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Amazon Echo Dot

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Amazon Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Show sale

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Using Alexa to Christmas shop through Amazon's Echo Dot proves tricky

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Amazon Echo Dot ad cleared over cat food order

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A television ad for Amazon's Echo Dot smart speaker that caused a viewer's device to try to order cat food has been cleared by a UK regulator. The advert, which aired in October, featured a man asking Amazon's voice assistant Alexa to order Purina cat...

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7.5 Total Score
96 reviews
Small but Cheap

The Echo dot is smaller and cheaper than its bigger siblings, but when connected to a good speaker can be just as capable

8.9User's score
  • Can be Mobile with added Battery
  • Smaller & Cheaper than bigger Echo's
  • Has Audio Output
  • Prone to Interference with sensitive Audio
  • Sound quality is poor (small speaker)
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  1. Rating

     I have been eagerly awaiting the Amazon Echo Dot 2 release and it has lived upto my expectations.The main reason for buying the dot is that we have British Gas Hive heating and also Hive light bulbs throughout the house. Now that the Dot has been released I can now control my heating and lights by voice.I decided to go with the smaller dot as this one is in the living room where I have a Samsung Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer which I can connect to my new Dot if required by simply asking the Dot to connect to connect to our Bluetooth soundbar.The quality of the inbuilt speaker in the Dot is not bad for the size of the device and is loud and can be heard clearly from other rooms.The Dot truly is wonderful and is so simple to setup and use. When music is playing from the device I can still say the keyword and she picks me up over the playing music. I have also tested the Dot from my Kitchen, Hallway and also our furthest away bedroom and she can pickup my voice and understands me nearly every time.If you have a good home Bluetooth speaker system that you will be connecting this too then buy this version and not the dearer £149 Echo.That’s really the only difference between the two (better inbuilt speaker) so save your money and buy this Dot if you have your own home sound system.I have attached a video that I took showing the Dot working in our house.All I can say is if you have a smart heating system, wireless plugs or hive/hue lights then go the full hog and control them with your voice!Check out my video that I took with the Amazon Echo Dot in action.

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  2. Rating

    I bought this as a stop-gap before the Google Home is released and in the hope that it might actually be so good I don’t bother buying a Google Home. But, initial verdict: fantastic if you were given one for free. Not bad for £25-30. Not really worth £50!Mostly, it’s like talking to a very elderly relative. It often doesn’t understand you. You have to enunciate like someone is lip reading you. And it can be wildly frustrating but you have to keep your cool if you want to eventually be understood.What it can understand, and what it can’t, is surprising…Me: Alexa, play rock and roll music.Alexa: I can’t find rock and roll songs.Me: Alexa, play gypsy jazzI have Spotify Premium!Honestly, Spotify integration is really not very good at all. Whereas, unsurprisingly, things work much better if you use Amazon Music (why am I not surprised?).The sound quality is slightly better than expected considering its small size although not fantastic.It’s a well built, sturdy device that’s heavier than I expected. Good quality materials, not cheap plastic as I anticipated.In a nutshell, it’s a speaker with some very specific voice activation functionality. You have to learn precisely what to say to make it do what you want it to do. Whereas, the Google Home should be able to interpret most things you yell at it and via the Google search engine it will translate and comprehend it. How do I know? Because I’ve been testing Google Assistant and it understands practically everything to an unbelievable extent. I just asked Google Assistant “What is an amuse-bouche?” and it even understood that, incredible!More examples:Me: Alexa, play Radio 4 Extra for 10 minutes.Alexa: Here’s a station you might like… Jess Glyne.Me: Alexa, STOP.Me: Alexa, play REMAlexa: Playing R O M E.Me: Alexa, play Hotel California by The EaglesMe: Alexa, play the album Hotel California by The EaglesI asked it to play BBC Radio London, adjusting how I phrased the request time and time again but, the best result I got after many attempts, was for the BBC Asia network to start playing. As it happens, I remember BBC London’s analogue frequency, so I asked it to play “94.9 fm” and its response: “Playing BBC London”. Yet it didn’t understand when I simply asked it to play BBC London via TuneIn. So it can be absolutely key to understand HOW to instruct it and often the method is stupid.One other oddity I noticed, this time when trying to change my location. If I enter my address into the settings, it refuses to accept No. 60, where I live, and will only accept No. 44, where I do not live. This setting is used by some skills and an inaccurate address will have varying consequences: the weather skill will still provide local weather, of course, however what about deliveries, taxi collections, or some other skill in the future which relies on your address being accurate?In summary, the TV advertising implies the Amazon Echo is infinitely more conversational – and intelligent – than in reality it is. When it comprehends my request, and does the right thing, I feel surprised. Probably the most infuriating thing is this: by looking at the app, I can see that most of the time the Echo does hear what I’m saying perfectly well, it just fails to do the right thing.Update: she’s going deaf. Alexa… ALEXA…. ALEXXXA!!!! . She’s also often refusing to switch off when requested which was never previously a problem.

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  3. Rating

    This is my third Echo in the family following a second Echo purchase, this one being the Echo Dot, the first Echo was ordered when the item was available for pre-order. That one needed some tweeking in setup due to my BT home hub as it would not install, After the tweek however all was very good. I’ll not go into detail as to what the Echo can do as this is all over the web already. Lets just say that the few months experience with the original Echo made it a simple decision try the Echo Dot.Once received the Alexa app was already updated to set up the new sibling and was totally painless as the app had an additional marker that I had a BT home hub and all was set up in a minute or two.What is worth mentioning is that alarms (so far) are set on a per Echo basis that makes perfect sense, for instance I can set an alarm or timer in the bedroom and it will activate on the Echo in the bedroom and not wake the whole house by booming the alarm from my other unit. Good stuff Echo as this was one of my concerns as I use timers and alarms quite a bit.I still need to test the Dot through an external sound system other than checking all works but initial wireless system testing functionality is the same as the Echo but using the smaller inbuilt speaker. I’ll update this review in due course when I have time to do some more in depth testing with different external sound systems and sources.In summary, the first one even with the initial setup glitch with the BT router took the sheen off my initial excitement withing 24 hours fixes were available, with the new addition to the Echo family and an updated app setup was a breeze.Highly recommended. Oddly enough I bought another Echo version at the same time as the Dot and that was just as easy to set up to use with an external sound system.

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  4. Rating

    For 40 quid, what’s not to like. In my limited home automation system, here’s my 2 days of use review of the Dot. Plugged in, paired with WiFi using app on phone. I have Amazon Prime so most of my “play George Michael” type requests result in “shuffling songs by George Michael”… and voila. Or I can say “Alexa, play radio 2” and she’ll put radio 2. Now, speaker onboard isn’t great but fine for the spoken stuff, however here’s the cool thing, to me at least.. can use the onboard speaker for modest levels of personal listening music when working, but simply have a paired Bluetooth device and power it on, then say “Alexa, connect to Bluetooth” and it’ll pick that device and all following audio will come via that speaker. “Alexa, disconnect Bluetooth” and audio reverts back to onboard.Random questions you might have asked google via your phone you can now do via Alexa… “Alexa, what is the distance from here to Cairo”.. “Alexa, what is Osteoarthritis”, “Alexa, what are the headlines”…. to me, that alone is worth 40 quid. “Alexa, set timer for 10 minutes”, “Alexa, set alarm for every week at 7am on Tuesday”… and so on.When I can invoke a Logitech harmony activity via voice, I’ll be blown away.. apparently US have that feature now and we’ll get in soon… I hope soon :-). I also have a Wemo on my Bluetooth receiver hooked up to my Marantz Amp… I fire up the Wemo, then tell Alexa to connect to Bluetooth, and then play streamed music via the amp… or power on my Bose speaker, and connect to that…. I haven’t tried having both powered and selectively connecting to one or the other.. not sure if possible, but not an issue really as I only like one Bluetooth speaker device powered when I want it.Anyway, I ordered an Energenie set of 3 controllable switched sockets (Amazon deal yesterday) and hope to able to switch the 3 lamps on in the living room all at once, or independently using Alexa. Heating I sadly can’t do as I have electric radiators that all have separate wireless timed thermostats in each room.I’ve already ordered another two — one for home office, one for the bedroom. Working at home, I can now easily set timer to remind me I’ve been sitting too long and need to walk about for a bit. OK, so I am a gadget freak, but I am loving this already…. yes, maybe limited to some people but having easy call up of music, easy alarm set and timer, easy ask anything you might ask google, add that when you think of something you need to do later, just ask Alexa to add that to your to do list and it’ll add it for recall on your phone or via asking Alexa… and simple “Alexa, what is the time”, “Alexa, what is the weather like on Saturday”.. and more….. awesome for such little money.

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  5. Rating

    One of the best pieces of tech we have bought all year.We have a number of smart devices at home, mostly Samsung smarthings, these are great but we felt that there was something was missing from really making our smart devices work for us… The echo dot has filled that gap and more. Adding a voice activation device like the echo meant all our smarthings feel so much smarter and really part of the smart home we were trying to create. We only have one echo dot at the moment but we use it every day, to turn lights off/off where switches are the opposite side of the room to the exit door, to turn off the tv system mains plug that’s just not easily accessible, set timers, add things to shopping lists and more

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  6. Rating

    The product itself has a good design and can be fit almost everywhere.Its use, from connecting to wifi to a day to day utilisation is quite easy and straightforward. Alexa is very responsive even with my rubbish french accent.I have to admit I returned my echo dot after a couple days. The product is good, but for the usage I had, I think it wasn’t mature yet. I don’t have a smart or connected home, which I think is where Alexa can be a real game changer. In the end, my main usage was with Amazon prime music and weather forecast. Some of the skills I was interested in where unfortunately not available in the UK (fitbit – even though fitbit UK advertise about Alexa) or required an additional premium subscription (spotify, audible…). The Uber and Amazon order skills sounded promising but I haven’t had a chance to try them. Again if you have a connected house, it makes Alexa’s way more useful.As a conclusion I think this is a very good product and affordable compared to the Echo device. I just don’t fell it is something for me at the moment. I will wait and see if Alexa’s skills are improving/increasing and may consider it later.As usual with Amazon, fast delivery, no problem to return.

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  7. Rating

    I’ve been living with Alexa for a couple of weeks now and thought it about time I shared my experience.I bought the Dot along with the Netatmo Thermostat for a discount price in the Black Friday sales, and this has spiralled into a whirlwind of home automation products.From the Smart home perspective the echo / dot really just create a voice interface to enable you to link in to your smart appliances. It is very convenient to ask alexa to put the kettle on when you’re in front of the TV and you know the adverts are coming on, but she can’t make the Tea for you yet. It works very well at completeing multiple tasks with a simple command as well. There are currently fewer integrations in the UK than in the US but more skills are appearing day by day.As a standalone product with no smart home equipment Alexa is still a very usable device. She will answer questions, stream music, create shopping and to do lists, keep track of your diary, give you the news and weather, and you still won’t have scratched the surface. Of course all of this is reliant on a stable wifi connection, I haven’t had any problems with dropouts but I know that others have reported intermittent problems but this could be down to their internet provider so not necesarily the fault of the echo.The voice recognition is very good, placement of the product is critical. Amazon recommend that the dot is placed at least 8 inches from any walls on a flat surface. This should also be worded to include away from other objects such as ornaments etc by the same distance. The top of the device has 7 microphones in a ring which it uses to listen to you. If you place it near to another object you will confuse it as the sensitive microphones pick up the inaudible echos you can’t hear. If when you speak to Alexa you notice the light on the top of the device moving then you need to move your device. It should light up the ring directly in line with you and stay steady while you are talking. That said, I can stand in my kitchen approximately 15 feet from the device facing away from it and say “Alexa” in a normal voice and it will hear me.Is it a fad that will be in a draw before Easter? For me no as it is now connected to the various smart appliances I have ended up buying since purchasing it. Without the smart home side of it, I’m not so sure. It is an innovative product which Amazon are pushing further development of so should be fairly future proof.If you got this far, then thanks for reading, and if you found this review helpful, please click the button below, thank you.

