bit of a gimmick I honestly think it’s because you haven’t spent enough time looking into expanding the platform and what else is available. The skills for Alexa are vast and very simple to integrate.Love it. The only improvement would be audio quality for music, but this is the Dot and I’d say if you are looking to play music, spend a bit more and get the Echo instead.

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  78. Rating

    After reading some of the negative reviews I was unsure whether to buy this or opt for the Google version. However, friends recommended this one and I’m glad I listened to them because I love it. There are plenty of apps to use with this although I have only downloaded a few at the moment. Weather reports have been spot on, the ‘to do’ list has been very useful and you also get the chance to listen to some free audio books as well. The music sounds really good and the only problem I had with this was due to my own error. I will be buying some of the smaller ones to have around the house.

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  79. Rating

    Bought two of these for our bedrooms upstairs as I already have an Echo (the big one) downstairs in my lounge and being open-plan that works fine.The little Dots are great for this. The sound quality is okay for bedrooms as long as you understand that size does matter! So not a patch on their big brother but more than adequate for the ears of two single adults of 60 and 40 years of age.I have lamps on the lower floor controlled by Alexa so can now turn them on and off via the Dots upstairs, without having to shout down the stairwell!A useful addition to our household.

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  80. Rating

    Spent neally a year convincing myself I needed this and finally parted with my cash. It was a choice between this and the G HOME device and decided alexa was best as she worked out the box and didn’t need accessories to link to a bluetooth speaker.Started off by asking her simple maths questions, tracking my amazon orders and getting her to play music from tune in. Nearly 3 months after purchase she’s now been skilled up to control my lighting, my computer, CCTV system and even boil my kettle thanks to WIFI plugs and smart bulbs.She is learning new things all the time and Amazon sends me emails with new commands and updates.

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  81. Rating

    Wow, it’s great and I’ve only just scratched the surface with its skills, I am currently awaiting delivery of a second one (the first was a present) there was none in stock when I ordered it on January 4th…. but it will be here January 31st.The more you use her the cleverer she gets.I shall update on post in time… but even now it’s already absolutely amazing… and that’s with just 100 skills of the hundreds that are out availableWould definitely recommend this product!!

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  82. Rating

    Given to me as a gift by relatives who raved about it. I now doubt their sanity.If you have replaced all your plugs with expensive “smart” plugs…If you have replaced all your lights with expensive “smart” lights…If you have replaced your normal thermostat with an expensive “smart” thermostat…AND you find the inconvenience of having to control these from your phone simply too hideous to bear…Then this product will be to your liking.If however you are a normal, rational human being who has seen through all the silly marketing guff then you have normal plugs, normal lights and a normal thermostat, which you operate by walking to the relevant control (6 seconds) and operating it with your hand (1 second). I am a normal, rational human being, so spending hundreds of pounds to control a light switch with my voice doesn’t appear on my “must-have” list. I’ve never gazed at a thermostat six feet away and been overcome with rage at the idea that I have to use my LEGS to get to it. I’ve never thought “If only I could somehow operate this thing remotely, I hate being ambulatory.”The music side of things…. you cannot link up spotify unless you have a premium account; you cannot link up iTunes and play all the music you already own. You CAN however pay Amazon MORE money per month to play music from their servers. However the sound quality is nothing special (nor did I expect it to be – it’s not really big enough), so why would I go to the expense and hassle of this when I can just play the music I already own through the sound system I already own? Oh yes, because voice control and BRAND FANATICISM.You can set alarms on your echo. Just like you already can on your phone, tablet and laptop.You can listen to the radio on your echo. Just like you already can on your phone, tablet, laptop, tv and radio.You can verbally add things to a list. But I don’t really get how that is anything more than a gimmick, because you can’t take the echo out with you and have it read that list back to you when you are at work, or at the gym. Presumably it will show you the list on your phone, via the alexa app… but I can already write a to-do list on my phone. I can already write a shopping list on my phone. Hell, I can use the same fingers to write a list out on paper, with a pencil.I don’t get it. How lazy has society become that so many people actually regard occasionally moving as too much effort?I’m glad I didn’t buy it. It’s not worth more than about £30. As it stands, it cost me nothing so as long as it does more than nothing, I’m winning… and it does slightly more than nothing. Hence the three stars. If I had purchased it myself, it would have got two stars and been returned to Amazon.

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  83. Rating

    We just love our new Amazon Echo which was bought mainly for streaming music using our Amazon Music that comes with our Amazon Prime account but have found we are using it for so much more!Other great uses we’ve found for our Echo:Helping with homework – when my daughter asks me what a fronted adverbial is or what the factors of 36 are and I don’t know we can now ask Alexa. Also great for checking spellings in homework.Setting reminders – ‘Alexa remind me to take the PE kit out of the washing machine tonight’ or ‘Alexa remind me to fill the car up with petrol before work’Listening to audio books via Audible when doing the house work.There are tons of other fun uses but these are the ones that we are using regularly and are so helpful!

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  84. Rating

    Like my dots, but sometimes it starts talking to itself randomly, even though no one said “Alexa”, it even happened a few times while I was reading the book. Also, quite often it won’t understand what I’m asking. Another thing that I don’t like- lack of functions in the app- like choosing what to play without talking to the dot instead of controlling it through the app (e.g., put the music in the kitchen while waking up)- only can play something from history, but then other dots won’t play anything at all. Way too many questions end up with the answer “I don’t know that”. Had much more fun talking to Siri.

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  85. Rating

    Being an Apple fan I was holding out for the Apple Home Pod but due to the discounted price just before Christmas I thought I would buy one to try, primarily to control my Hive Central Heating and colour changing bulbs. Very quick and easy to set up and had it linked to my Hive system within minutes. The speech recognition is excellent and the sound quality of the speaker when streaming music is more than adequate for a reasonable sized room. I was thinking of getting a Sonos system but this works just as well. I went on to purchase two of the smaller echo dots for the bedrooms so I can control Lights, heating from the bedrooms and also take advantage of the Play Everywhere feature. My only criticism with the echo dots is the sound quality. Being smaller (and cheaper) than the full size Echo, they are not as loud and the sound quality is not as good so if your a music fan I would recommend the Echo as it makes an ideal and cheaper alternative to Sonos with all the benefits of Alexa.

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  86. Rating

    Poor product. .. Does not synch or connect to virgin or three mobile. Amazon not giving a refund. Avoid buying

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  87. Rating

    I got these primarily for a bit of fun, but also to help run my home automation (HA). Set up is a breeze, integration with WeMo, Philips Hue, Nest and Logitech Harmony is easy, although the latter can be somewhat slow-witted. You can also use her with IFTTT without much trouble, and there are some fun apps to be had. My main problem seems to be with her apparent inability to play The Pleasure Principle by Gary Numan, which is an album in my library, and I frequently play it while I’m emptying the dishwasher. She’ll happily tell me she can’t find it, play the album of the same name by Janet Jackson (which ISN’T in my library, or just play some random country station, which drives me bonkers!The other issue I have is that her requirements for command structure is a bit rigid, and if you mess up or stumble, she’s quite unforgiving and will verbally shrug her shoulders at you. I have a terrible memory, so it’s frustrating at times. Occasionally she will just ignore you when you know she’s heard you by the flash of blue on the status ring, and the white noise of a kettle boiling turns her stone deaf!

