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  • £23.00 - 21st June 2021
  • £29.00 - 29th May 2021
  • £33.00 - 22nd May 2021
  • £39.00 - 20th May 2021
  • £33.00 - 15th May 2021
  • £39.00 - 6th May 2021
  • £29.00 - 2nd May 2021
  • £32.00 - 24th April 2021
Since: 19th February 2021
  • Highest Price: £39.00 - 12th April 2021
  • Lowest Price: £23.00 - 21st June 2021
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Hive Active Plug

Overview & Key Features

The smart way to switch on and off

Get your lamps, kettle or TV switched on before you even get home, or check you’ve turned the iron off after you’ve left.

Works like an adaptor

The Hive Active Plug works like an adaptor: just plug it into your wall socket then plug your appliances into it as normal.

Switch on or off from wherever you are

Turn a lamp on – or the iron off – from wherever you are with a tap of the app.

Set a schedule

If you’re away, set your plug to turn your lights on up to six times a day to make it look like someone’s home.

Stress less

Left home and left the the iron or hair straighteners on? Relax, you can double check and turn off wherever you are from the Hive app.

Set up Hive Actions

Sync your Hive Active Plug with other Hive devices using Hive Actions. So if a fan’s connected to a Hive Active Plug, a Hive Motion Sensor could turn it on as soon as you get home.

Hands-free at home

Got enough on your plate sorting breakfast for the kids but fancy a cuppa for yourself? If your kettle’s plugged in to a Hive Active Plug, just shout: “Alexa, turn on my plug!”

Sunset at the beach, lights on back home

Schedule any of your living room lamps to come on to make your home look lived in. You can program your plug to turn on and off up to six times a day.

Bring your home to life

Hive products work brilliantly on their own, but they’re even better when they work together to get your home working seamlessly around you.


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Price History for Hive Active Plug


Current Price £23.0028th July 2021
Highest Price£39.0012th April 2021
Lowest Price£23.0021st June 2021
Since 19th February 2021

Last price changes

£23.0021st June 2021
£29.0029th May 2021
£33.0022nd May 2021
£39.0020th May 2021
£33.0015th May 2021
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  • At you can purchase Hive Active Plug for only £23.00, which is 85% less than the cost in (£149.00).
  • The lowest price of Hive Active Smart Plug , Silver - 5 Pack was obtained on 28th July 2021 8:07 pm.
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Latest News

Review: Hive Active Home

Review: Hive Active Home

28th September 2017 - Irish Times

There was a moment when I was installing the Hive hub that I thought: this is not going to end well. Despite my best efforts, it wasn't connecting to the app, which wouldn't usually be a good start. The hub is the key component of Hive's Active Home...

Hive smart home review: Good-value devices with useful connections

Hive smart home review: Good-value devices with useful connections

8th September 2017 - ZDNet

Hive is an interesting smart home contender because it comes from a different background to high-tech rivals like Google, Amazon and Apple; Hive emerged from British Gas, which is part of utilities giant Centrica. While it's probably best known for its...

Review: Hive is an eccentric smart home system from British Gas

Review: Hive is an eccentric smart home system from British Gas

28th August 2017 - Gearbrain (blog)

As a subscription based service, you'll pay monthly for The Hive which negates the upfront costs associated with some other competitors. Currently, Hive offers two plans: Welcome Home and Home Check. The Welcome Home Standard plan costs $24.99 a month...

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7.5 Total Score

Generally good quality but should be at this price!