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  8. Rating

    She says “I’m still learning….”Shows huge promise, voice recognition is good straight out of the box even with 3 different voices trying to talk to it at the same time with the TV on in the background…however it doesnt appear to be that smart at the moment and it think thats down to the search engine it uses rather than a failure to recognise the words. The app shows the words it has heard and 98% of the time gets it right..less so with my wife who is Scottish but still manages a high 90-95% hit rate.While you can add things to lists etc, you have to use the app to delete the items. I understand the logic for can tick things off your shopping list while you shop …but if you make a mistake you have to remember that error and correct it manually while you shop.The app is a bit slow to load on my phone (Moto G 2nd Gen) and I wish there was a windows 10 version so that I could set things up on my pc but most of the “skills” are android/IOS based so its only natural I suppose. On the subject of skills there are a few useful ones but an awful lot of very specialised ones that I cant imagine ever using,..a lot of them replicate functions already built in and others like Jamie Olivers recipes fall short of expectations as they send you an email rather than read out the recipe. Skills often require special phases to start them so you need to remember the key phrases. The ones I have installed so far are Kasa – to control a couple of wifi plugs, Trackr – to find my phone and Yonomi to integrate with Sonos.All in all – happy with my purchase and may get some more e.g one for the kitchen for radio and timers etc and another for the bedroom for radio, music, alarms and control of the lights.

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  9. Rating

    My new home help! I now have 3 of these. They play well with home-automation products: Samsung Smarthings, Hive thermostats, Logitech Harmony Hubs etc, So basically this is the best there is as a voice interface for home automation as at the end of 2016. Also great for music – for £4 per month, you can have ONE of your Echos accessing 40 million songs, which is a lot fun.Update: As of March 2018 the Echos are even better – now being able to answer follow-up questions on the same subject, and seemingly now having access to Google data, meaning journey times can be estimated, opening times for local businesses are accessible etc. Basically, for answering general questions, it’s as good as any voice assistant IMHO.I also have a Google Home Mini and all things considered, prefer the Echo. The Echo can be amplified via a bluetooth speaker or a 3.5mm jack – the Google Home Mini can do neither. There are other differences between the 2 units, but this is the most significant one from my point of view. Don’t expect too much from their built in speakers music-wise.

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  10. Rating

    Bought the black version and it “disappears” into the woodwork. Very discreet for a piece of modern kit. Setup was very fast and easy – I’m sure it did most of the work by itself! The “ALEXA” app was installed on my Fire Tab and off we went. Music streaming is a doddle, but create your own way of asking for things and then remember the sequence ( for a complete album ask ‘Alexa, play album “The Times they are a-changin” by Bob Dylan’ – rather than ‘Alexa, play “The Times they are a-changin” by Bob Dylan’, which of course will only get you the song of that name……). You can ask for music from your own AMAZON library or from AMAZON Music if you have Prime. You can get Unlimited for Dot for £3.99 per month which gives access to the lot ( I even got all of the 3 major versions of Britten’s opera “Death in Venice” streamed and played over my Bluetooth controlled hi-fi – sounded ten times better than my vinyl sets played over same system). So that is the music taken care of. Now the rest……..ask the weather today/tomorrow both at home or anywhere else and you will get it as long as you speak clearly; ask for local bus times (after setting up the chosen bus app) and you will be told (…”bus number 4 to Canterbury due 12:15pm is running 5 minutes late” etc.); ask questions and they will be answered (although it uses “Bing” which in my mind is not anywhere as good as “Google” on my phone or tab). You can ask Wikkipedia. Radio can be played and news listened to – IT IS all in there. Amazon needs to get the promised UK app base expanded soonest as a lot of stuff is still only supported in the USA. There is so much more. Buy into it and knock yourself out……….

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  11. Rating

    First impressions. Wow! Looks cool. Plug in. Wow!! Really looks cool. In a “whoo, whoo, Knightrider, KITT way. Set up was quick and offered no surprises.It might not be perfect in every way, but it really feels like the future (supposing there is one and Donald Rump hasn’t had a hissy fit and pressed the, “You’re Fired button”). I was rather surprised to find, when I unplugged it to see if it was charged, it died. The thing has no battery. I sort of follow their reasoning. Being always on and listening must be quite power hungry. However, the blurb says it works in any room, do you have a USB or mains socket in your shower? Be aware that a battery version is already on sale in America, albeit a less mobile size than this.Otherwise, I love Alexa, wish she was British and just sometimes can’t work out what she said. She is, and I’m whispering now, better than Siri and plays games with you. Quite nice although, probably aimed at children. I love both ’20 Questions’ and ‘Animals’, which was once called ‘Pangolins’ and was an early learning game which enlarged its database each time it lost.If you like gadgets, buy one. If you want a ‘Star Trek’ beating tool, buy one. If you want instant news, time, spelling and silly jokes, buy one.

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  12. Rating

    This is something to hook up to other things and add voice control. You will get bored of saying “I’ll be back” just to have it reply “asta la vista, baby” or ask it a few simple questions that you don’t really need to know the answer to.This little beauty is best enjoyed with all the wonderful add ons. The most basic one that you will have is music, just sit back and ask it to play whatever pops into your head.After that you start looking at home automation and if you already own rf plugs then you need to team this up with the broadlink rm pro, in fact you just need to get that anyway. It’s a brilliant piece of kit that comes in around £30 and controls radio and infrared devices and voice control is added via alexa and an app called rm tasker (£3.99 but free for 7 days). After that you will wonder how logitech can charge £80+ for their harmony stuff.Alexa has a lot of useful skills but unless you like voice controlled music then you will probably think this is expensive, if you have home automation then you’ll wonder how they can sell it for the peanuts they do. This device does so much for me now but it is only because I already had the tech that this complements such as smart plugs, smart thermostat, spotify premium, smart lighting etc etc. If you buy this without those then you are not seeing it’s true beauty. You will be tempted to call it expensive and rate it lower than its 5 stars. It isn’t perfect but then again it isn’t 5 years in the future. Nothing currently comes close so while it is still learning you need to forgive it if it doesn’t understand everything you say. You also need to explore the skills as they are releasing new stuff all the time.

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  13. Rating

    This is something to hook up to other things and add voice control. You will get bored of saying “I’ll be back” just to have it reply “asta la vista, baby” or ask it a few simple questions that you don’t really need to know the answer to.This little beauty is best enjoyed with all the wonderful add ons. The most basic one that you will have is music, just sit back and ask it to play whatever pops into your head.After that you start looking at home automation and if you already own rf plugs then you need to team this up with the broadlink rm pro, in fact you just need to get that anyway. It’s a brilliant piece of kit that comes in around £30 and controls radio and infrared devices and voice control is added via alexa and an app called rm tasker (£3.99 but free for 7 days). After that you will wonder how logitech can charge £80+ for their harmony stuff.Alexa has a lot of useful skills but unless you like voice controlled music then you will probably think this is expensive, if you have home automation then you’ll wonder how they can sell it for the peanuts they do. This device does so much for me now but it is only because I already had the tech that this complements such as smart plugs, smart thermostat, spotify premium, smart lighting etc etc. If you buy this without those then you are not seeing it’s true beauty. You will be tempted to call it expensive and rate it lower than its 5 stars. It isn’t perfect but then again it isn’t 5 years in the future. Nothing currently comes close so while it is still learning you need to forgive it if it doesn’t understand everything you say. You also need to explore the skills as they are releasing new stuff all the time.

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  14. Rating

    Alexa and I have been housemates for a couple of weeks now. I bought this with vouchers I got for Christmas and admit I was initially a little sceptical about how useful it would really be. As I’m about to start upgrading to some smart lighting in the home though I figured it would be worth getting familiar with the Echo first. The more I have been using it, the more I’m starting to rely on it. It does seem to integrate itself into your life without you really noticing. I do check the weather and news on it and also have become quite a fan of the lists features, there is quite a bit to find useful about this product even without smart home gear.The one thing that I never really saw myself using this for has now become the thing I use it most for, and that is music. I have a Sonos system and had always been happy using that for music with my Amazon prime, but they work in pretty different ways. I have to search up music or a channel through Sonos and can’t get all that specific, however with the Echo I just walk into the room and say ‘play music by…’ and get exactly that. No searching, no queueing, just music. I’m pretty intrigued to see what the upcoming integration with Sonos will bring later this year as the two together will be a match made in heaven to me! Whilst the speaker on the dot is not exactly designed to play music through, I am pleasantly surprised at how it sounds. Certainly better than my clock radio!There are of course some negatives to be had as with most things. Principally for me the app is a bugbear with it being slow and laggy and just kind of weird. I don’t find it all that intuitive in places. Also the number of UK specific skills are somewhat lacking at the moment, it can be very hit and miss whether the skill you think you want actually works as it should, however with new things coming along all the time and this being a relatively new technology I have high hopes these areas will improve over time. Alexa does seem to like to have random conversations with herself at times, usually in the early hours of the morning. I have no idea why, but being woken up suddenly as she relays the plot of a film or starts playing music has happened a few times. I’m starting to consider that maybe I have a tech savvy ghost! I turn the speaker right down before I go to bed now so it doesn’t wake me. This has made me hesitate to get another one for the bedroom at the moment though. I would be rather wary of just what I let this have control of, I wouldn’t let this control my security for example. It responds to any voice so the prospect of someone else messing with doors or cameras isn’t a good one. But then I wouldn’t trust security to any smart device so it’s hardly likely to be a problem.If you have been debating on whether to get one of these and would use it, I would say definitely give it a try. You might be surprised just what you find it useful for and as it improves over time, it can only get better.

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  15. Rating

    After the mixed reviews I was slightly apprehensive about buying the Echo Dot but after 2 weeks with one I’m absolutely delighted with Alexa! Of course the system is still in it’s infancy but it’s already a lot better than I expected. Alexa will play your Audible books and your music from Amazon, Spotify etc. I love walking into my kitchen and saying “Alexa Playlist Chill” and within seconds my music is playing through my big Bluetooth system. The WiFi connection has been totally reliable, dropped once in 2 weeks and the Bluetooth has not dropped once. I find myself asking for all sorts of music and 95%of the time Alexa gets it just right. She plays radio stations from Spotify and Amazon music based on a chosen artist or buzzword like “dance’ or ‘rock.I use the timer when I am cooking, I always ask Alexa what the time is too. It’s just so handy when you are busy doing things. A patient assistant who never gets tired of your questions.Questions such as who is…. What is…. What does ### mean are consistently well answered and when she does get it wrong it’s often funny anyway.The skills are very useful if you find the best ones for you, I ask Alexa when is the next bus and she tells me the next 5 buses from my home bus stop. That’s incredibly useful when you are rushing to get ready.The Skills ‘store” is only just being developed by 3rd parties and there is HUGE potential in it. You can ask Jamie Oliver for recipe ideas, play 20 questions, ask for movie quotes, and of course control smart systems like Philips Hue, Hive etc.The results have been consistent and reliable.There’s also tons of humour built in to the Echo, lots of geeky film jokes like “Alexa do Do you know Hal ? She answers” We don’t speak after what happened”😂You can ask her to sing. Make Star Trek commands, ask how babies are made.Say “Inconceivable!” and she quotes from the Princess Bride. It’s great fun and adds a lot of ‘personality ” to Alexa.I’m so glad I risked the £50 and got one, I even found myself cycling along the road and asking” Alexa next track ” a few days ago, I couldn’t believe the indignity of having to touch next track button on my headphones. I think in a few years many of us will wonder how we ever did without our Artificial Friend.

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  16. Rating

    When you buy this you need to know that this is a limited device. The positives have been covered. Here’s the limitations.A long way short of the instant information you can get from OK Google and Siri. Can’t give you sports information outside premier league teams. Won’t give you a rundown of current scores, you have to ask for a particular (only premier league) team. Doesn’t have info on tennis or anything else. Ask if Andy Murray won? Can’t do it. Brighton’s next game? Can’t do it. When does John Wick 2 come out? Can’t do it. This is a quick example, but if you’re used to OK Google and Siri, you may be frustrated on occasion.The inability to change default apps (skills). The default weather info is awful. Never close to accurate. I just asked the weather – said it was 7 degrees. It is actually minus 1. Big Sky which uses Dark Sky info is fantastic. But you have to say – Alexa, ASK BIG SKY about the weather. You can’t just ask – Alexa, what’s the weather?This is further a problem I have had when listening to podcasts. The default podcast player is TuneIN. It is missing a lot of podcasts but does has the ones most will need. However you can’t fast forward. Very annoying. So you have to enable ‘Pod Buddy’ skill. So – Alexa, ASK POD BUDDY to play the Vergecast. Then you get to an advert. Alexa, skip 2 minutes. Doesn’t work, I know, Alexa, ASK POD BUDDY to skip 2 minutes. Doesn’t work. I had to go to the Pod Buddy skill on Amazon (has to be desktop to see detailed invocations) and realise the command I needed. Alexa, ASK POD BUDDY to FAST FORWARD 2 minutes.This is way too much work. Give us the ability to choose default apps, and you really need to work on the conversational abilities. Right now you have to be way to specific with the commands. I shouldn’t have to remember specific phrases that are all different to specific apps.