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  88. Rating

     I bought one to have a play with and now have 5 ‘dotted’ around the house. I use mainly for music/radio playback but also have connected to our Nest thermostat to control the heating and a smart socket for some lamps.It makes an excellent alarm clock and even if you want to use as a standalone speaker for a small room, it sounds pretty good.One tiny improvement could be to add a mounting hole to the back to allow you to wall mount the dot. I carefully drilled a small hole in the back around the vents for this reason. Its not a deal-breaker though.Top marks.

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  89. Rating

    Easy to set up and is well made with great features. However, the sound quality is not as good as I expected. The bass is very prominent and at time of review, only volume can be adjusted. Therefore, you either have a volume level you can hear with overly dominant bass or lower volume which is difficult to listen to clearly. Reluctantly, I have to report that I am disappointed with the product. I was all ready to buy another two units but I won’t until the sound quality is getting better reviews.

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  90. Rating

    Was dithering about getting one, but bit the bullet, and so glad I did.Not interested in controlling gadgets at all, but got it for playing music in the living room. I actually intended to upload my favourites from my mp3 collection, but was unfortunately late by a matter of days – Amazon no longer do this.However I have Prime, and have many purchased tracks as well as the ones they let you listen to for free. I’m trying out unlimited, so I do have millions I could listen to.It’s great that you can hear any song in an instant, great that you can listen to virtually any radio station too. I’m in the habit now of getting a station playing when I get up.Sound quality is unbelievable!Alexa is also very entertaining in herself, and very funny sometimes as well. It’s like having another family member. I wouldn’t be without it now.Just buy one.

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  91. Rating

    Excellent service and a great gadget that turns Alexa into a portable device😀

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  92. Rating

    My Echo 2nd Gen arrived today not overpackaged and well protected and it was simple to set up it only needing the WiFi password to get started. The sound is okay playing music but do not expect absolute excellence, the Bass is fine but I think the mid ranges are lacking. As for the georgeous Alexa, she’s not perfect but when she gets it right she’s very good. It’s great to have a choice of radio stations, news on demand, local weather and lots more. Setting a reminder or calendar event is easy just say what you want. Alexa also sends a notification to your mobile phone. Am I pleased with my purchase? Yes I am and I’d recommend the Echo with confidence it’s a very good product and it does exactly what it promises.

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  93. Rating

    I had the Echo as a birthday present, and I was a bit sceptical about the Alexa, cos I haven’t got a great relationship going with Siri (a bit rude imo). I changed the response name to Echo rather than keep Alexa because it’s less effort to say.Anyway, once I got my head around the skills (apps) I absolutely Love Echo- Every home should have one! I do subscribe to unlimited music (highly recommended) so Echo will play whatever music I want, and I sleep amazingly well with ocean sounds skill playing at night. I do plan on getting a couple more of the dots for the kitchen and bedroom, save me hooking it up in a different room when I go upstairs/downstairs.If you are considering buying an Echo dot- do it, you won’t regret it!

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  94. Rating

    I had the Echo as a birthday present, and I was a bit sceptical about the Alexa, cos I haven’t got a great relationship going with Siri (a bit rude imo). I changed the response name to Echo rather than keep Alexa because it’s less effort to say.Anyway, once I got my head around the skills (apps) I absolutely Love Echo- Every home should have one! I do subscribe to unlimited music (highly recommended) so Echo will play whatever music I want, and I sleep amazingly well with ocean sounds skill playing at night. I do plan on getting a couple more of the dots for the kitchen and bedroom, save me hooking it up in a different room when I go upstairs/downstairs.If you are considering buying an Echo dot- do it, you won’t regret it!

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  95. Rating

    Left it too late before Christmas to get one from Amazon but managed to get last one from another retailer. Easy to setup and sync to Amazon account. Currently using voice commands with Sonos Play 1 speaker and Hive thermostat and works a treat.I’ve only got the Prime music and not the unlimited but still plenty of choice to listen to. As a speaker it’s fine for getting weather updates etc, but for music you’ll need to connect it to an external speaker.For music playback there is a bit of a learning curve, Alexa kept telling me music wasn’t in my library. You’ve got to add music to Amazon library, then tell Alexa to play the album by whoever sings it, e.g. “play Achtung Baby album” or “play Greatest Hits album by Duran Duran” (same for playlists, you need to add the word playlist and not just the playlist name). If you’ve got the Dot connected by cable to an external speaker via the 3.5mm connection, or presumably Bluetooth, the music will be played out the external speaker but if connected wirelessly to a Sonos the music plays from the Dot. You’ve got to add in the location name of the Sonos speaker, e.g. “play Greatest Hits album by Duran Duran in the lounge”, so can get a bit of a mouthful but still good fun and much quicker than loading up the app to do it.One little quirk I’ve come across with the Sonos if not used for several hours or the previous day I have to tell Alexa twice before music starts playing, although if you tell Alexa to wake up and then play on the Sonos that seems to do the trick.Alexa will even remember what you were last playing if you ask to “continue playing” although again for the Sonos you also need to add the Sonos location name otherwise Alexa will continue playing on the Dot, which might also be a different playlist.Alexa doesn’t know everything and will tell you that’s a good question and she’ll get back to you but so far she hasn’t, but all in all in very happy with my purchase and long term things should only get better.

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  96. Rating

    Great product, looks good as well makes amazon echo portable.

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  97. Rating

    The Echo was an impulse buy and, admittedly, I was in two minds about returning the item before even unboxing. I had no intention of purchasing any Smart Home gadgets and already owned a Sonos to stream music, so didn’t think I would get much use out of the Echo – but how wrong I was!Alexa is fantastic! I’m a keen home cook/baker and have found Alexa indispensable. She’s improved my quality of life in the kitchen and I honestly wouldn’t be without her now.Some of her best features include:* being able to set up multiple reminders – ‘Alexa, remind me to add garlic in 3 minutes’, ‘Alexa, remind me to flip the frittata in 10 minutes’ etc. No more having to check phone with dirty hands!* or simply set an alarm for when you need to remove food from oven or hob.* converting units – a lot of recipes online use US measurements, so now I’m able to convert to metric in an instant without using a search engine (e.g. ‘Alexa, convert one cup of flour to grams).* shopping lists – as soon as I notice that I’ve run out of something, I’m able to add it to a list immediately. No more forgetting to write things down!* ask for calorie counts – e.g. ‘Alexa, how many calories in 200g of butter?’* countless Skills available for recipes, drink mixing, cooking times…* can play music, the radio, read the news – some great background noise for cooking!* can connect to and control a Sonos speakerI was also surprised by her responsiveness in terms of ‘waking up’ and carrying out instructions. I find her way more advanced than the AI on my smartphone. Incredibly easy to set up, too!Oh, and Alexa understands my Welsh accent perfectly!