  • Well made
  • Reliability
  • Requires Hive hub to work
  • Limited compatibility
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  1. Please see comments section for updates (as promised I’ve now increased from 3 to 4 stars as things have improved since my original review (unchanged below). If Hive fix all the original issues I will increase to 5 stars, but this isn’t the case just yet…—————-this is odd I review two independent items on amazon and the reviews seem to be overwriting each other! So I’ve decided to bundle both in one review that will seemingly appear on both. oh well.Plug first:this is a little weak, yes it works but apart from turn it on and off you can’t do much else with it. compared to some competitors this is lacking in functionality like monitoring wattage or current load.we use this to turn on our fish tank led lights, a little quirky and great for impressing visitors toggling the fish lights with the android app. seems to work well, and hardware seems well made so it should last. its always on reliability isn’t as robust as the other products though and I have found that the plug does odd things if your hive hub hiccups the plug went into an endless on, wait 2 seconds, off loop and has also simply not come on on the scheduled time slot and has also disconnected itself from hive so I’d need to re-enrol it etc. for this reason I can’t say I’d use this for anything other than entertainment, certainly wouldn’t trust to ironing (or anything else that’s hazardous) as the hive advertisements suggest.Colour light review below:——————————–colour changing light is quirky and fun. daughter loves it… the quality of the light emitted is exceptional (much better than a lot of led’d i’ve bought historically) and so much better that I personally like to keep this bulb on in favour to our main lighting.Dimming works exceptionally well too and this light doesn’t flicker at all (again much better than our other bulbs on a conventional led comparable dimmer switch that do flicker at certain levels).HIVE integration is great bulb discovered first time and the features (mostly) work as expected with the app (android) and website.So what’s not to like? and why only three stars…simply put the lighting features are currently beta on the website for this particular colour light. that is to say the hive recopies function (not IFTTT) is broken link and the schedule capabilities do not work as well as the heating equivalents (I find the colour bulb website controls frustrating). For example the default is dark red – why not warm white which is a more useful mode? and why not have customisation for my preferences? the android app works better than the website controls for this bulb.Then there is the hive that is embryonic compared with its competitors and lacks basics like the only colour is the default colour which is dark (dimmed) red… and cannot be changed. the link to sun set is really cool if you could set the colour and brightness, but you can’t…Alexa support is also a work in progress as of April 2017 you can adjust brightness but not change colour. and if you turn the bulb off then back on (yes you guessed it — dark red – sigh!)So in summary this is a really excellent hardware product let down only be the beta software features in the hive platform and its integrations. I’m sure this will improve in time and then I’ll bump this to 5 stars that it deserves!

  2. Only gave it one star as 0 is not available to choose. Notifications can take hours to arrive if they ever do even when cameras and viewing device are on the same WiFi. Camera itself is fine but this is pretty irrelevant if you can’t use it properly when away.

  3. This was my 4th plug purchase for use on my Hive system. I am very pleased with the operation and ease of set up on these products. I use them foe table lamps on and off while we are out or away. The Hive system allows me to set up schedules which vary day by day which enhances the appearance of somebody being at home – I hope!

  4. Love these plugs and have quite a few around the house. Gives me peace of mind when I leave the house that I can check whether things are switched off. Cheaper here than buying them directly from Hive as it was on offer for £31.

  5. We bought this plug to control our living room lamp because the switch was behind the sofa and pretty difficult to reach. We linked it up with our hive motion sensor so the lamp comes on on specific times as soon as we walk in and stay on as long as we are in the room.This is my favourite hive product because you have lot of options how and where you can use this. As I mentioned you can link this plug with other hive sensors or just use it independently on its own.The whole package comes with the plug and manual which you don’t really need, because installation is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. All you do is just plug it in and register it in your smartphone hive app.Remember you have to have hive smart hub to be able to use this plug it won’t work without it.All in all it’s a great versatile product which can make your life easier.

  6. This camera is unfit for the purpose on a number of levels. The quality of the pictures produced is not good enough to identify potential burglars. The automatic recording doesn’t work most of the time so again it is useless as a security camera. You have to subscribe to cloud storage to be able to record video for more than the current day rendering it useless when you are away on holiday. The customer services for this product is not Motorola but Binatone, and one of the reasons I bought it was because of the reputation of Motorola. When I drew their attention to the problems they denied that video quality was poor from a sample I sent them (I have worked with CCTV in business and know what it should be capable of), they refused to understand the problem over recording triggered video and eventually ignored my subsequent communications. Subsequently I made a written claim to Amazon for a refund on the grounds of lack of fitness for purpose and after a month have heard nothing. You get to know how good a company is when you have a problem, and this doesn’t paint Motorola, Binatone or Amazon in a good light.

  7. The light which I have plugged into this switch is next to me as I lie here on the sofa. Rather than just reach up to flick it on, I now have to shout into the other room to get Alexa to do it for me. On the first attempt, the light didn’t come on, but Depeche Mode started paying. On the second attempt, I woke up my 8 month old. On the third attempt, my wife told me I was an idiot, but the light came on.We’re living in the future!