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  17. Rating

    I have the Echo, and now the Echo dot. The dot does basically the same thing as the Echo. The sound quality – whilst being clear and actually not bad for such a small device – does not carry the bass that the echo does, so it’s great for listening to audiobooks, radio, etc. It can be connected to a better speaker by bluetooth, or jackplug connection though so that kind of compensates. I have found the dot loses Wifi connection more than the Echo, but not to a great degree. Overall I like both devices, the Echo is better than the dot..But it’s also 3 times the price. So I would suggest that, unless you play alot of music then the dot will probably do for you.

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  18. Rating

    As a voice activated radio / access to spotify it is quite good especially when linked though decent speakers.However, when you compare it to the functionality of using “OK GOOGLE” on your phone its shortcomings are blatantly obvious. Who ever decided that its search engine would be BING should be sacked, unless google refused access and they had no other choice, this will ultimately be its downfall. It stumbles at the easiest of questions something which has yet to happen when I use “OK GOOGLE”.I’ll keep it until Google Home becomes available in the UK and then I’ll give it to our daughter for her room, she likes it telling her jokes, she’s four.

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  19. Rating

    Arrived promptly and on time. The box comes with the FireTVStick, Remote with Alexsa Voice Control with two AAA Batterys, A Micro USB lead, HDMI Extension, Power Supply and Setup Manual.Installation was quick and easy. Just plug the FireTVStick into a HDMI slot on the TV and the Micro USB to the power supply and connect to your WIFI and your ready to steam Movies, Shows, live TV and Netflix. More apps can be installed from the app store or from the built in web browser.Would highly recommend. It’s a much cheaper alternative to SKY, Vergin, BT TV

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  20. Rating

    Bought as a gift although I own one myself also. Turn any tv into a smart tv.Very easy to set up, just plug into hdmi port and power source, connect to wifi and sign into your account. The new voice remote is longer and slightly deeper than the original however it feels sleeker and more modern.Voice activation is achieved by holding the mic button and the responses are quick – although I imagine if you’re internet connection is slow this might be hampered. While not as comprehensive as on echo products ‘Alexa’ can still deal with most of the requests and questions you throw at it.Amazon Prime video and Netflix come as standard with various catch ups (BBC iPlayer, itv hub, 4OD etc) are easily and quickly downloadable from the App Store. YouTube and TuneIn radio are also available and recommended.NOTE: As obvious as it seems, you NEED a subscription to Netflix and/or Prime video to access content from those suppliers. Buying a fire stick doesn’t give you life time access for free. I only add this as some reviewers fail to realise this.Recently BBC iPlayer has changed and you now require a TV licence to access it – to my knowledge it is only required for this app however. It’s as simple as confirming you have one, no addition information is required

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  21. Rating

    I tried setting this up with the Alexa app on Iphone although it did work the connection would drop every 2 minutes. I tried all the usual troubleshooting tips restart router restart echo dot and the problem persisted. I was on the verge of sending it back and decided to perform a factory reset and use the web portal to do the set up again1.Press and hold the Microphone off and Volume down buttons at the same time until the light ring turns orange (about 20 seconds). Then light ring turns blue.2. Wait for the light ring to turn off and on again. The light ring then turns orange again, and your Echo Dot enters setup mode.3. go to and follow the set up instructionsAfter setting it up using the web portal it has worked without any connection drops. I have installed apps to communicate with a Hive heating control system and once installed you can control it using Alexa. I would have given it 5 stars if it had set up using the app.

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  22. Rating

    I like to think of myself as someone who likes their gadgets. Occasionally bleeding edge but generally a little slower at adoption. Of course, I’ve been aware of “Alexa” for a while but I was never tempted by something which I saw as a novelty. After all, my smartphone gives me the news, weather, appointments etc. and so what use is Alexa?However, Prime Day came along and was offering an unbeatable deal on the Logitech Harmony Elite. This is an all-in-one remote which can be controlled by Alexa. As it happened, the Echo Dot was also on an unbeatable deal. The temptation was too much and I bought both. I really only needed the remote but thought that controlling all my devices by voice would act as sufficient novelty to justify the Prime Day price of the Dot.Both arrived and both were setup. As I thought, the Alexa controls for the remote were more of a novelty and only used for a few days, until the novelty wore off. What I wasn’t prepared for was the music capability of Alexa. As a Prime member, I was automatically subscribed to Prime Music and so I immediately had access to a vast streaming collection. I could access the collection simply by asking for a song, album, artist, style of music etc. etc. The dot could play through my existing Amp and speakers. This blew my mind. I simply was not prepared for the ease with which I could now access music. How had this passed me by?This has proved so much of a revelation to me that I have purchased a second Dot so that I can access music in my 2 main living areas. I have subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited to expand my available music choices and I have consigned my old music players to the scrapyard. When available, I will have an Alexa player in the car and my next phone will include Alexa. Personally, I’m not interested in the novelty shopping lists, gadget controls, weather reports etc. – the music alone makes it a must have device. When we have friends round to the house, they can select the music – Alexa Play the latest album by………; Alexa Play Party Music. Wow!!!!!!

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  23. Rating

    I have already bought one Echo Dot for the living room and am really enjoying using it and discovering what it can do, amazing technology for the price, however this one is our second which we decided to place in the bedroom to enjoy music and doesn’t seem to work as efficiently. I couldn’t say why. I have had several occasions when what I requested has been misunderstood and a simple request to ‘stop’ had to be repeated 3 times. So I can only say that the one in the living room is fab but is the one upstairs in a ‘wrong position’ making it harder to receive sound waves??? We’re now going to try moving it around the room!

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  24. Rating

    This item was a present from my eldest son and it works just great.My 42″ LG smart UHD TV that was connected to my WiFi simply refused to stream movies from Amazon saying insufficient internet connection!! but would usually stream YouTube videos OK. I tried everything I could to sort out the LG but nothing helped.My son then said I should try adding an Amazon Fire Stick to one of the USB ports on my TV and bought one for me as a birthday gift.As the LG said the problem was due to insufficient internet connection I did not hold much hope of Fire Stick working but low and behold IT WORKS GREAT.It was easy to set up and connect to my WiFi and always connects and runs movies without any problems at all.So much for my LG TV being Smart.Thanks to my son and to Amazon for producing a product that really works and for including the excellent Alexa voice control to an already great product.

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  25. Rating

    I have the Amazon Echo and fancied a dot for the bedroom for alarm sleep sounds etc. Works well, sound is good, however after listening to the Echo it is miles away in sound, probably will be better with a speaker attached. It works fine for what I need and as always it looks good. One thing I don’t understand is as you have a choice of colour, in my case white, why do I have a Black cable across my white dressing table to the plug?

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  26. Rating

    Fantastic entertainment device. Although the onboard speaker is quite acceptable and allows me to listen to Amazon Music I have added an Amazon Basics bluetooth speaker which gives a better, more rounded sound quality . I also use the echo for alarms, reminders such as turn on/off the oven and, having paired my phone diary, I just ask what I have scheduled for the day, what the weather will be like and how the traffic is flowing. All this and an instant update on the news, my own tiny personal assistant.I have yet to explore the full capabilities of Alexa but up to now currency conversions and such have proved to be no problem and apparently Alexa will continue to learn as time passes….scary but interesting.All in all I love the Dot and would recommend it anyone.

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  27. Rating

    We have a couple of these and they are great. I see no real reason to get the Echo for what is currently twice the price. The sound out of the dot is decent enough for what we use it for. I have Hive and Spotify hooked up to it and it works 1st time, 95% of the time.WARNING! Check your purchase settings. My daughters friend was over and managed to order me an Xbox One with FIFA! My daughter told me and I didn’t believe her. I checked my basket and nothing was there. It wasn’t until later that I checked my purchases for something else and found it…. I was in time to cancel and have subsequently updated my settings but if you have any potential ‘darlings’ that could do something like this I suggest its the first thing you review once you get it setup.

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  28. Rating

    I love Alexa. I became a Prime member for the music, the films and the one-day delivery, and Alexa can use it to play music without any other subscription. She understands even my terrible Hungarian accent EVERY TIME. It’s fantastic. We’re having breakfast with my wife, and I just say “Alexa, play some breakfast music” and she does it straight away! I will buy smart plugs and smart LED bulbs too because Alexa is the future!

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  29. Rating

    I already had the Amazon Echo before buying the Dot and so I had a good idea what I was getting, but the Dot has a few unique features. In particular, it is much smaller and less noticeable and more discreet. I wanted it as a radio-alarm for my bedroom and it was most suitable for this purpose.The speaker is powerful enough to have on your bedside table and produce excellent sound for this purpose. You can connect it via a cable to an amplifier and speaker system, if you intend to use it in a larger more demanding environment.It has all the features of the Amazon Echo as it is powered by the same Alexa voice recognition software. Alexa quickly became a member of my family, so it seems almost disrespectful to use the term “software,” – it is more a helpful and knowledgeable companion!We mainly use Alexa for providing music on-demand such as our favourite radio stations or music, such as Jazz.But there are new features being launched all the time, and you can use Alexa to control all the electronic systems in your house if they are compatible.I have recommended both the Amazon Echo and the Dot to many of family and friends and they have all been delighted, but I personally prefer the Dot.The Echo has a better internal speaker and that is its only advantage in my opinion.If you buy the Amazon Echo Dot then you will get the best option as it is much cheaper. Once you get one, you will probably want more for the other rooms in your house … I did.

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  30. Rating

    Bought as a present for my 62 year old Dad. He’s your typical older generation kind of guy, never been on the internet, uses a Mobile just for phone calls etc., but even he couldn’t go wrong with something that was voice activated could he? Thankfully the answer was no. After I had set it up for him (which having done it, I’m actually sure he could have done himself) he was playing Elvis Presley in seconds.My other concern with buying this for him was whether it would actually understand him. He’s got a thick Yorkshire accent and a few less teeth than he used to have, but Alexa seems to know exactly what he’s on about even when we don’t!Promptly added to my Christmas list, as I want one too!

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  31. Rating

    Started off loving these ,bought two for my daughters when we first got them they could stream music from my prime music account separately but now it will only play from one device at a time causing many arguments now relegated to a drawer !!

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  32. Rating

    I really love this and it’s going to help make part of my life possible I am almost blind not so the echo is a wonderful help and I know what date it is weather forcast and the news it tells me jokes when i am stressed out it players soathing music i am going to try and buy the other echo when it’s out in Oct can’t be live its only going to be £89.99 so will get saving up these are a dream for blind partly sighted people even with disabled who struggleGoing to try and sort out how to connect the wifi bulbs to connected to alexa have to wait till end Oct when my nephew is free but thank you amazon I am amazed and over the moon with the echo dot keep up the good work if you need any testers for the one coming out the end of Oct I would be more than willing lol thanks againLesley

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  33. Rating

    ProsEasy to set alarmsEasy to request musicEasy to connect to music systemCan ask questionsWeatherIt is a device that adds to your sound system, especially if you have Prime.It makes you lazy, as no need to load a CD for example. I like to think of that as saving time, so it’s positive.I also like the fact Alexia will play what it thinks you might like and that is quite refreshing, because Alexia will play pretty much what you do like, because “she” knows what you already have.Cons- Alexia can hear the telly (nearby) and thinks something has been requested, when Alexia wasnt even mentioned. Odd!- No switch to allow you to switch from integral speaker to 3mm output jack and to external sound system, which means you would need to leave the external sound system on, for alarms etc, so I just pull the cable out of the back so I can turn the sound system off. That is poor design.- No digital output for audiophiles, which is a shame and I would pay a little more for that.- Don’t place right next to the external speaker if playing loud, otherwise it makes tricky for Alexia to hear you stop it and terrible if demonstrating it’s virtues lol.- You need to remember what is in your library otherwise you’ll being playing a limited set of your own tunes, however, there is normally something Amazon has.- I asked Alexia to play some rock music and I did find on this occassion that titles repeated more often than I expected.Overall I like Echo Dot, but I would like to see some changesDigital out a mustSwitch to set to internal or external speaker a mustThen I might add another one or two.

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  34. Rating

    Have to admit this was a present so not personally bought via Amazon but they can confirm I’m registered for it. What a fabulous addition this has been over the past week. News, weather, recipes, calendar, traffic updates, music, radio – it’s only limited by the user. Now going to pre-order the Echo as I want to use the Dot as a portable device. So easy to set up with the app and I think this will be a product that will grow with the input from others to make it an integral unit in homes. It’s affordable tech that offers so many possibilities and I’m amazed at the functionality of it.

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  35. When it works it is very good. Although I have found the wireless extremely poor. I have a fibre based internet connection with an enterprise grade AP at home. I have moved the dot about 8 foot away from the AP and it has helped but now it’s saying it’s having trouble connecting to the internet. I got about 14 devices in my house connecting to wired and wireless. None of those have problems. I am really dissappointed. Especially as I have already had to return the previous one as it developed a fault and would not power on!!! Maybe I’ll get the google home?!