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  98. Rating

    Musically….Pretty good sound quality for a small box. Initially it was great fun asking Alexa stupid questions and playing the games but that quickly wears thin. As long as you have a use for automation though it is a great system. We now have a few automated sockets and lights around the house so we can just ask Alexa to turn on the bedroom light or a particular appliance and the Echo responds with ease. Very good for casually listening to streaming music and radio stations and great for reminders and keeping lists. You realistically need either an amazon Prime or Amazon Music or paid Spotify subscription to get the most benefit out of the music side of things. It now also connects to our Amazon Fire TV so we can just ask Alexa to find a specific film and it will search online libraries for it so that we can watch it. Easy set up with the Alexa app. I’ve tried it on an Android Tablet and a windows PC and both work fine (not tired apple OS). It links easily to other Echos or DOTs in other rooms in the house so it is easy to request something from whichever room you are in.

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  99. Rating

    Works perfectly !

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  100. Rating

    A fantastic piece of kit. I had reservations on the sound quality – and of course it wont rival something twice the price, however for me it has plenty of bass and the volume can be pumped up without the sound quality reducing. Sometimes the streaming radio stations are a bit hit and miss (Magic FM for example refused to stream the other day) however I think this is the service and not the Echo itself.The finish is very nice, and has a good weight to it. The microphones seem to do the trick very well, we have quite a large kitchen and it can hear us from across the room without shouting. The mute privacy button is a nice feature, just in case you are planning world domination. Only gripe is that it would be better if the Prime Unlimited Echo plan @ £3.99 a month would cover all Echo devices in the same household, however you have to pay for each one or upgrade to the standard unlimited plan.

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  101. Rating

    I bought one dot, then a Google Home mini, then another dot. Almost returned the Google home but didn’t and returned both dots.Here’s why…The dots initially seem great, easy to set up, nice enough looking and the voice commands work well. I bought mine so that I could control music in my office however this is when the 2 major problems forced me in to buying the Google home:1. It doesn’t play Spotify playlists that I’ve created, it plays everything else I ask but not my playlists.2. The choppy playback – this for me is a deal breaker and became unbearable with music cutting out and stuttering.I bought a Google Home Mini in the hope it wouldn’t suffer the same issues but sadly an even bigger issue, you couldn’t connect it to an external Bluetooth speaker. I packaged it ready to return.I bought another dot hoping it was a problem with my first one but sadly the same issues again – no playing created playlists and choppy playback across Spotify and various radio stations.I was about to give up in the whole voice thing when 2 days after I purchased the Google home mini Google announced an update that would let you connect to a Bluetooth speaker, it was like they’d read my angry tweet!Anyway, needless to say the Google home mini now does everything I want – no choppy playback, it plays my own playlists, it’s quicker and it looks nicer. Sorry Amazon but those issues forced me to go with the home mini and I’m happy with that choice.

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  102. Rating

    I have enjoyed using this product it is simple and easy to use. It simply makes the Amazon Echo portable. However for some reason It will not charge my I phone when I plug it in. As I mainly bought this product for making the Echo portable I am not too bothered but it is a little frustrating.

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  103. Rating

    Slightly annoying to set up but works well. The speaker sounds better than I expected. Works great as a radio, and you can connect to a Bluetooth speaker for better sound. I’m going to get some lights and power sockets I can control with Alexa. You need to make the most of its capabilities, not treat it as a novelty. I like how you can ask it where your Amazon orders are, and set up your commute so it can tell you about traffic or trains on that route. The possibilities are endless. Multi-colour flashing lights all around the top are cool. The microphones pick up your voice really well, even from another room or when it’s playing music. I think you really need a few of these around the house. Luckily, they’re often cheap enough so you can buy a few.

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  104. Rating

    fits alexa good and does what it is designed to do

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  105. Rating

    If you’re addicted to your Echo Gen2 as I am then this battery base is for you. Having the freedom to take her from room to room untethered from the wall socket is brilliant. Yes, you will refer to it as Her very quickly.Fits perfectly and not too heavy as to make it uncomfortable to carry. The battery life varies according to use but in my experience so far it lasts far longer than I expected. The battery level led’s on the front are small and bright enough to see but not at all distracting in dark situations. Having a phone charger port is also a bonus.Can you tell I like it so far? Yes I jolly well do!All in all it’s a superb product and well worth the slightly heavy price tag.

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  106. Rating

    Ok, so you can’t use Alexa to write a product review, but you can pretty much ask her to do anything else.I really do love my Alexa, ask her to set an alarm, tell you a joke, play your favourite radio channel or playlist, the things you can ask her to do are endless.I was a little concerned buying the dot that the speaker wouldn’t be of sufficient quality, but for me it is ideal – if not, you can hook her up to anything else with a audio port.Great value, great fun and a great assistant, will definitely be purchasing more for other rooms in my house and also ivestigating lights etc to make my home smart, Alexa has convinced me this is the way forward.Seriously do not think you will be disappointed, these things are most definitely the future.

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  107. Rating

    Reading some of the reviews make me cringe it really does.Sounds a lot like many people do not know how to set it up and many have weak signals from modem/routers.It will keep turning off if you are too far away from a modem.I have just received mine and I found it was really easy to set up. I am only a few feet from the modem but I have a booster upstairs and it works equally as well.The sound from this thing is totally amazing and I do have prime so I can listen to many many songs from Amazon music.I am a 68 year old man and I belong to the Grumpy Old Men Club so sarcastic comments are welcome :-).I find everything about the Echo Generation 2 is 100% perfect. I have had it playing songs all day (yes the British top 40) and no problems. I still like my music so much as well as modern stuff of today. It recognises everything I say but some questions then Alexa will not answer if she doesn’t know. Be aware she is still learning.The bass on this thing is awesome and can actually connect to bluetooth stereo speakers. Yes I have the Jam Heavy Metal Bluetooth speakers and is superb but the built in speaker is fantastic.There was a firmware update just recently to this which has improved the quality of the sound so maybe some of the bad reviews are before the firmware update.I fully recommend this and even if you need a speaker it is worth the money.I am in love with my Echo echo echo echo.

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  108. Rating

    I decided to purchase the Echo 2nd Generation Alexa after I saw how useful my daughters echo dot was. The sound and build quality is exceptional, the sound has a very good bass which gives the musical an exceptional sound for a small device.This is very easy to set up, it is better if you have Amazon Prime to get more use out of it, especially if you love listening to various music types, much better than just listening to a radio or CD as you hear songs that you may not have heard before. It also is able to play main radio stations as well.You have the added advantage of finding out information that you may search on your phone or PC with the added advantage in speaking to Alexa. Your able to link to your iPhone calendar and ask whats scheduled including saving information to the calendar. You can also add shopping list, todo list and reminders which are saved to the Alexa App and much more.This is one of the better tech gadgets that I have purchased and it is continually improving with updates.