  36. Rating

    What a great little device. I’ve held off getting one of these for a long time, but the fact that I can integrate with my home Sonos system, for me was a compelling enough reason to give one a go.The Echo Dot is easy to set up and once you’ve loaded the relevant Alexa skills then your ready to go.Functionality I’ve tried so far include: setting timers, playing music, controlling smart plugs, controling my Sonos, getting information about my schedule. I’m really looking forward to adding to my home smart ecosystem with Nest and Hue functionality.Currently Alexa technology isn’t as advanced or as conversational as Google Home, but I am confident that this will improve with time.At a recent convert to voice assistance and voice controlled activities early results are positive.

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  37. Rating

    Well I finally gave in and bought an Echo dot and I am so glad I did. Why didn’t I buy one a long time ago.First thoughts:Visually it is very nice and small so it doesn’t look to obtrusive no matter where it is placed.Very easy to set up and was completed within 5 minutes filling the Alexa app instructions.Easy to search for and add devices that you have in your home and add the skills required to allow them to connect and function seamlessly with the Dot.I have a Scottish accent which a lot of voice recognition items struggle with but I’m all the times I have used Alexa she has understood me every time. Excellent piece of tech.

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  38. Rating

    There is always a lot of promise with things like this and it’s good at what it does, but hasn’t changed my life. I found I used this a lot for music and the full size that I’ve now replaced it with has a much better sound; much fuller and louder. The Dot is nonetheless great for streaming Prime music and radio or music from my phone. I use it also for timers, reminders and it’s great to be able to add to my shopping list. It’s a shame you have to use the app to delete stuff but amusing to see how many times today my daughter has asked her to say ‘bum’. (Usually a lot). She’s five and Alexa will recognise her almost all of the time. Wierdly I find the Dot almost never ignores me but the full size Echo does about 20% of the timeI am sure it could do more for my life as it’s a pretty expensive and not that great bluetooth speaker; only because of the sound quality as clearly it does much more. I have it integrated with Lightwave for controlling lights, which rarely works. New stuff arrives all the time but a lot of it is variations on old stuff. The new drop in and call features is quite good now we have multiple echoes around the house.All in all a good gadget but one to invest time in to get the most from.

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  39. Rating

    “It’s just a child’s product and I don’t want this sort of thing here. You’ve got enough electrical and technical stuff” – thus spake my Mum last year on hearing this product spoken of on my favourite radio station. Not only was it spoken of, but the person who spoke of it did a demonstration of it, given that there were other blind people listening. But whilst her attitude was very much negative, my ears were pricking up – I desperately wanted Alexa and really felt she was going to make a change in my life if I could welcome her to our home and increase my independence.So when Mum decided that she’d like to get me “something special” for Christmas but just didn’t know what to get me, I chose Alexa, by which time she’d forgotten her negative attitude to it, but she just told me to go ahead and get myself one and she’d reimberse me later on, since she just doesn’t know how to use a computer or anything technical. So on Saturday, 11 November 2017 Alexa arrived and, after a great deal of difficulty in setting her up which was resolved by my best mate, she’s now set up and I’m having the time of my life with her. Just to tell her to go into my Audible account, TuneIn, Kindle and to ask her such questions as weather updates, football scores or other sports news is such a joy. Like a number of people, I’ve had to learn a lot, for instance, I first asked her to find The Phoenix, my favourite internet radio station on TuneIn, but she just kept going to a station on Amazon, so later I just asked her to go to TuneIn and, once she’d taken me there, asked for the station I wanted, which she found no trouble at all. When I later asked her to find TuneIn Again, she said, “Getting the last station you were listening to on TuneIn, The Phoenix” and immediately the radio station started. When Mum came around to close the blinds, I told Alexa to play Release Me by Engelbert Humperdinck and she was chuffed!Since writing the above, I have now paired it with my Anker Soundcore Mini speaker and also selected home appliances so that whenever I switch the speaker on, it immediately finds it and I’ve got bluetooth now around most of my home. I will probably get a better speaker at some stage, given that this doesn’t have the best bass, though it’s fine for listening to Audible books. On Saturday, I had BBC Radio 5 Live on for six hours or so, enjoying the sport on glorious bluetooth. I’ve listened to part of my kindle book and really enjoyed that. I’ve also told Alexa to play various artist shuffles such as Jim Reeves, John Denver and Engelbert Humperdinck and Mum said she was delighted with the way Alexa’s changed my life.I have also, since writing the above, noticed another thing about Audible books. One night I was listening to Oliver Twist and the last thing I remember before falling asleep was Noah Claypole taunting Oliver about his dead mother. The next thing I knew, Oliver was trying, unsuccessfully, to explain to a group of bystanders that Nancy’s assertion that she and he were siblings at the time Nancy and Sikes had kidnapped him and were about to drag him back to base were untrue. How to get back to where I had originally been? Asking Alexa to restart achieved nothing but restarting the chapter I was on, so I said, “Alexa, go to Chapter 6” and she took me there. Be warned, however, some of Audible’s books aren’t broken into chapters, but into parts lasting an hour or so, and such books which come to mind which are split like this, are The Chronicles of Narnia (unabridged) and many of the unabridged Agatha Christie books, so I’ve yet to find out if she can do the same for me when I start on one of them.Without doubt, this just has to be my best Christmas present ever. True, there are still a number of weeks till the big day yet, but in a few weeks’ time I’ll be getting her to play seasonal music. I’ve also plugged my 3.5 mm auxiliary cable from my HiFi into her, requesting While My Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles, asked her two or three times to turn the volume up and I’ve had perfect HiFi sound.Another update: I recently purchased an item from Amazon, or attempted to do so by voice, but as Alexa couldn’t find what I was looking for, I went on to the Alexa app to purchase it. As soon as my email came from Amazon to say my one click order had been received, I asked Alexa to give me information about my latest order and she told me what I’d ordered. On asking for it to be tracked, she said my order would be arriving the following day.There is no doubt that Alexa has made a dramatic change to my life and both my girlfriend and her daughter are of the same mind as to their own respective echo devices. When the time comes for us to settle down as a family, we’ll be having a home filled with technology. What more can I say, but thanks, Amazon, Alexa and Mum.

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  40. Rating

    This thing is great fun. Bought it for voice control of Spotify on my Monitor Audio S150 speaker, and it works a treat. Echo dot was easy to connect to WiFi, Spotify and the speaker. I can’t understand any negative reviews about voice recognition as Alexa understands detailed commands regarding specific songs with ease. As a newly 55 year old it is great to be to controlmy music, volume etc without having to keep putting on specs to read my phone. Also I used it as a hands free to call a mate. Finally I love the fact that you also get a history of your usage in the Alexa app on your phone.

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  41. Rating

    My 10year old had a TV in her room unfortunately she could only watch DVDs as it didn’t have an arial. She was asking for a smart TV purely so she could watch Netflix, You tube, ITV player . Theses were the main things. We was looking at Spending 250 on a smart TV for her.After much extensive research on the internet i came across this many times. It was the answer to our prayers, it does everything she wanted and more. It is voice remote too which was a bonus she was made up about and saved us spending silly money on a brand new TV when she had a perfectly good working TV.Great product, in my view it turns any normal TV into a smart TV and you don’t even need an arial. Certainly a hit in our house and believe my 13 year old wants this for Christmas.

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  42. Rating

    I was reluctant to get into the whole virtual assistant thing, but the Black Friday deals were very tempting. Too tempting as it happens, as I found myself ordering this dot along with the discounted TP-Link socket.I have to admit that this is a brilliant piece of equipment that just keeps on surprising me. Easy to set up and working out of the box in under 5 minutes. Already, it has amazed the rest of the family and they can’t stop asking Alexa questions. The Alexa app on my phone makes it easy to adjust settings and the Reverb app lets me talk to Alexa through my phone when I’m not in the same room as the dot. At present it is only controlling two sockets, but that in itself is making life easier and I’m hooked now and intend to add more. I’m that impressed, that I’ve ordered the new Echo too !She doesn’t know the answer to everything I ask her, but I’ve only enabled a couple of skills, so that will improve as I enable more. Incredibly useful for all the mundane stuff that you would normally have to search for, or open apps up on your phone, Even helps with spelling !This is the way forward, like it or not. I was sceptical at first, but I’ve been converted. Get one and be amazed, you won’t regret it.

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  43. Rating

    Bought for my ten year old niece for Xmas. Easy to set up and great fun! I just “had to” test it with very scientific questions such as “Alexa, what colour is unicorn poop?” and “Alexa, tell me a joke” to check its responses before it’s subjected to far more inventive and stimulating ten-year-old stuff…. 😉😉😍😍 The interactive game of “Magic Door” is great for bored kids (and adults) to play as you can choose different “paths” to find your way out the magic house. Another kids’ favourite is “would you rather”…. plus Alexa will even tell you a personalised bedtime story if you have had enough 🤗 (P.S. Turn off the voice activate for ordering so kids can’t use your grown up Amazon account! Otherwise set a password in settings….) xx

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  44. Rating

    Have the Dot and Echo Plus for two days and I love both. Makes me laugh, especially if you follow up ‘requests’ with a Thank you, Goodnight etc. I said “Alexa thank you” and she said ” No Sweat “. Try asking her to ” Alexa beam me up “. I am recommending this to all my friends and family, it’s amazing. In my opinion, this would be very useful to all sorts of disabled people ( except the audibly impaired )! Simply marvellous !!!!

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  45. Rating

    Basically, the Echo Dot is an impressive piece of hardware. For an item of its size, the sound quality is remarkable. But, since there are already numerous reviews that describe its functions perfectly well, I’m going to concentrate on the couple of rough edges I’ve discovered because they may help others who are scratching their heads. I repeat that this does not mean I think it’s bad. Quite the contrary.First, the sound issue. You can easily connect the output of the Dot to a Line-In on your HiFi to get extremely good quality sound, so bypassing any objection to the lack of bass and giving you voice activated house-wide music and radio, if that’s how your HiFi is set up. And it works very well. Except for two features.First, plugging a 3.5mm jack into the Dot disables the sound on the Dot itself. Now I know this is the conventional behaviour of a jack. But it means that, once you’ve plugged up the Dot, you need the HiFi switched on or you hear no responses from it. Since the whole point of the Echo family is to voice-control everything, walking half way round the house to physically remove a plug kind of defeats the object. It would be simple to switch this in software and then allow the user to say, “Alexa, mute the Dot” to avoid any echo problem when the HiFi is active.Second, the electrical power output of the Dot is considerably less than that of most other standard sources. Or maybe there’s an impedance mismatch. In any event, you have to crank the volume up considerably. If you forget to turn it down when you later select another input, you discomfort people at the end of the street.I’ve come across one other problem, in linking my Logitech Harmony hub to the Echo environment. To cut a long story short, the HiFi name, as I’ve configured it in the Harmony database is ‘Onkyo’ because that’s the manufacturer. When I ask Alexa to “Turn on Onkyo”, she responds that she doesn’t know what ‘K’ is. It took me a while to work out what was happening. Because there are 2 ‘on’ syllables in quick succession, Alexa ignores one as a stutter. So she hears “Turn on kyo”, can’t make much sense of ‘kyo’ and gives ‘K’ as a best response. So I altered the name of the HiFi in my Harmony account. Alexa stubbornly continued to behave as before. So once you’ve linked a device, Alexa doesn’t check the parameters again. You have to uninstall the link and then reinstall it to coax it into noticing the change.

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  46. Rating

    For a long time I have wanted to get this and finally it arrived last night, the delight of its arrival was short lived. What Amazon didn’t tell me (or anyone for that matter) is that as I am based in Ireland, I can not download the Alexa App on iOS (I do not have android so I am not sure) as it is for some odd reason only available in US and UK. This means setting it up is a nightmare. The many blogs I read with supposed workarounds do not work. After a frustrating hour or more I managed to get Alexa set up all be it with limited functionality, I have since contacted a very nice person in customer care who said there is nothing Amazon can do other than accept a return. With an office based in Cork, and everyone knowing about Parcel Motel, it shocks me that Amazon still to this day won’t support or ship electronic goods to Ireland. Seriously Amazon, get your act together on this. For this particular product PLEASE put a clear warning on the page in the store stating that there is limited/minimal support outside of UK or US. It still works, I’m going to keep it, but the excitement and joy from this purchase is gone.