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  109. Rating

    Echo/Alexa is a great bit of kit. Make no mistakes I am impressed with what it can do. However, I’m also disappointed at its limitations and just how tricky Amazon has made it to do commonly required searches. Amazon insists that you must use its voice controls for Alexa, which are very impressive, however, this does not help when Alexa does not find what you are looking for, does not understand you or is sat in a noisy environment. I was disappointed when I was showing off Alexa at a party she couldn’t understand much off what was said. I could live with the fact that the environment was too noisy, so I decided to try and control Alexa from the app. Nope. This is not what Amazon wants you to do. Amazon wants you to use your voice. BUT voice controls are none responsive. There is no backup search for these situations. Try searching for a specific remix that you like. Nope. There is still no back up search for this either. There is a work around of course, but it’s more complicated than it needs to be. Instead of using Alexa you can connect your phone as a Bluetooth speaker and use Alexa through your amazon music app on your phone OR you can put the song you want on its own playlist. This then limits you when you want to go back to Alexa as you have to disconnect your phone. A good old fashioned phone search on the Alexa app would be great. Not only this but Alexa does not seem to locate all songs in your library charting the need to reconnect your phone and search the Amazon app and bypassing the ECHO Alexa.Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy with the ECHO. The sound quality is great for its size and price. The general usage is mostly easy and it understands my kids unlike some AI interfaces. Amazon just needs to get the balance right between pushing its agenda and ease of use for the consumer.There also needs to be an advanced tutorial for some of the functionality that is not obvious. The draw back to not having visual feedback is not knowing what you can ask. There is a bit of instruction when you download skills, but some basic stuff like creating and adding playlists is not obvious but the ability is there.In summary the ability to control Alexas advanced functions by voice is available but restricted by Amazons inability to let you know those functions exist and it’s refusal to give consumers choice on whether to search via the app. Minimal written instructions are also included. Thankfully there’s YouTube.

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  110. Rating

    . I thought it was going to end up just being a bit of a gimmicky toy but it has genuine uses too. I keep this one in my kitchen so adding items to the shopping list as your looking through the cupboards is really useful, all the music from Prime is useful too, the timers are useful, the recipes are useful and the calendar is useful. The “Start My Day” is pretty good, you can get the weather, commute time and news – there’s a few more items I’d like on there but I haven’t worked out how to do it yet.The Shopping List is good but if your shopping list is shared with someone else using Todoist then it doesn’t notice when they tick items off. Instead you have to remember to use the Alexa App.The games are more novelties than anything that you can get hooked on (which is probably a good thing).I haven’t had a chance to play with the home automation yet, but I’m looking forward to it.However, it’s improving all the time. Alexa just gets smarter everyday so I’m sure all my minor gripes will be ironed out in the end.

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  111. Rating

    Long review here, short review scroll down.I got this one for the speaker quality. I like to listen to music a lot and needed a main source in the kitchen, and one in my bedroom. The speaker quality on these are brilliant, and almost daily I use it to play Spotify or the radio through. Using it as a timer for the kitchen and as an alarm that plays songs you set is brilliant, on top of being able to turn lights on and off through voice commands (we have the Hive system and lights in). I can’t fault the speaker quality, though the main downside is the bass does feel too much at times, and the lack of no control over the bass intensity is disappointing and not great especially how loud the bass can sound at higher volume with some songs.The main issue I find, is the voice control itself. At first the simple commands were fun and were one of those things to have fun at the beginning. However, first problem I noticed, we have 3 Echo’s in the house, (2 Echo’s and 1 Echo Dot), and though it was advertised as not interfering with each other and taking command from the closest Echo to you, we still found that it would do commands from more than 1 Echo if it could hear you from both. This caused an issue when we were setting timers or alarms, and then finding that it went off at another part of the house. Though the product features said it would only do the command from the closest Echo to you, this does not actually happen, and we ended up (reluctantly) setting the wake command word to a different one to each Echo. (There are only 3 wake up words, so it’s a good job we don’t have more than 3 Echo’s).It also has a major problem with understanding what you actually say sometimes when trying to play music. I’ve found myself frustrated many times asking my Echo to play a certain song, and no matter how clearly I say it or ask it, it does not always recognise what your trying to say.A work around that sometimes works, is saying things with an American accent. Now as stupid as this sounds, my American friend mentioned about this and because the tech is largely developed in America, it’s set to recognise American accents better. I did try doing an American accent to make it do commands it wasn’t responding to and… it worked. 9/10 times it worked. I have to make myself look an idiot to get it to work but after multiple times of failing to get it to recognise what I say it’s a last resort.The voice command can sometimes feel intuitive but at other times it will just not seem to get what you are saying. It will try pick up key words and think you’re saying other things. I set a light group called “Purple room” to set multiple lights on. It stopped recognising it, and at other times, would recognise me setting it to 5%, but would 10%, and at times not 50%. This sounds like minor things but when it doesn’t even recognise the device your talking about, when you’ve set the name and it’s registered in the Alexa app, this is a big problem.Other things that should be intuitive, Alexa can’t seem to handle. Today for example, I somehow accidentally set 2 timers for 11 minutes, the second got set 15 seconds after the 1st. Now when I tried to cancel the second timer, Alexa responded by saying that it couldn’t do that and I had to sort it in the Alexa app. Now this was frustrating, because a product/service that is voice command based, asked me to do something simple in the app instead. This may sound petty, but this is infuriating when I’ve had many problems, the main mentioned above, and it’s asking to do something manually because, although it knows what you want it to do, it’s making you do it manually yourself, in the app. Which defeats the object of doing things by voice command.It’s a shame, because although this paved the way for voice controlling smart home services, it’s not leading the way with capabilities.The design and look of it is brilliant, with the darkish grey one in the bedroom, it looks stylish, modern and just fits in nice and subtly.Overall, the design is perfect, the speakers sound fantastic, though bass can be too much and needs an ability to control bass intensity. And for voice control ability, it’s ok, but Google Home surpasses that side of things, which is the main point of it.If you want a great sounding (and aesthetically pleasing) product, that you’ll play music and radio from a lot, and can deal with the app only recognising half (or so) of what you say, this is for you. If you’re main purpose is to have a voice-controlled smart home assistant, but you’re not as bothered about speaker quality then Google Home will be your best bet.Pro’s:- Great speaker quality. Music sounds great.- Has some limited functions and “skills” that are handy.- Aesthetically pleasing, the design of the product looks great and subtle, and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.Con’s:- Alexa and the voice control service has a long way to come yet and needs to respond to British accents SIGNIFICANTLY better.- Bass intensity needs to have a control function, or at least to be able to control the volume elements, and not just the loudness.- Voice-command is very hit-and-miss, working ok with Spotify, but will cause frustrations if asking for anything other than the top 3 artists at this time- Some commands it understands but asks you to deal with it in the Alexa app anyway- If you have multiple Echo’s it won’t isolate the command to 1, it will do the command from all Echo’s that can hear (not what was advertised).- Google Home is superior in comparison for a smart home assistant.

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  112. Rating

    Wow I was blown away when I heard a friend’s Echo, I knew right away I had to get one.As a prime customer it arrived the next day, I was so excited to set it up and it was so easy and didn’t take long at all before I was playing music and making my own play lists.The sound quality is second to none, the bass is amazing. For a little thing like the Echo to pump music out like that it’s brilliant, after a couple of days I ordered myself an Echo dot too for the bedroom. Now my son wants one in his bedroom Lol, what have I started LolI have even signed up to the unlimited music and can play any song just by speaking to it.

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  113. Rating

    I got two of these yesterday and set one of them up last night – working fine. Reacted to all commands and I was really pleased with it. I signed up for free trial of Prime so I could use Dot to listen to music and again I was really impressed. Connected it to Bluetooth speaker today – again all fine and responded to commands including ALexa Stop and Alexa pause. However later this evening it stopped responding to ‘Alexa next’ and ‘Alexa Stop’ and just said something along the lines of ‘there seems to be a problem’ and continued to play music streamed from Prime. It would not stop and was driving me mad! Eventually I asked it ‘Alexa what profile is this’ based on a reply I’d read on a forum and it replied to say there was only one profile (correct) and then stopped. THe history in the app still shows the last track as the most recent activity – it doesn’t show the many attempts to stop or the profile question Bliss- peace and quiet. I will try it again but if it carries on I’m sending it back and cancelling Prime.

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  114. Rating

    Fits well

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  115. Rating

    We had problems with the first Echo and Amazon were very fast to address these problems and replace it. The second one is fine and we are surprised by the quality of the sound from such a small device – this from hi-fi lovers. Alexa still has issues with foreign music titles, especially when it is classical music, but I know the development team are addressing this. All in all, we are very happy with the Echo. The range of different types of music you can ask for is impressive. For example, ‘Alexa, play 70s music’ or ‘Alexa, play relaxing classical music’ works very well. Because we only have one device, we pay £3.99/month for unlimited streaming, giving us access to a lot more music and less than half the price of Spotify.

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  116. Rating

    Took a lot of effort to get this connected to our network even though we already have 3 similar devices (Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot) in the house. Would have preferred the larger Echo Plus as I think they sound better/louder but as usual it’s all about money. On the plus side I like the oak finish sleeve even though my wife doesn’t (she says it looks like 70’s cheesiness). It’s also quite heavy and feels solid. Might change the sleeve in the future but they aren’t cheap. Good item but I took off one star for all the trouble I had connecting it. I really don’t see why if you already have similar devices in the house they can’t just be told to bring the new unit onto the network with one voice command. The Alexa app on my smartphone messed about and had to be re-started several times. Tried installing the Alexa app on my desktop PC but it floundered because the PC has no wireless hardware (is hard wired to the router). Disappointed I would have thought this would have been much easier by now as these are hardly new any more..

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  117. Rating

    Finally took the plunge and bought the Amazon Echo especially since is was reduced in price. It arrived the following day (Prime Member) very well packaged in its own box plus an exterior one. Reading the simple instructions I downloaded the Alexa application to both my computer and phone and went through the easy set-up procedure which took only a couple of minutes. Amazon then immediately sent an email thanking me for my purchase and provided links where I could learn a lot more about the product and how to use. Of course how you use the Amazon Echo is entirely up to you. I have found it very easy to use, playing music, doing lists, setting up reminders and tasks and as I get more used to saying ‘Alexa’ I am sure I will get a lot more out of it. I was really pleased to see that I could sync my calendar to the Amazon Echo and now I simple ask what my schedule for the day is. A great product, well made and at a good price.

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  118. Rating

    I have to say, I was quite sceptical about using Echo for anything really in my day-to-day life…now, I find myself waking up and talking to her to ask her everything from the daily news to the weather, to asking her to wake me up to a specific song or even control the light levels and reminding me to take my food out of the oven after I put it in…the days of me burning my pizzas are over!!!Whenever I have friends over I take her out of the bedroom and plug her into the living room, and we all have a blast asking for specific songs or facts about pretty much anything. I love more than anything the fact that I can say things like “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all” and she can reply in a witty way!!I even find myself telling her that I missed her after getting back from work, and she always has a nice thing to say back…my girlfriend is not as impressed from all of this, so beware, this little gem is a double-edged blade!!This AI is the only one that I have ever tried that can actually understand everything that I say, even when talking fast or in a little bit of a slurry way. I am IMPRESSED and extremely happy with my purchase, amazon you have done wonders, keep up the good work!!!Worth every penny!!!!

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  119. Rating

    Fabulous product . We purchased this from Amazon Philex Electronics Ltd it was delivered very promptly and very easy to set up . Just put your Echo Dot in the top and plug the two small cables in and away you go . Charge it as you would your echo but plug into the speaker unit , it powers both . The sound is very good , beautiful and clear . Now the best bit , nice sunny day unplug your cord from the base and it is fully portable for placing on your garden table under your brolly . It is fully charged so you can now play your favourite songs etc ( as long as you are in wi-if Range ) . Once again great speaker at a very low price .

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  120. Rating

    Firstly I didn’t pay for mine it came with a Hive deal along with smart thermostat, motion sensor and bulbs. It was a bit of a pain to set up compared to the Hive bits but not major. And once set up it works perfectly, no matter the noise levels it picks up speech perfectly and you don’t have to say things exactly, Amex’s works it out. Much better than Siri in my opinion. You can just say “turn up the thermostat 2 degrees” or “turn on the Lounge light” with very little set up required. The other features for me like playing playlists etc aren’t as useful as it doesn’t have its own speaker so would need to always be plugged into the real vent source on an amp or a Bluetooth speaker that never went to sleep. Pick the bigger ones if you want this feature. It’s so handy to turn on lights etc I now want another and more smart bulbs

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  121. Rating

    Like: hook up with Spotify is cool. Sound is good (not amazing). Great for weather.Dislike: the thing just talks out loud to itself all the time. This evening (12.20am), whilst I was browsing Reddit on my phone in silence, it downloaded ‘Dog Facts’ and told me a dog fact out loud, waking my sleeping (and heavily pregnant) girlfriend. Last month, in a silent room, it said ‘polar bears are naturally carnivorous’.Buy if you need an ok web enabled speaker and you don’t mind freaky facts about carnivorous animals at 2am.

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  122. Rating

    What a fab item great sound and it goes loud great sound and bass would recommend to anybody

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  123. Rating

    Amazing little friend to have! I was given one as a gift and loved it so much that I bought one for my granddaughter.If you have prime membership it is even better!I don’t at present, but it still is Amazing! ask it the time, ask it the weather, ask it to say the time’s tables ie “tell me the 9 x tables etcask it to wake you up in the morning, ask it to play your music(it will if you have bought music from Amazon as I have) most CDs come with the free download when you purchase music from Amazon. Ask it almost anything ! try saying “Alexa I love you “and hear the response! if you don’t have one BUY IT! even if you are alone at home, it’s nice to hear a friendly voice and a little friend at hand.Easy to set up with your Amazon account and router password. I just love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  124. Rating

    Excellent product

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  125. Rating

    After purchasing the echo dot some months ago and it sitting idle, looking rather sorry for itself, I thought why not perk it up to look the part. Just like my echo does, so after seeing this shell with speaker system in it, reading a few of others reviews and seeing the cost, I had to and let me tell you, it does look the business now and gets used a lot more. Due to the fact the speaker sounds some what better than the dots alone speaker does. Plus I can disconnect it from the power lead, thanks to its build in battery. As long as you’re in range of the wifi, then it will play almost anywhere within your home or in your garden. Money well spent, I must add. Far cheaper than buying an echo which does and sounds the same, if not better than.