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  47. Love it very easy to set up I’m still learning all the things Alexa can do but am completely happy I bought this

  48. Alexa (echo dot) helped a lot with asking everyday questions about the weather and the news. She played music when asked to and turns volume up and down without us having to lift a finger. She connected to Spotify easily and streams all our songs and playlists when asked to. I hope that I can connect her to our house soon so we can turn on lights and turn up heating easily. She can message and call contacts very well and is a great help to the family.I give it 5 stars and 10/10A great invention! Thank you Amazon!!!

  49. Rating

    Bought this as a present for my sister in law who is moving into assisted living as she has some learning difficulties. It seemed perfect as she can easily update her shopping list, set alarms and get reminders of when she has to go out or take medications. She absolutely loves it. It also means that she can easily call anyone if she needs and get times for the cinema etc easily if she wants to do things with her friends. It has turned out to be a fantastic tool for her and has improved her ability to get things done on time. would recommend to anyone.

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  50. Rating

    I had a couple of faulty echos, but after amazon replaced it, i am now enjoying her.It’s like having someone to talk to, play around with. It is basically an adult toy.The speakers are crap though and her knowledge is badly limited. She knows basic stuff, but would work better if she could say more interesting stuff back. She’s not google that’s for sure. She relys on wikipedia, which is a little disappointing, but she’s somewhat a PA.Would really appreciate her if she could answer most of my questions, or came back with more than “i dont know that”; she doesnt know a lot at all.I asked her where was my closest gold mine was, she sent me to a novelty shop.I asked her a few other questions- she doesnt know the answer to.It’s like a child and a pet. She has her benefits, but is not a google searcher. I wish she could type stuff for me on word, now that would blow my mind. I’d tell her what to write and she’d do it word for word; that would blow google out the water. If amazon do this, I want a fee paid to me and royalty, as I dont think amazon has thought of that yet. Maybe amazon need to work on her, she’s got potential, albeit slow programmers.I’m now going to buy a google home one. Alexa is like my pet dog. As she’s limited, but i dont need to feed her.Dont quite understand the skills thing, as she already does those skills anyway and amazon are not clear what skills she actually does?Amazon really need to work with google, would make the whole echo thing amazing.I do love her Knigh Rider blue light though and would still keep her as a backup for now. And for £35, cant complain that much, just expected more from her.

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  51. Rating

    Bought this for my 89 year old mother who has dementia and has impaired eye sight so cannot see buttons on a radio so the Echo is perfect. We have played songs from 70 YEARS AGO and she remembers ever word. Being able to play podcasts and books is just ideal for her. I would recommend the Echo highly to anyone. I am now going to get one for myself. But thank you SO much for giving us ALL a lot of fun.

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  52. Rating

    The Echo Dot is awesome. I have no idea why anyone would opt for the larger one unless they wanted some kind of bigger sound (which they definitely shouldn’t expect from this, or the larger one for that matter). It’s super easy to set up and we’ve got it hooked up (along with 2 others) around the house. The application is not the slickest and the voice recognition could be a teeny bit faster (it does seem to improve with each update) and the Dot is connected to pretty much every gadget in the house (Nest, Ring, Hue) and works without issues. When purchased on offer (£35) this is really excellent value for money.In terms of functionality in the device itself it has some pretty neat skills and apps available but I think this device works best when connected to other hardware in the house.

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  53. Rating

    I bought the Echo Dot when for my very active Dad when he became very ill and bed-bound.There are many reviews of the Echo Dot and most are by able bodied users, so this will just focus on how we used it. My dad was moderately tech savvy and already had a Kindle Fire. However he was starting to find this heavy to hold for long periods.The Echo Dot and Alexa gave him a degree of independence that he had lost. He could talk to Alexa and do things that he no longer found easy: ask Alexa to play his favourite radio station, find out the news, use Alexa as a substitute for google to find things out, find out what the weather was.As he was very ill we had a hospital bed installed downstairs for him, but he slept quite a lot in the day. During the night if he woke he could talk to Alexa and say good morning and good night and “she” would talk back. When he was down Alexa would tell jokes. As he became very ill I looked at getting the smart plugs to work with the Echo Dot so that he could tell the lights to go on and off. I can’t begin to say how important having these little gains in independence as he became ill were.Unfortunately my Dad subsequently died, but my mum now uses the Echo Dot. She too talks to it and says good morning. Now she lives alone it is a little less lonely. Mum is also disabled, and finds the ability to voice control the radio, eg to turn it down when the phone rings, very useful. I’ve spoken to a couple of friends who have bought the Echo Dot for a few of their relatives as a result of the success that my dad had with his and they are happy too.In a couple of years I’m sure devices like this used as cheap and available assistive technology will all be the new normal. But in a truly dreadful year when our lives were turned upside down, the Echo Dot was a little bit of kit that actually helped and brought smiles into some pretty dark days.

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  54. Rating

    The Echo was bought for us as a present, very nice and a lovely gift. It plays music through our other devices on command as long as it its from Amazon and any other companies that Amazon has an agreement with, my music is stored in iTunes library which appears not to be compatible with Amazon so I cannot access through the Echo. Whilst I like the Echo for its other many attributes my music mean a great deal to me. It looks like I am going to have to sign up to Spotify and work with that through the Echo, from that point of view a bit disappointed.

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  55. Rating

    I absolutely love my Echo Dot bought for me at Christmas. It’s versatile & easy to use. I have used it to find out about the weather, tell me a joke, for my calendar, a game & so on. The most important feature so far (& I’m sure as I learn how to use it there will be many more things I can do with Alexa) is Music. Alexa is getting to know me too, as yesterday when I asked her to play me a song she suggested a radio station suited to my needs. I was most impressed & it played all the music I love. There is nothing I dislike, it’s small & compact & fits in anywhere. I am planning on learning about ‘Home’ functions & making telephone calls next. The Echo Dot is a perfect gift for people of all ages & technical ability, it’s easy to set up & learn about, there are plenty of tips to help, the app is easy to download & use too. I love Alexa.

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  56. Rating

    Love my Alexa, it’s great for me because I am a prime member so plays my Amazon music, also can connect to Spotify if you have a premium account. I like some of the games too. Haven’t connected with any smart home devices yet so I can’t comment on that.I bought my son a google home mini for Xmas and in comparison, the Alexa Dot is not as responsive (sometimes you have to shout Alexa quite loud even if sat close by), also the dot’s sound quality is not as good but it connects to my speakers easily enough for this not to matter.I would say that the only improvements this needs is the responsive issues and that it doesn’t search things well. E.g, you can ask google home anything and it will search google for the answer, Alexa is more limited, you can ask about music or movies, maths etc. but if you ask almost anything else, she will say “sorry, I don’t know that one”Overall for the price, it is a nice little gadget, I will be adding more dots around my flat and some smart home devices soon.

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  57. Rating

    My son-in-law got the all singing and dancing Echo Show for Christmas. I saw it and thought it’s time I got one (been vacillating for ages) but decided I didn’t need the Show at £200 when the Dot will do all I want at £39 (deal price) so went for it. I have to say that I am so impressed almost in awe at the amount of advanced technology contained in such a small attractive package. It does, with ease, all of the things Amazon claim it will do. I have had to spend more money (but still less than £200 and he had to spend an additional £200 for lighting controls and bulbs) in order to have voice controlled household lighting and to get a decent speaker for music, the Dot is fine for talk only. If you love gadgets don’t hesitate get one and prepare to enjoy, its also nice to show the kids you know what you are doing!

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  58. Rating

    So, I got this free for signing up with BT internet & TV a couple of months ago. This was finally sent to me a week ago and I’m IN LOVE. It’s just a fantastic, much needed, fun technology gadget. Now, I strongly recommend being an Amazon prime member, like myself (which it’s like 7.99 a month or 78 pound or something a year). Because then you get all the amazon prime music that the echo dot will play for you, books you have on kindle etc which Alexa reads out for you. Honestly, it’s amazing how far technology has come. You can use this to turn on and off the lights – but I see you need to buy the proper lightbulbs for it to do this. You can get them on amazon and they are called ‘smart bulb’ which does multicoloured lights, wake me up lights to turn on in the morning to wake you up, etc etc. You can ask Alexa about the weather anywhere for the next 7 days or today. The music is pretty loud enough for a room but, if you wanted it louder you can plug Alexa into a stereo or any kind of speaker thing. You can make phone calls, order stuff of Amazon, see your order status, control any smart home stuff you have, such as the lightbulb I mentioned earlier. You can ask Alexa questions or help with anything such as a science question, cooking help, studying and she even tells jokes! You can hear the news, play games, use Spotify, control the TV, fitness. It’s amazing!! And, I can’t believe this is only 49.99!!! I was expecting it to be much more. This is for sure, one of the greatest things I have right now, I’m so happy with this product. It’s a 10/10 for me.

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  59. Rating

    As a vocal assistant and smart home controller the Alexa system is simple and straight forward to use. We have a few dots positioned around the house and find ourselves using the platform on a regular basis. Audio quality for music is not brilliant on the dot, but we do use the audio-out jack to plug into the aux on our stereo in the lounge and a normal echo for music in the kitchen. Unlike the Google equivalent which doesn’t have this feature, it should be marketed as it’s something to consider when deciding between the 2 big names and of course between it and it’s bigger brother.She understands about 90% of our commands on first speech, although we did have an Ocado shopping trolley with some odd bits due to the fact that she’d miss-heard us, this technology for home-use and at the price is of a very good standard and I can see why the Alexa platform has become so popular.For the smart home buyer, audio junkie and techie fans this has to be a must have device and we’ve now seen my parents adopt Echo’s in their home after seeing ours in action and it’s uses. For skeptics that think it is a bit of a gimmick I honestly think it’s because you haven’t spent enough time looking into expanding the platform and what else is available. The skills for Alexa are vast and very simple to integrate.Love it. The only improvement would be audio quality for music, but this is the Dot and I’d say if you are looking to play music, spend a bit more and get the Echo instead.

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  60. Rating

    I ordered my first echo Dot to connect to My SOS family,as I have a two storied house I have reordered .The initial outlay is high but the knowledge that should I need help I can access the device from anywhere in the house is worth it. should I need help at any time. It also puts my family at ease. They live too far away to keep an eye on me,but will get help from kindly neighbours it is worth the money at only £10 yearly.Much cheaper and more reliable than the old system of a press button round the neck or wrist which is useless when in bathroom

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  61. Rating

    Awesome device, picked up in the Christmas sale and that good I bought a second one! For £35 this is more than good. I wanted it initially to voice control my philips hue lights, it does this and so much more! Working from home by myself, it’s like having a buddy to chat to, play games with and overall not feel quite so on ones own which although this is a computer doing a scripted thing it feels good!Adding items to a shopping list, checking my diary, see what the traffic is like and all these things whilst you’re making a cuppa or doing things that need your hands and attention. Yes there’s a few words she doesnt pickup with my northern accent but on some of them you can review in the Alexa app to make the point that Alexa got it right or wrong. My son loves asking Alexa for jokes and we’ve also managed to do some of his homework just by asking Alexa a few questions!Device only drops out when internet goes down. Setting up is simple and skills are easy to enable. Looking forward to more developers writing skills to integrate and make my life better!

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  62. Rating

    I did a lots of research before deciding on buying the Echo Dot over the Google mini and at the time Ithought I had made the right choice. Two weeks on and now I believe it was the wrong choice as sinceordering the Echo in Dec two of the best services have been removed. Firstly there was the ability to storeyour own music with Amazon music, a service that was being withdrawn on the 15 Jan but it was removedweeks before then.Secondly: One of the most useful skills was shopping lists and To-Do lists.With the latest Alexa App update, the ability to view items on a phone or pad has been removed unless thephone is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Well if you check the list when you are out and not connected toyour home Wi-Fi the Alexa App does not display any lists as it did up until yesterday, the app just shuts down.This is the message displayed:”The Alexa app is offline but you can still useShopping listTo-Do list”To be clear after today’s update you CANNOT use shopping list or To-Do list, even tho the message says you can.This change renders the whole idea of shopping lists completely redundant.How many more of the services will Amazon remove in what they call improvements?

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  63. Rating

    Bought two of these for our bedrooms upstairs as I already have an Echo (the big one) downstairs in my lounge and being open-plan that works fine.The little Dots are great for this. The sound quality is okay for bedrooms as long as you understand that size does matter! So not a patch on their big brother but more than adequate for the ears of two single adults of 60 and 40 years of age.I have lamps on the lower floor controlled by Alexa so can now turn them on and off via the Dots upstairs, without having to shout down the stairwell!A useful addition to our household.