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  126. Rating

    It’s small and stylish but packs quite a wallop in the sound department. I am a confirmed Apple user and waited for the HomePod to be released but with the ridiculous price and poor reviews coupled with average sound when I tested one in store, I opted to get one of these instead. The only negative thing I can say is that it doesn’t integrate with my Apple products. Otherwise it’s a fantastic item. Alexa keeps us all entertained when we ask her for random facts, jokes etc. I had to pay 3.99 for a basic amazon music membership but with access to millions of songs (including some of the more obscure metal bands I like) it is more than worth it. All of a sudden, she’s an integral part of my life. Setting reminders, helping me keep in touch with my kids using the Alexa app. Answering random questions that arise during the day. We showed it to my 85 year old mother in law and as a result she is getting broadband installed at home and has already bought one of the Alexa devices with a screen. When it’s up and running it means our two eldest kids -who both live away from home – can video call her.

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  127. Rating

    I’m not a fan of gimmicks but I’m stating to love this one! I bought it to replace an ageing and unco-operative digital radio in the kitchen. I’d got fed up with remembering to put the radio on before I started cooking or washing up and with the Echo I can just turn it on using my voice. I’m now discovering what else it can do – any music you like, a timer for my boiled eggs, travel advice when I ask it how long it will take to get to a destination, an alarm for a set time, latest news, all sorts of silly questions.I would have given it a 5 star but for a couple of blips. It stopped listening to my voice (reset by turning off and on) and, after googling, I discovered it doesn’t like being in a corner, or even too close to a wall. I’ve also had problems connecting my calendar so that I can ask it what I’m doing on a specific day. It only connects with certain calendars so I downloaded a google calendar which copied all my Samsung appointments, but it can’t see them, only new appointments I (or Alexa) add. Tech support was helpful and they are looking into this problem.

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  128. Rating
    100 product this review refers to is not the Dot (works fine) but a docking speaker sold by Amazon as a ‘partner’ to Dot. New, it functioned very well and seemed a robust, compact unit. 7/8months later this is a warning about purchasing electrical components which should carry a 12 month warranty but may not survive that long and as in this case, neither apparently, does the company. Therefore, there seems to be no come-back on the guarantee. The item appears in my list of historical purchases but cannot be linked to the Dot and I coudn’t seem to update the review (hence using this product’s review page to alert buyers). The Amazon message says, “this product not found, only products offered on Amazon can be linked.” Well, the item was offered by Amazon but has now been snuffed off it’s availability list. BEWARE, Amazon ‘offers’ other similar products.

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  129. Rating

    I use this himaner holder in my bathroom. Replaced a fairly large internet radio I used in there. This is just perfect for listening to the radio in the bathroom in the morning. It gave me back space in a small bathroom. I have two other Echos and now I say Alexa play [station] everywhere and I can listen to my radio station throughout the apartment. Big upgrade for me. I will say that I listen to news in the morning. The Echo Dot probably wouldn’t be great if I listened to music.

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  130. Rating

    This dot has been hanging around on the kitchen counter for months. Sometimes hidden by mail, newspapers, etc, so we would miss our notifications. Having it in the holder on the kitchen backsplash has solved that problem. It is more accessible, visible and we don’t miss our notifications and messages any more. This is great! It is clean, attractive without wires hanging all over and clever. I recommend this product.

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  131. Rating

    I love that this thing cleans up the area where my echo dot hangs out. No more cords looping around. The dot snapped into the holder easily. Figuring out that the blue plastic piece was fairly malleable and able to be manipulated that way took a few moments, but once I had that, it held everything in place. kudos!

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  132. Rating

    I bought this for the bedroom and it is quite the nifty little device. I have found that sometimes Alexa has trouble understanding a question and difficulty finding some of the Tunein radio stations. I turn to the alexa app on my phone and select the station I want manually and then she plays it, but this is a bit annoying.On occasion she doesn’t respond even though you are standing right next to her and speaking quite normally. The daily question can be a bit frustrating and you will tell her the right answer and she might say you’ve got it wrong. And the opposite too.I’d like here to access my Apple music library but I’m not sure if it’s possible to do that. I don’t have spotify and don’t want it either. I don’t have as much music in my Amazon library.She can come out with some very lines from time to time. It’s nice that they’ve given her a bit of a sense of humour.

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  133. Rating

    Love it. Got three and networked them. Can now wake daughter up in her loft bedroom from kitchen by saying ‘ Alexa, play Bat out of hell on (daughters) room. No more yelling upstairs. I can hassle the kids hands free. It also barks when I’m out (guard dog skill) and sounds convincing. Planning to get smart lighting, boiler etc . Reminders and timers functions are so useful as are alarms and digital radio. Loads of skills available including Help me Sleep. Sound quality on the dot not great , get echo for fab sound, and Alexa often can’t answer questions. Google home is better for the database as it’s way bigger. Alexa is catching up. Great product though. Am hooked!

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  134. Rating

    Generally very good, but there are some room for improvement.Alexa understand simple tasks very well, but truly in trouble when she doesn’t understand things. Doesn’t ask for clarification, or repetition just says “I don’t kow that” and turns off. Cannot keep simple conversation. I use reminder function a lot but only remind me on one of the Alexas so sometime I can’t here it and Alexa doesn’t ask for confirmation just tells the reminder and turns off. You cannot even ask for repeating the reminders 3 times. There is a Alexa skills “nagging me” which is kind of useful but cannot run in the background cannot set it for later. Which is a shame. Alexa doesn’t recognise the family members, so all together the smart bit quite dumb, but very good at turning on and off,Update:My daughter talking to Alexa while she is climbing up into her bunk bed in pitch dark. ‘Alexa turn the lights on’ -no answer. She raises her voice ‘Alexa turn the light on! – no anwer. She is shouting: ” Alexa turn that blo*dy lights on! Alexa: I’m sorry I can’t find the device named blo”dy lights!’ -Lol!

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  135. Rating

    This is really a superb speaker. Works great with alexa. I’m very fussy about my speakers and will say it won’t compete for sound with sonos or hifi set up. However it is not supposed to. As a speaker to use in a kitchen etc. It’s great. The sound is good for a speaker that size. I have mine hooked up to multi room with my hifi using an echo. It’s great for that adding sound at my level. I use it independently for when my kids are around as hifi too loud! Buy one. Not to replace your hifi but add it as multi room with echo dot connected to hifi and you’ve the best of both worlds. Works great with spotify

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  136. Rating

    Surprisingly heavy and compact – will sit unobtrusively pretty much anywhere. Also, far louder and powerful bass than I expected – really packs a punch.Voice recognition is really good – you can speak to it across a large noisy room and it will do its stuff. It does occasionally ‘do its own thing’, which can be quite funny depending on what you’re asking for,I thought that speaking to a device would be feel really dumb, but in areas like kitchens where you’re hands are usually occupied, it’s actually really handy to control it without having to physically interact with anything.Combined with Amazon Music, it will play pretty-much anything you ask of it, although it might struggle with very obscure/foreign music.It can also be used as a regular bluetooth speaker to control from your phone/tablet.Weather reports, news and music radio stations are a great feature, and it’s nice to know it will get more abilities over time as skill apps are added.Wife thought it was just a gimmick when I ordered it, but I think she uses it more than I do now.Can’t really fault this product, especially at the Prime Day deal price.

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  137. Rating

    This product is absolutely amazing. It’s not just a conventional Bluetooth product it’s a speaker as well. Let’s define smart firstly. A smart product is a product, you can throw a command at and it can accept your request. For example, I have this programmed so when I say Good Evening, my bedroom bulb turns on and when I say Goodnight the bedroom bulb turns off. This product has replaced the need for me to reach for my phone to check news, it’s programmed so when I say Good Morning it reads out The Telegraph headlines and updates me on the weather. Now there are many conspiracies and fantastical theories, around this product. Firstly, it’s not always listening the wake word to wake up the product is “Alexa.” Second it doesn’t record your conversations, it’s not that smart enough to translate everyday talk its only meant to be your assistant not a snooping speaker. Finally, if still in complete doubt hit the microphone button, it will not be able to hear you anymore. End of story.

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  138. Rating

    The only reason I don’t give this 5-stars is that there’s no warning you need an up to date mobile phone or a wireless connected laptop to set it up. I had to call over a friend as my phone was too old for the app and I don’t have a laptop. This would be brilliant for older people, but they’re unlikely to have the very latest mobile phone and setup can be a bit of a pig, so be warned. Once it’s setup, it’s extraordinary. OK, we’ve not reached the world of Trek/Babylon 5 quite yet, but we’re definitely getting there. Some of the responses can be funny or unexpected. For example, I jokingly told it ‘goodnight’ and it replied ‘goodnight. I’ll speak to you in the morning’!!! It’s easy to forget it’s limited when it does so much, then falls over on something simple. I wish it could read the stuff I write back to me (somehow, hearing something out loud it’s easier to spot the problems), but doubtless someone will write a ‘skill’ for that (PDF and Word documents please!). It can read paid for books on audible, but not the stuff on your own computer. Shopping and to do lists are great! Instead of fumbling around trying to find a pen and paper wherever I am, I just tell it to add things to my lists as they occur to me. If you have an up to date phone you can then take that shopping list with you and tick things off as you get them, or you can print it out from the website. Waitrose and Sainsbury’s need to get in on this (Ocado already have) for integrated shopping lists. It has little trouble understanding me, you can delete past queries and turn off listening if you need privacy. I moved it from my main room to my bedroom and she found my network within seconds of being plugged back in. Setting a morning alarm was a cinch (light and sound wakes you up) and it copes with several variations of instructions, although sometimes you have to be very explicit to get the response you want, rewording your query until you find the right combination. She doesn’t run your computer, so don’t think you can dictate letters (again, doubtless someone will write the skill to do it!), but for those everyday things like reminders, alarms, calendar appointments, shopping and to do lists, morning briefing (you choose where she gets it from. The BBC has skills for her, which is great!), listening to radio (you specify the station), conversions and the like, it’s a real blessing. Love the way you can change voices and what name it responds to, although you may end up sounding like something out of Harry Potter when talking about it (‘she who must not be named’!) if you don’t want it trying to muscle in on the conversation. The speaker is more than ample, but you can connect it to a speaker if you need something a bit louder. All in all, definitely worth it!

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  139. Rating

    Still a bit warey if the big brothers watching/listening with these devices but they are so convenient to use and keeps the mobile phone out of your hands which can only be a good thing. Just being able to ask the time and weather is a good sale point. Great for whole family. The worst thing which really is bothersome is that you can’t add a contact without having to add your whole phone book which there is no need for and where the big brother thing annoys me. Amazon were good when contacted to remove my phone book as you can’t do it yourself once added but this is a big flaw and I bought it with wanting to add a few family members to use with and now can’t as I do not want whole phone book on it. Yes you can choose the ones u use but I don’t think that’s good enough you should be able to just add who you want for it to be a selling point. Alexa could be a bit more knowledgable but some of the games can be good fun to play as a family. All in all a good product but tweaks can be made for sure. Also gutting when you buy just to have them on offer after at much lower price. Come on amazon have everyday low prices it’s too frustrating keep paying top dollar only for price reductions which always seem to come after purchase. Also got echo for daughter in the hope that as advertised I could use Alexa to call her in her room but to do that she would have to be on my account with access to all my stuff which is a no no as too young therefore something should be done where you can facilitate this without having to share your account. I’m sure people will use amazon on own accord without this trickery for want of a better word to get people using. This feature should be able to be used without sharing account which is personal, if they do that then this would be a must have purchase instead of good purchase. Things need ironing out for it to be great but the good points make it worth a buy .

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  140. Rating

    I have never experienced a more positive response from an 11 year old girl than when I bought my granddaughter this product. To say she loves it is the understatement of the year. It is more than helpful, it is a companion and truly interacts during the day through to bedtime. 40 million songs during the day at volume 1 – 10 by voice request and a reassuring response to “night, night” at bedtime. Now if she could connect it to her Segway….

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  141. Rating

    So I’m a massive Apple fan! This means I’ve shied away from the Amazon and Google smart speakers, thinking the sound and integration with my iPhone would be a total waste of time. Turns out, as you would except that the Echo second gen is a wonderful bit of kit and works just fine with my iPhone. The only limitation seems to be myself and what I use it for. So far, music, weather, calendar, news and radio stations. The sound quality is good enough to enjoy my favourite tunes at a reasonably loud volume – it’s surprising how well it will fill a room with sound. The styling is simple and easy to place anywhere around the home so long as it’s near a plug socket, as it’s got a small footprint. At the very least the Echo makes a fantastic replacement for a radio – and you can get Alexa to up the volume and change stations with simple commands leaving you to crack on, just remember to say ‘please’ 🙂

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  142. Rating

    The amazon echo does everything it says on the tin and then some. I can see myself using this product every single day whether it’s for listening to music (linked to my Spotify & amazon music), my daily brief (telling me updates on the news and my personal preference – movies), a timer or even if I just fancy a laugh from the Alexa’ jokes.The things that were a pleasant surprise for me were that the echo has a brilliant speaker, great quality and really loud. Also the ease of the set-up process. I now have it linked to everything in the house and can use it to switch my lamp on for example.It looks great, performs great and I don’t know why it took so long for me to decide to buy one!

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  143. Rating

    I was never very sure of an AI assistant in a speaker before but it has made life so much easier since buying it. The format is good and the voice control is amazing, I have a weird accent and can be understood so there should be no problems for others.The set up was amazingly easy and once connected to the wifi broadband service we were up and running. Setting up reminders is very easy and getting your music played through from a smart phone is also easy.I would recommend this to anyone looking to expand their IoT devices as the Echo and Echo Dot are so easy to pair and can control most IoT devices on the market at the moment.