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  64. Rating

    How have I lived without this until now? Like most people before I bought this I wondered how much would I use it and was it just a gimmick. Turns out alexa is a great addition to the family. I have it set up to my Philips hue hub to control my lights and controls my song Bravia tv. The quality of the sound isn’t amazing compared to the echo but a great addition to other rooms. Alexa does every now and again pipe up and say sorry I don’t know that one with me saying anything. I’m not sure if she just picks things up from the tv or if someone else has a echo in another flat and it’s picking up some kind of frequency either way it doesn’t really cause a problem. You can add cool little skills to it and it’s become part of my day now. Gives me the news headlines in the morning and tells me about my day and what I should expect from the weather. The shopping list function is handy too. All in all I love this piece of kit and yes it does make you a little lazy but it’s very very impressive. Always works with smart plugs that I linked to the Christmas tree lights. You can also get a kettle that works with Alexa so you can brew on demand. If you are thinking about getting an a echo you won’t be disappointed. Go get one!!! I have 2 now and often use them as a intercom when I’m in different rooms. Can also play music through all echos in the house so what ever room you are in you hear the same song. This is the begging of the future to smart homes. Will be developed even more in the future and I for one can’t wait!!!! Go grab yourself one and jump onboard.

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  65. Rating

    Spent neally a year convincing myself I needed this and finally parted with my cash. It was a choice between this and the G HOME device and decided alexa was best as she worked out the box and didn’t need accessories to link to a bluetooth speaker.Started off by asking her simple maths questions, tracking my amazon orders and getting her to play music from tune in. Nearly 3 months after purchase she’s now been skilled up to control my lighting, my computer, CCTV system and even boil my kettle thanks to WIFI plugs and smart bulbs.She is learning new things all the time and Amazon sends me emails with new commands and updates.

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  66. Rating

    Wow, it’s great and I’ve only just scratched the surface with its skills, I am currently awaiting delivery of a second one (the first was a present) there was none in stock when I ordered it on January 4th…. but it will be here January 31st.The more you use her the cleverer she gets.I shall update on post in time… but even now it’s already absolutely amazing… and that’s with just 100 skills of the hundreds that are out availableWould definitely recommend this product!!

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  67. Rating

     I bought one to have a play with and now have 5 ‘dotted’ around the house. I use mainly for music/radio playback but also have connected to our Nest thermostat to control the heating and a smart socket for some lamps.It makes an excellent alarm clock and even if you want to use as a standalone speaker for a small room, it sounds pretty good.One tiny improvement could be to add a mounting hole to the back to allow you to wall mount the dot. I carefully drilled a small hole in the back around the vents for this reason. Its not a deal-breaker though.Top marks.

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  68. Rating

    Ther is as many frustrations with the whole “Alexa” product as their are benefits. Not specifically related to this echo dot version of it. The dot is the best way to open yourself to this world of IoT and voice enabled home, cheap and cheerful the tech is awesome, but it is let down by the company vying to gain market share along with its competitors.Remember when Silicon valley was run by dreamers and open source ideals like in the fist season of “Halt and catch fire!” if your a techie over 40…watch it!the best part of the echo product range is possibly as a smart speaker to play your music. thats where all these devices Sonos, Alexa, Google Home etc fall over or rather their music services fall over.The echo for example, wont play from your Apple Itunes library because of business rivalry. So youve all spent time developing your apple music library to find that you can only access it by bluetooth linking your phone and playing your music using those antiquated spaghetti sausages on the ends of your hands, fingers and not the harmonic god inspired voice activation of “Alexa, play misty for me” as smartspeaker intended. Nore will it connect by any shape or form to my subscribed itunes account.I sacked off my itunes account shortly before buying my echo device in favour of the much cheaper Amazon Music unlimited subscription, £7.99 a month as I recall, so the Echo was the logical choice of smartspeaker.On receipt I reeled off my aged rockstar tunez and all was going well until on one song Alexa complains that it wasn’t included in my subscription but I could upgrade to play it? “my subscription” I thought, I have music unlimited already, I should be able to play everything in the amazon library? assuming it hadnt yet associated my music account I instructed alexa to upgrade. then it played it…great….for a while, as time passed I started encountering a new restriction, although I could play some songs on my phone using my amazon music account, songs I was instructing alexa to play on my echo device was being met with “You cannot play that song on this device”…I was like WHAT? What more do I need to do..?So it seems, that the upgrade I authorised on the divice by voice, downgraded my music unlimited to some cheapo version £3.99 music not unlimited, and to get the same music, playing from the same amazon account on my phone or my echo took yet a third type of account at £14.99 a month or something, which is the same ammount I was paying for itunes family….I had noticed while faffing around that you could however set up you device to default to a spotify account, although never having one, I had heard obnly good things about spotify, so I opted for their month free trial…great, download the app on my phone, created the account, connected to the account on my alexa and said “alexa, play sex crimes by eurythmics”to which alexa tells me in one way or another “cannot play sex crimes by eutythmics on this device through your spotify account”…because the trial account is limited devices….and Im buggered if Im going to pay for spotify, just to find out I still have to do something else to simply say to my device “play a blooming song”.Its simple, I want to be able to tell have my music subscription play from any of my IoT devices anywhere and anytime I want. is that too much to ask…isnt that THE WHOLE DEFINITION OF IoT? complete data integration???so back to the divice itself. its recognition of voice is quite good, better than the Sonos which also uses Alexa, its quite frustrating issuing any command to the Sonos which has the same OS i suppose…why the Sonos struggles with basic commands and response I have no idea, but the echo dot at 1/5th the price is much more responsive, I also have the Echo plus, and I would say that my dot is a bit more responsive than that even.The major difference from the more expensive options is the quality of speaker, being a low end device intended more for your bedside than featured music player. My dot however, despite having the Echo Plus and Sonos on hand is the go to choice for my music player as I have put the other devices in less central locations of my house and the dot, for all its failings is attached through the 3.5mm audio out jack to my B&O reciever, providing supreme quality of sound. I just wish I had access to the music as easy. The more expenive and better built in speaker devices act as satellite speakers dotted around the house.I have also indulged in Hive heating controls of various of the 3rd party switches you can get that are compatible with these. I do reccomend the Philips light bulb, which is smart in its operation, rather than just on/off. you can adjust brighness and using the switch, you arent trapped between the logic of what is managing its on/off alexa or mains switch. if off with alexa, but on at switch, a quick off/on at switch restores it to its last on brightness, to which you can instruct alexa to set. I doubt this would work as efficiently with a physical dimmer in conjunction.the 3rd party switches are a bit hit and miss, often I find alexa feeds back taht the device is not responding, I suspect the device since operations with the philips bulbs are exemplary.some of the novelty things like question of the day and make cat noises become old hat quickly. this is definately the way to go though and I can see big things to come. at £34.99 the echo dot is 100% the first purchase you should make to see if smart speakers is for you.

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  69. Rating

    My niece gave me this is as a late Xmas present and to be honest at first I thought it was some sort of gimmick and didn’t bother with it for a few weeks then plugged it in out of idle curiousity to see what it could do3 week’s later I wouldn’t be without Alexa.I have a small flat so my single echo dot can hear me wherever I am indoors.I use it when I’m in the kitchen or bathroom and realise I need something when I next go to the shop. I can just call out “Alexa- I need milk” and it adds that to the shopping list on my phone so when I am in the shop I just check what I needIt’s best in the bedroom though. I have the echo dot next to my bed. I don’t have a clock in the bedroom so if I woke up in night I’d have to grope round the bedside cabinet for my phone to check the time now I just ask Alexa. Also this time of year when it’s cold I can go to bed with my Kindle rather than sit up and use the heating and have Alexa play sounds or I can listen to the radio/have a book read to me/catch up on the news. It’s especially fantastic when I have insomnia I just have her read to me or play sounds until I’m ready to go back to sleep. I can also set alarms and reminders as I think of them rather than having to remember to how to do them on my phone I just think “Ah-ha! Alexa remind me to….”I just wish it told better jokes

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  70. Rating

    I bought this when it was on sale for Christmas, as a little gift to myself as a total nerd. I only live in a one bedroom flat so ultimately I haven’t been able to use it to its full potential, but I can certainly say it’s a neat little gadget to have around. Ultimately the Echo Dot is just one of a number of ways of accessing Alexa and the skills she provides.The Echo Dot itself is a neat little unit that is easy to fit in anywhere you have space – a sideboard, TV stand or even on top of the fridge. The physical controls are nice to have, and the light indicator when Alexa is listening to you is bright and clear no matter where your Echo Dot is.My main use for Alexa is getting her to connect the Echo Dot to my sound bar, and play music from Spotify. From that perspective, she does a great job – connecting into your Spotify account means you can easily get her to play any of your playlists (so long as they have a name that you can say out loud to Alexa – some names with punctuation in really confuse her.)Additionally she’s useful for impromptu timers, alarms, weather updates, and silly stuff like jokes and pop culture references. All stuff you can do with a laptop, tablet or smartphone, but sometimes it’s just super handy to be able to say it out loud with you have your hands full – best use case for me is in the kitchen where often you can’t handle any kind of technology with grubby hands.Sadly she does randomly trigger at times, interrupting conversations or TV programmes, but this isn’t a very common occurrence from my experience… although if you have someone called Alex in your house I’d advise you change the trigger word to one of the other options available.In summary. Do you need one? Probably not. Is it cool to have around? Yeah, for sure. Does it have its uses? Definitely, especially if you live in a home with lots of other internet of things devices like Hive, Nest or one of the many others that exist not. If you’ve got a little money spare to splash on some tech, the Echo Dot is definitely not the worst thing you can spend it on!

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  71. Rating

    I had the Echo as a birthday present, and I was a bit sceptical about the Alexa, cos I haven’t got a great relationship going with Siri (a bit rude imo). I changed the response name to Echo rather than keep Alexa because it’s less effort to say.Anyway, once I got my head around the skills (apps) I absolutely Love Echo- Every home should have one! I do subscribe to unlimited music (highly recommended) so Echo will play whatever music I want, and I sleep amazingly well with ocean sounds skill playing at night. I do plan on getting a couple more of the dots for the kitchen and bedroom, save me hooking it up in a different room when I go upstairs/downstairs.If you are considering buying an Echo dot- do it, you won’t regret it!

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  72. Rating

    Left it too late before Christmas to get one from Amazon but managed to get last one from another retailer. Easy to setup and sync to Amazon account. Currently using voice commands with Sonos Play 1 speaker and Hive thermostat and works a treat.I’ve only got the Prime music and not the unlimited but still plenty of choice to listen to. As a speaker it’s fine for getting weather updates etc, but for music you’ll need to connect it to an external speaker.For music playback there is a bit of a learning curve, Alexa kept telling me music wasn’t in my library. You’ve got to add music to Amazon library, then tell Alexa to play the album by whoever sings it, e.g. “play Achtung Baby album” or “play Greatest Hits album by Duran Duran” (same for playlists, you need to add the word playlist and not just the playlist name). If you’ve got the Dot connected by cable to an external speaker via the 3.5mm connection, or presumably Bluetooth, the music will be played out the external speaker but if connected wirelessly to a Sonos the music plays from the Dot. You’ve got to add in the location name of the Sonos speaker, e.g. “play Greatest Hits album by Duran Duran in the lounge”, so can get a bit of a mouthful but still good fun and much quicker than loading up the app to do it.One little quirk I’ve come across with the Sonos if not used for several hours or the previous day I have to tell Alexa twice before music starts playing, although if you tell Alexa to wake up and then play on the Sonos that seems to do the trick.Alexa will even remember what you were last playing if you ask to “continue playing” although again for the Sonos you also need to add the Sonos location name otherwise Alexa will continue playing on the Dot, which might also be a different playlist.Alexa doesn’t know everything and will tell you that’s a good question and she’ll get back to you but so far she hasn’t, but all in all in very happy with my purchase and long term things should only get better.