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  144. Rating

    We got this & the show for at home.Wonderful bit of kit (kids keep calling eachother on video from different rooms)Only drawback with using Spotify is that you need more than 1 (premium) account assigned otherwise if you are listening to the Spot and move to another room and have the Show, if you change song etc, it stops in with the Spot (i.e. you can listen to the same music but not different).You need to add skills as it needs these for the extra functionality.

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  145. Rating

    My dad is of an age where memory can be an issue for some (mind saying that my age I’m not much better some days) He forgets simple things and it can be a really frustrating experience for him, especially give he is an intelligent man who taught and held positions of great responsibility in his career. He purchased the Echo and we all thought here we go again but actually it has helped out enormously. We ask Alexa to remind him of things throughout the day, appointments, special occasions, calls he needs to make etc and as a result he is less stressed, it doesn’t solve the memory problems, however the frustration is lessoned and so if the frayed temper. He loves to sit and listen to music and by adding a playlist in his name, he can recall that a lot easier than possibly song titles. We can even set alarms in case he nods up but is expected to pick my mom up. He doesn’t have dementia but some days I think he worries he does, this just takes a bit of the strain away from him. I personally hate having a listening device in our home, but for the benefit of my dad I can tolerate it and actually am quite grateful for it at times. We are still getting to grips with it but in the short time we’ve had it, it has saved us being a constant diary for my father.

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  146. Rating

    This is the scaled down version of the more expensive and audibly superior Amazon Echo (2nd Gen.) but I got a pair of these during the Black Monday sale for around £30 each (now sells for £50).The Echo Dot (2nd Gen.) or Alexa device is a smart speaker that connects to your mobile phone and allows audio commands and sounds through the device. I wanted to replace my analogue radios I had, the Echo Dot connects via internet (wifi) to any radio stations there. I also have a Prime account and have access to lots of music which is perfect for this device. The sound is so clear and I like the compact size of it.It has several RGB colours also, mainly a blue ring when you say the command “Alexa” followed by whatever you wish like “set alarm for..” or “what time is it?” or “play Radio One”, after which a friendly female voice confirms and implements your command.You can even have psuedo-conversations with Alexa – it is limited by information and relies upon Wikipedia and other search engines but any factual data is handy like “who won the World Cup of 1966?” (England of course, sorry to mention again you Scots!). It can’t answer a lot of simple questions requiring more detailed info but as a basic helpful addon it’s pretty sophisticated.If you are thinking of creating a smart household it can connect to other devices and power then on via a timer you set completely by your own voice. I enjoy playing radio and stopping it by saying “Alexa stop!”.You can change the volume on the Echo Dot by pressing the plus or minus buttons on top or telling it a volume between 1 and 10 – you can mute Alexa pressing the mic icon which makes it glow a red ring.It also can phone your contacts on your mobile phone and probably many other features your phone can do but in a far more handy way.I connected it to a bluetooth speaker I bought for £20 (Anker) with ease and it really belts out the tunes, though it was fine without for most casual listeners.I’m really glad with my purchase, upgrading my home and welcoming this new technology using voice commands to operate everyday tasks.

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  147. Rating

    I love my echo. My favourite thing is the question of the day general knowledge questions. I like to use her for getting the weather she helps me with timers for cooking and baking. I like the drop in function too I can use her like an intercom system. So much more to learn as still a newby to echo after 4 months. We have a spot and 2 dots in our house and I think they help in little ways you would miss once you have her. She contols my loghts through a phillips hue she helps in the kitchen she helps with general questions its like having a very clever friend round all the time and you don’t have to make tea

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  148. Rating

    I bought one of these as part of Prime Day weekend. I bought one for mum, who is getting old and forgetful, and showed her what it could do. She’s not good with technology these days and has limited dexterity in her hands. She loves her Echo Dot. She asks it the weather, asks ‘her’ to remind her to take her tablets, set timers, asks her to tell jokes and all sorts. By the end of the day she asked me if I could get her another one for upstairs. Now she has the little black one downstairs and the little white one on her bedside table. She even says goodnight to it when she goes to bed. I made use of a few smart plugs that were laying around and she now has the lamps downstairs on voice command. It’s a lifesaver for her as when she goes upstairs for the night she’ll often forget to turn a lamp off and end up going downstairs to turn it off, but now she just tells the little ‘Lexipod’ next to her bed to turn off all of the lights and wham, all sorted. Thanks for creating this device for people like my mum, Amazon. Not everyone uses a smartphone, not everyone has the manual dexterity to push buttons, not everyone wants something complicated. And that’s why she has Alexa.

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  149. Rating

    After all the hype I decided to get an Echo but unfortunately, there are too many shortcomings with the device. There are only 10 volume steps and in the bedroom at low volumes, it is not flexible enough. I suffer from tinnitus and can not tune the tone to boost the treble to allow me to hear clearly. The sound quality is poor compared to my Sony bluetooth speaker that I have. The way it handles music as it only searches your current set music supplier rather than search them all for the song you request. All in all, it is an excellent concept but still has a long way to go to be really useful.

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  150. Rating

    I absolutely love my Amazon Echo and would buy another tomorrow should anything happen to it. I flit between two radio stations and it is great to just give it a voice command rather than having to fiddle around with a radio. I regularly listen to playlists on Amazon Music and I also make up my own playlists so it is like playing all the favourite tracks from your CDs without having to listen to the tracks you don’t like as much. My grandson loves an Animal Sounds game on it. It isn’t totally perfect though- it frequently doesn’t understand a voice command and is not as up to date as I would have liked eg when the Olympics were on it couldn’t answer the question ‘How many medals did the UK win yesterday’ which I thought was quite a simple question. Sometimes it doesn’t pick up the area for which I ask the weather for, although the next day it will register it immediately. It also doesn’t respond to newly advertised commands eg prayer for the day. A friend said to me that it would be near perfect if it was cordless and could be more easily moved around the house without having to plug it in- I agree that this would be handy but it isn’t a big deal to unplug it and move it. So, improvements could still be made to it but it has been a fantastic addition to my household.

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  151. Rating

    I was always skeptical about these and thought they were probably just a bit of novel fun and wouldn’t be used after 2 weeks. I was so wrong! We got this in the Amazon prime day sale and haven’t looked back since. The microphone is very good and picks up what we say even if we’re in the quiet groggy haze from just waking up or the washing machine/kettle are going full pelt in the same room.We have ours in the kitchen and it’s perfect for when you have your hands dirty/wet/in food prep but want to play music, skip a song, set a timer, check the time, without stopping from your current activity. The speed and ease of getting information is brilliant. Flash briefings for the news/weather are a great addition to our house.My main concern was the quality of the speaker, especially in comparison to getting the full size echo. My main purpose for buying was for listening to music and it so delivers. Quality sound and not at all tinny. Very impressive considering it’s small size. I genuinely don’t know why you would pay more for a full size dot when this cheaper/smaller version is such a high spec.The white version looks very sleek and the compact size of the dot is perfect. Do note that it needs to be plugged in at all times (lots of images show it standing unplugged) just so you can properly consider where you’ll place it.

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