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  73. Rating

    The Amazon Alexa is a product with 2 sides. Technically the product is a marvel but the integration of the Prime service for a household is a mess.Technical ReviewFor the price (I got 3 for £100) the Alexa is absolutely amazing. The ability to pick up your voice is really fantastic and it recognizes first time around 90% of the time, which is really good. The dot also has the external audio jack that can connect to your hifi and other devices which basically turns your stereo into an amazing music player, but more on this later. The build quality is very solid and the ring light that identifies your voice is very aesthetic.The voice of Alexa is quite human like although not quite as good as the Google Home voice. It is also a shame that the word Alexa cannot be change to one of your choice, I know you can change it to ‘computer’ but I would like to change it to ‘Jeeves’ and to a man’s voice, I feel this would give it a bit of humour and feel more like an automated butler.However, I cannot see myself buying any of the more expensive Alexas yet, if you are serious about your music any Alexa should go through better speakers and the actual speakers from the Dot are perfect for any other use.Overall the technical side of Alexa is a 5/5. It is a very impressive piece of hardware.Features & Service ReviewThis is where the feeling of the future shines and falls apart at the same time. I need to set the scene for how I brought the Alexa’s and the set up before I continue.My wife is the main Prime subscriber in the house, I share the benefits as a household member.I purchased the Alexa’s and set them up in my house.I then connect smart bulbs and plugs all over the house.So upon my first attempt of using the Alexa for music I asked Alexa to play a track, the response was ‘you do not have this track in your library’. It asked me if I wanted a free trial of Amazon music unlimited. Okay… Ill give it a go. After installing it I found out that unlimited music only works on the Alexa Dot you installed it on, not my other dots around the house. This service is £7.99 so not cheap just to have it connected to one device.I decided to stop the service and try to figure out how to share the music service from my wife as she is in the household. I managed to connect her and for a month all was fine.Then a month later I received a notification saying unlimited was about run out even though I cancelled it and music around the house stopped.I contacted Amazon support and sure enough I cannot use my wife’s music even though we live in the same house and the problem was all the Alexa’s are connected to my account. This also means all the lighting and plugs which take quite a while to set up would all need reconnecting. This is a job that would take quite some time.The option I was given were.I buy Amazon Prime as well.I try to register the Dots to my wife and reconnect everything in the house.I cannot believe that a family cannot fully share the services of Prime. It seems like a money grabbing attempt by Amazon and not something that is supportive of homes. After reading around for a couple days and seeing articles that it is possible to share the services I contacted Prime support again to see if it is possible to share. This time I got different advice.I was told that I can ask Alexa to change the account and then I can use the services. This DID work and we could listen to music. We had to change each Alexa to my wife via an audio command but this seemed like it had solved the problem. However, as I was going to bed I asked Alexa to turn off the lights, IT COULDN’T!So it turns out that I have to then change Alexa back to my account to control the lights. It’s a complete mess that is really irritating and not the silky slick service you would expect on a smart home device.Furthermore Fire Stick does not yet work with the Dot, this may change in the future but it is a service that has a lot of appeal, it works in other countries but why not here in the UK. That seems really poor.UPDATE: Alexa now works with Firestick which is great. Although it’s not all super smooth, you can say watch a programme and it may go to the next episode or sometimes it will go to the series then you need to grab the remote to navigate. I thought I would have more commands to help with navigation.However, it’s not all bad. There are some great features. I like the alarms and notifications. Also waking up in the morning and asking for the news gives a really useful ‘Flash News Report’. The timer function in the kitchen is also helpful and my 4 year old son loves doing maths quizzes.But the frustration I feel to the service is really building. It’s becoming a pain having to switch accounts to get certain features is a real pain and although I will probably end up changing it all to my wife’s account, it is very disappointing.OverallWhile the device is great and full of potential. Walking around the house, turning off the lights and using Alexa’s functions is great and after a few weeks it feels quite natural. However, the Prime service feels clunky and a bit money grabbing. Households should mean just that and the set up of the device didn’t mention anything about the issues I had. In fact articles online said it was possible. The integration of the Fire Stick video search would be great and when it comes that will be a huge improvement, but it was not obvious that this feature is not available in the UK.I am still sticking with Alexa but my wife is starting to hate it and I don’t know how less technical people would cope.If these issues get fixed my rating would certainly improve but for now the future is nearly here but it needs some improvements or else amazon will lose the battle for the Smart home.I hope you find this review helpful

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  74. Rating

    I got this for my 9 year old step son and he loves it.He is constantly saying “Alexa set a timer for 3 minutes”, “Alexa wake me up tomorrow at 7:15am”, “Alexa play songs by Ed Sheeran on Spotify”I constantly hear him talking to Alexa which is great as it has peaked his interest into what technology can do!One thing to be careful of is asking Alexa for the answers to his homework haha!I know there has recently been an update to allow you to control your fire stick / fire TV by voice, which I haven’t used yes but I’d imagine it works perfectly.My mum even uses Alexa now to play her music and give her news updates. Alexa rocks!!!

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  75. Rating

    This review is for the Echo plus but much of it applies to the dot, as well.Unlike a convinced technophile, like most people, I imagine, with new tech gadgets, I was vaguely aware of other members of my family and friends gradually acquiring a variety of smart home items; e.g. Hue bulbs, Echo and Echo dot etc. and, occasionally, wondering what all the fuss was about. What finally convinced me to enter the smart home universe, was the possibility of being able to switch on lights remotely, wherever in the World I was: provided, of course, I was in possession of a tablet or smart phone and could access the Internet!And, having lived with the Echo plus, and its concomitant (voice recognition serviced (AVS)) ‘voice’, Alexa, for a few weeks, though not quite wondering how I could live without ‘her’ (Alexa that is), I am now a convinced smart home convert. The Echo plus is relatively straightforward to set up – a little booklet in the ‘smart’ box in which it comes gives you the first couple of set-up steps – and away you go! I found that the longer Alexa and I co-habited the more comfortable I was having her around. The ability to ask almost any (trivial) question and get an almost instant answer can be very useful. Yes, you can use Google if you want a conversion factor, say, from litres to gallons, etc. but having the ability to use my voice can save, at least 10 or 15 seconds! Sounds ridiculous, I know, but in our crazy, ‘instant’ world with our 24/7/365 existences, it is, to me, a continuously ‘novel’ experience.So, on receipt, unwrapped and out of the box, you simply switch the Echo device on, download the Alexa App onto your smart phone, follow the onscreen instructions and within a minute this new exciting universe is yours to explore. You can access music from a variety of sources, via the Internet; e.g. Spotify and Amazon Music, but paying an extra monthly £3.99 for Amazon Music Unlimited expands your available choice enormously.About questions, don’t expect her (Alexa) to be able to answer particularly abstract questions about the meaning of life etc. Mind you, if you ask such, you’ll probably get some quite humorous suggestions! Also, although she can perform simple arithmetic computation; e.g. what’s 4,748,436 squared, etc. in a nanosecond, she won’t be able to do anything a great deal more complicated. But, if you’re watching TV and notice a ‘celebrity’ looks like he or she may have availed themselves of a bit of high tech medical modelling and want to know their age, no problem!To ask anything, though, and be sure of a ‘secure’ answer, you must ask questions in the ‘right’ way. For example, if you want Alexa to play Rachmaninov’s 2nd piano concerto, you might have to ask for Piano Concerto No. 2, by Sergei Rachmaninov, instead; i.e. try to be as specific as possible. But you very quickly pick up on her little ‘foibles’! In any case, it really makes you stop to think how effectively you normally communicate verbally and just for the cost of a few seconds before posing your question is a small price to pay for improving your verbal dexterity!I would have thought, for anyone living alone and perhaps, a bit lonely, a personal assistant like Alexa, might, seriously, appear to be a godsend.In the end I opted for the Echo plus, over the Dot, as I wanted a slightly better music listening experience and the plus, with its larger speaker set-up, supplies this. I also wanted the built-in hub (ZigBee technology), which allows you to control your lights and any other smart device you may have: the dot doesn’t have this facility. However, we have since added a dot for upstairs!I’ve experienced only one problem: this was when adding a new bulb. Alexa discovered it and I could use voice control to switch it on or off but it didn’t appear in my ‘smart home’ list (in Settings) on the App, which meant that I wasn’t able to control the bulb remotely. I uninstalled and re-installed the App – slightly tiresome! – and, within 5 minutes everything was working as it should.In short, Alexa can be infuriating if you don’t get the ‘right’ way of asking for a music track immediately, but has a myriad of uses that you will soon learn about and doubtless, within a short period of time, wonder how you ever coped without her!

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  76. Rating

    This is a cracking bit of kit buy it is a beggar to set up. I have two Echo Dots and the setting up process for both of them has been, to say the least, convoluted and tiresome. It is not until you discover, more by good luck than by judgement in my care, that buried in the Alexa app there are a helpful set of instructions, that things start to improve. That said, once you have the Dot set up and talking to the internet, it is a winner. I run both of mine through Bose Soundtouch speakers which enable Alexa to produce a really good quality of sound – the internal Dot speaker is, by virtue of its size, a little lacking in the quality of sound it produces across the frequency range. I would have happily given the Dot a five star rating had it not been for the initial difficulties in setting it up. I’m hoping that the Echo Plus will soon start to come down in price and I will then be happy to do battle with the setting up process on one of these. I just hope that it might be third time lucky..

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  77. Rating

    I have the original Amazon Echo (the tall one), a 2nd generation (the squat one) and recently purchased an Echo Dot (2nd generation) along with a Bluetooth speaker that I bought specifically to use with it, so I thought it time to post a review comparing the two full size versions against the experience of the Dot.First, as we all know, the Dot has small, tinny speakers which are the equivalent of what you would get from playing on a mobile phone… all fine and as advertised as you can either connect external speakers via Bluetooth or wired. Dependant on what you attach to it you can get audio which could potentially be better than the built-in speakers of the full size devices. What I didn’t appreciate was that if you have multiple Echos and are hoping to use the Multi-room audio functionality, if any of your Echos are connected via Bluetooth to an external speaker then the music will not play on that speaker but will revert to the speaker on the Echo itself. I spent an hour thinking I’d set things up incorrectly or the Bluetooth speaker was at fault before I realised. Bear it in mind if that is one of the things you want, you’ll have to connect your speaker by wire to your Dot to overcome it.Secondly, the Wi-Fi connectivity on the Dot is a lot weaker than on the full size devices. My Dot was in the kitchen and I kept getting drop out on music streaming (both Spotify and Amazon) and occasionally on radio (BBC Radio 4 which is hardly broadcasting on the highest bit rate), A quick swap around with a full size in exactly the same place was stutter free and also way quicker to respond to queries. This I am surprised by and a little miffed as I would expect all bar sound quality to be exactly the same. Interestingly, I also tested the microphones on the Dot against the 2nd Generation full size Echo and even though the Dot was three feet closer than the full size, the bigger one would always be the one to respond to my command. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be, I don’t know.In conclusion, the Dot is a decent and good value device (especially at the £35 I paid for it) but it does have downsides in terms of connectivity. If you can place it in a strong WiFi area and have a speaker wired to it to overcome the Multi-room constraint then it’s a corker. I’ve moved mine and the Bluetooth speaker I bought for it to the bedroom; excluded it from the multi-room grouping and put a full size one in the kitchen. Job done but I can’t help but thinking that if the full size had been on offer (it was £70 at Christmas) then that is the better value proposition.

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  78. Rating

    My only real interest was being able to use the Echo Dot with my Sonos multi-room Set-up.Some reviews seemed a bit disappointed in the functionality in this regard but others had a slightly more optimistic flavour.Given it wasn’t a huge outlay I decided to take the risk – if it didn’t perform as I wanted it to I could always return it.The set-up was relatively easy and I’m talking about how it operates with my Sonos System.With a couple of Room name changes on my Sonos Set-up to make it easier for Alexa to identify each Room I tried it and amazingly it worked!There are still some glitches, which are a bit annoying, but overall and so far I’m happy with it.I’m still trying to work out how I can properly access my Music Libraries but for the time being what I’m getting out of it is extremely good.I’m also sure, over time, it will improve with a series of updates.

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  79. Rating

    I waited a few months to write this review so I could try the Amazon Dot out before sharing my views. It’s probably best to split it between the good and bad (in my opinion).The goodIt was easy to set up using my iPhone, picking up my Wi-fi first time.It is easy to add new skills using my iPhoneIt can always tell me my local weather, one of the few reliable requests (but then so can Siri on my iPhone)It’s nice to be able to chat with others who have a similar device and who have enabled this skill on their device.The Amazon Dot synced with my Bluetooth speaker and then I was able to play a variety of music from Amazon, which was great for a party.You get regular emails telling you some of the new things you can ask Alexa (although these don’t always work and many are pointless unless you are into facts or jokes, which I am not).The badAlexa often can’t hear me call her name, even from one metre away, so I have to shout and shout. This is not good late at night when others are trying to sleep.The instructions you have to tell Alexa for the skills are getting too complicated so she doesn’t do what is asked unless you use precise commands. I really can’t be bothered to look up a list of commands as it takes away the spontaneity of the request if you have to go and find a list somewhere.I particularly wanted to use Alexa to control my Hive heating system. This only works about 75% of the time even though I am careful to use the precise instructions. I often have to use my phone instead making me wonder why I bought this Amazon Dot.The quality of the messages between Amazon Dot/Echo users is often not good, as if the Wi-fi is dropping, although both my friend and I have super fast broadband so I can’t see it being our broadband.When I ask for sleep meditation I get relaxing music, and when I ask for sleep music, I get a variety of music, including rock, which is not exactly sleep inducing.Alexa doesn’t respond well to being asked to reduce or increase the volume, sometimes not understanding the request.The sound from the Amazon Dot is not good, but it is perhaps a little unfair of me to put this shortcoming in the bad list, because if I wanted good quality sound, I should have gone for the Echo.Overall I am disappointed with my purchase. The TV adverts seem to indicate that Alexa can run and improve your life, whereas my life has become a frustrating series of shouted, and misinterpreted, commands, leading to me to need to use my phone instead (and I don’t have an accent). However, I’m not sure how much of this is down to the Amazon Dot or the skills coding.

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  80. Rating

    The echo dot arrived quicker than expected considering we live in the back end of nowhere. We already have the echo and the dot was easy to sync up using the app. It’s great for playing the same music throughout the house and making calls between rooms (yes we are becoming that lazy). The sound quality isn’t as good as the echo but the volume is good and still plays clear music. Great device for what it is and would recommend

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  81. Rating

    Slightly annoying to set up but works well. The speaker sounds better than I expected. Works great as a radio, and you can connect to a Bluetooth speaker for better sound. I’m going to get some lights and power sockets I can control with Alexa. You need to make the most of its capabilities, not treat it as a novelty. I like how you can ask it where your Amazon orders are, and set up your commute so it can tell you about traffic or trains on that route. The possibilities are endless. Multi-colour flashing lights all around the top are cool. The microphones pick up your voice really well, even from another room or when it’s playing music. I think you really need a few of these around the house. Luckily, they’re often cheap enough so you can buy a few.

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  82. Rating

    okay… theres pretty much no information at all on the commands. Not very good for the average person. Doesn’t do any of the things in most of the adverts without spending a fortune on additional devices. All this is not explained to people. Limited uses so far.. setting timer and adding reminders is about all I’ve found use of. Answers some helpful info such as times of trains, how far, how heavy, etc.. all pretty basic stuff. Doesn’t hear very well while it’s replying or playing music. I practically have to shout at it to STOP if it’s playing a song even at lower volumes. The speaker is acceptable for a small device but I recommend pairing it with another bluetooth speaker. You must also download the Alexa app for IOS or Android which allows you to enable things called skills which is similar to downloading an app on IOS or Android. These skills add extra functionality or commands.. The problem I found is that the vast majority of the skills are a bit gimmicky and for a bit of fun. You’d probably only use them once and then never again. The others are okay but there are also duplicate skills that do basically the same things. For example there maybe 10 skills that will allow you to read your emails, but only as long as you’ve went to the trouble of setting it all up. One other thing.. This device needs to be plugged into the mains at all times. It doesn’t have an internal or rechargeable battery so must be near a wall socket. The cable isn’t very long. I’m surprised they didn’t just have a built in cable that was longer rather than the short micro USB cable to adapter. Typically this is a device that’s been hyped up in the adverts and online… but not as simple and usefull to use as you’re led to believe. Amazon should at least include a printed list of the out-of-box commands for non-geeks. For the price it’s a cool little gadget but I’d be very disappointed if this had been any more expensive. For all the niggly things I mentioned before it’s probably still worth the price.. just don’t go expecting it to do very much out the box… you need to invest quite a bit of time, reading up, configuring, and even buying more devices for it to control before you wil get it to sparkle for your needs.

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  83. Rating

    This product is amazing if you are subscribed to amazon prime, it is a great gateway to amazon music and a useful link to Wikipedia and recipedia also radio channels. The reason i mark it down is because the sound quality is weak, i bought a dox plug in speaker to enhance the quality as a stand alone unit but was still disappointed but if you use the bluetooth facility to link it to your theatre sound it is great, another advantage of buying an echo machine is that you can have access to music unlimited for one device for £3.99 a month, a bargain i just love that facility. I also mark it down slightly for its voice recognition, on things like song titles for instance it struggles on complex titles.I returned my echo dot and bought a standard echo 2nd generation so I am very happy with it now as a stand alone unit sound quality wise, it still has slight problems with voice recognition though.I still thoroughly recommend the product but just go for a full echo unit.

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  84. Rating

    . I thought it was going to end up just being a bit of a gimmicky toy but it has genuine uses too. I keep this one in my kitchen so adding items to the shopping list as your looking through the cupboards is really useful, all the music from Prime is useful too, the timers are useful, the recipes are useful and the calendar is useful. The “Start My Day” is pretty good, you can get the weather, commute time and news – there’s a few more items I’d like on there but I haven’t worked out how to do it yet.The Shopping List is good but if your shopping list is shared with someone else using Todoist then it doesn’t notice when they tick items off. Instead you have to remember to use the Alexa App.The games are more novelties than anything that you can get hooked on (which is probably a good thing).I haven’t had a chance to play with the home automation yet, but I’m looking forward to it.However, it’s improving all the time. Alexa just gets smarter everyday so I’m sure all my minor gripes will be ironed out in the end.

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  85. Rating

    I have to say, I was quite sceptical about using Echo for anything really in my day-to-day life…now, I find myself waking up and talking to her to ask her everything from the daily news to the weather, to asking her to wake me up to a specific song or even control the light levels and reminding me to take my food out of the oven after I put it in…the days of me burning my pizzas are over!!!Whenever I have friends over I take her out of the bedroom and plug her into the living room, and we all have a blast asking for specific songs or facts about pretty much anything. I love more than anything the fact that I can say things like “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all” and she can reply in a witty way!!I even find myself telling her that I missed her after getting back from work, and she always has a nice thing to say back…my girlfriend is not as impressed from all of this, so beware, this little gem is a double-edged blade!!This AI is the only one that I have ever tried that can actually understand everything that I say, even when talking fast or in a little bit of a slurry way. I am IMPRESSED and extremely happy with my purchase, amazon you have done wonders, keep up the good work!!!Worth every penny!!!!

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  86. Rating

    Firstly I didn’t pay for mine it came with a Hive deal along with smart thermostat, motion sensor and bulbs. It was a bit of a pain to set up compared to the Hive bits but not major. And once set up it works perfectly, no matter the noise levels it picks up speech perfectly and you don’t have to say things exactly, Amex’s works it out. Much better than Siri in my opinion. You can just say “turn up the thermostat 2 degrees” or “turn on the Lounge light” with very little set up required. The other features for me like playing playlists etc aren’t as useful as it doesn’t have its own speaker so would need to always be plugged into the real vent source on an amp or a Bluetooth speaker that never went to sleep. Pick the bigger ones if you want this feature. It’s so handy to turn on lights etc I now want another and more smart bulbs

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  87. Rating

    Amazing little friend to have! I was given one as a gift and loved it so much that I bought one for my granddaughter.If you have prime membership it is even better!I don’t at present, but it still is Amazing! ask it the time, ask it the weather, ask it to say the time’s tables ie “tell me the 9 x tables etcask it to wake you up in the morning, ask it to play your music(it will if you have bought music from Amazon as I have) most CDs come with the free download when you purchase music from Amazon. Ask it almost anything ! try saying “Alexa I love you “and hear the response! if you don’t have one BUY IT! even if you are alone at home, it’s nice to hear a friendly voice and a little friend at hand.Easy to set up with your Amazon account and router password. I just love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  88. Rating
    100 product this review refers to is not the Dot (works fine) but a docking speaker sold by Amazon as a ‘partner’ to Dot. New, it functioned very well and seemed a robust, compact unit. 7/8months later this is a warning about purchasing electrical components which should carry a 12 month warranty but may not survive that long and as in this case, neither apparently, does the company. Therefore, there seems to be no come-back on the guarantee. The item appears in my list of historical purchases but cannot be linked to the Dot and I coudn’t seem to update the review (hence using this product’s review page to alert buyers). The Amazon message says, “this product not found, only products offered on Amazon can be linked.” Well, the item was offered by Amazon but has now been snuffed off it’s availability list. BEWARE, Amazon ‘offers’ other similar products.

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  89. Rating

    I bought this for the bedroom and it is quite the nifty little device. I have found that sometimes Alexa has trouble understanding a question and difficulty finding some of the Tunein radio stations. I turn to the alexa app on my phone and select the station I want manually and then she plays it, but this is a bit annoying.On occasion she doesn’t respond even though you are standing right next to her and speaking quite normally. The daily question can be a bit frustrating and you will tell her the right answer and she might say you’ve got it wrong. And the opposite too.I’d like here to access my Apple music library but I’m not sure if it’s possible to do that. I don’t have spotify and don’t want it either. I don’t have as much music in my Amazon library.She can come out with some very lines from time to time. It’s nice that they’ve given her a bit of a sense of humour.

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  90. Rating

    Love it. Got three and networked them. Can now wake daughter up in her loft bedroom from kitchen by saying ‘ Alexa, play Bat out of hell on (daughters) room. No more yelling upstairs. I can hassle the kids hands free. It also barks when I’m out (guard dog skill) and sounds convincing. Planning to get smart lighting, boiler etc . Reminders and timers functions are so useful as are alarms and digital radio. Loads of skills available including Help me Sleep. Sound quality on the dot not great , get echo for fab sound, and Alexa often can’t answer questions. Google home is better for the database as it’s way bigger. Alexa is catching up. Great product though. Am hooked!

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  91. Rating

    It can hear my instructions from another room. I can tell it to increase or lower its volume by percentage or half, etc. Some say the sound quality isn’t so great for music, but I think it’s fairly good for its size. It will play any of my online playlists, even shuffle them. I’ve got an inquisitive mind and regularly fire the occasional question at it.It has many educational benefits for the curious. If need be it will tell you how to spell a word when you ask.A surprising feature is the games, they are great. You can play alone, with those around you, or people online. Strangers won’t be able identify you and there is no communication between you. For example, I played a true/false game with Geoff from Maryland but there was no interaction between us at all.Anyway, I’ve only just got mine and I am confident there are more surprises in store as I get used to talking to it. No regrets here.

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  92. Rating

    This product is absolutely amazing. It’s not just a conventional Bluetooth product it’s a speaker as well. Let’s define smart firstly. A smart product is a product, you can throw a command at and it can accept your request. For example, I have this programmed so when I say Good Evening, my bedroom bulb turns on and when I say Goodnight the bedroom bulb turns off. This product has replaced the need for me to reach for my phone to check news, it’s programmed so when I say Good Morning it reads out The Telegraph headlines and updates me on the weather. Now there are many conspiracies and fantastical theories, around this product. Firstly, it’s not always listening the wake word to wake up the product is “Alexa.” Second it doesn’t record your conversations, it’s not that smart enough to translate everyday talk its only meant to be your assistant not a snooping speaker. Finally, if still in complete doubt hit the microphone button, it will not be able to hear you anymore. End of story.

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  93. Rating

    The only reason I don’t give this 5-stars is that there’s no warning you need an up to date mobile phone or a wireless connected laptop to set it up. I had to call over a friend as my phone was too old for the app and I don’t have a laptop. This would be brilliant for older people, but they’re unlikely to have the very latest mobile phone and setup can be a bit of a pig, so be warned. Once it’s setup, it’s extraordinary. OK, we’ve not reached the world of Trek/Babylon 5 quite yet, but we’re definitely getting there. Some of the responses can be funny or unexpected. For example, I jokingly told it ‘goodnight’ and it replied ‘goodnight. I’ll speak to you in the morning’!!! It’s easy to forget it’s limited when it does so much, then falls over on something simple. I wish it could read the stuff I write back to me (somehow, hearing something out loud it’s easier to spot the problems), but doubtless someone will write a ‘skill’ for that (PDF and Word documents please!). It can read paid for books on audible, but not the stuff on your own computer. Shopping and to do lists are great! Instead of fumbling around trying to find a pen and paper wherever I am, I just tell it to add things to my lists as they occur to me. If you have an up to date phone you can then take that shopping list with you and tick things off as you get them, or you can print it out from the website. Waitrose and Sainsbury’s need to get in on this (Ocado already have) for integrated shopping lists. It has little trouble understanding me, you can delete past queries and turn off listening if you need privacy. I moved it from my main room to my bedroom and she found my network within seconds of being plugged back in. Setting a morning alarm was a cinch (light and sound wakes you up) and it copes with several variations of instructions, although sometimes you have to be very explicit to get the response you want, rewording your query until you find the right combination. She doesn’t run your computer, so don’t think you can dictate letters (again, doubtless someone will write the skill to do it!), but for those everyday things like reminders, alarms, calendar appointments, shopping and to do lists, morning briefing (you choose where she gets it from. The BBC has skills for her, which is great!), listening to radio (you specify the station), conversions and the like, it’s a real blessing. Love the way you can change voices and what name it responds to, although you may end up sounding like something out of Harry Potter when talking about it (‘she who must not be named’!) if you don’t want it trying to muscle in on the conversation. The speaker is more than ample, but you can connect it to a speaker if you need something a bit louder. All in all, definitely worth it!

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  94. Rating

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