  8. I have a socket behind my bed so I can’t get to it so this is perfect you can turn it off and on by the app or by alexa if you have it and set schedule if your on holiday and you want a lamp to come on and off etc, Love it

  9. So useless its unreal. This reliably always goes offline whenever I actually need to use it. So for example if I leave the house and remember I have left something on, whenever I check the app it always shows offline. It always seems to be fine when I am actually in the house. This is therefore totally useless as why would I even need to use it when I am in the house already. The whole purpose is to be able to use it via the app when I am away.I have tried to use it in different rooms in the house, same problem. I even tried to “only use it away from any electrical items” as advised by customer care, which is almost impossible because it is always going to be plugged into the mains so I think its impossible to avoid electrical items.I have had three of these in total and they are all a waste of time. Only buy if you want something plastic to use up a mains socket and frustrate you.

  10. The basic criteria was that the plug should:* Seamlessly fit into the hive ecosystem* Allow us to manually, or on timer, turn a device on or off.This plug does both of those and wasn’t too expensive so we’re very happy.

  11. works a dream , easy to setup as switching on and adding in app , rename to your prefered name and away you go ..will be ordering 2 more tonight as will have all the house done soon

  12. Sensor detected movement. Related Hive Action switched lights on but not off after selected time elapsed. Contacted support who said there was a glitch which they were hoping to fix for the new year. Returned.19/3/18 Contacted support to see if fault fixed. The response was, “I’m afraid the problem still exists. We had hoped to have this solved with the release of our new “Advanced Actions” but this issue still remains. We are still working on this and we are confident that this will be resolved soon but, at the moment, I’m afraid the problem persists.”

  13. I purchased the Heating only model and opted to self install.After a bit of research online (the manual didn’t help much) I was able to wire it up successfully myself. I have a combi boiler and already had a wireless transmitter (Honeywell CM927 Wireless Thermostat and BDR91 Receiver) so thought swapping out the transmitters would be easy. It was easy but only once I had discovered the correct way to wire up the new Hive back-plate.I have attached a picture but for me the wiring went:* N to N* L to L* A to 1* B to 3* E to Earth TetherI can’t guarantee this will work for everyone but all is fine with my setup and it took me less than 15 minutes to do. The rest of the setup is well explained in the documentation.

  14. I bought this for my father who has a Hive controlled heating system but for my home I have chosen TP-Link smart plugs controlled by Alexa Echo voice prompts.Set up of this Hive plug is easy enough and setting schedules etc. is logical using the Hive app. The range is good and manual control works well too although I miss the voice capability of Alexa.My final observation that is that this Hive Smart Plug is quite expensive compared to the competition considering you have to have a Hive Hub for it to work – that’s not true of my cheaper TP-Link versions which you can connect directly via any Apple or Android mobile device hence four stars.

  15. Very disappointed – could not connect to my internet – after buying new cables etc to try and improve connection it still didn’t work – eventually phoned Hive and was told my hub was registered to someone else rendering it completely useless to me (in other words it was 2nd hand although advertised as new). Sent back to amazon and ordered via Hive direct. Buyer beware!!

  16. I purchased this with installation. Although reasonably savvy with electrics, I had a peer into my boiler and the timer / boiler wiring looked a little convoluted even though I’m in a new build home. The installation process went really smoothly for me. I found a card in the Hive box, scratched off a panel to reveal a code and booked the appointment online. The appointment was within a week of receiving the Hive device, and the British Gas engineer arrived on time. He was very friendly, chatty and professional and did a really neat job of installing the thermostat, the controller and hub (all pictured.) As I wanted my home automation stuff isolated from my main home network (I’ve explained why here: ) he was happy to accommodate this, and it’s why the hub is currently sitting on the floor by my lamp plugged into a TP-Link range extender. ( ) Installation took about an hour.Now that the Hive device is installed the home is warmer and more comfortable. I think this is simply because previously we didn’t keep the heating on all the time, but on a timer. Our use of the house rarely coincided the the time schedule! With the ability to switch the heating on or off when you are coming home or while on a dog walk and to set up more detailed time schedules (for example week / weekend) we are much more in control. Whether we are actually saving money – I doubt. I wonder if Hive is actually an excellent ploy to increase gas consumption but hey the end result is a more comfortable home.Alexa integration was easy to set up. Download the skill, type in your Hive account details and away you go. You can do things like: “Alexa, ask Hive to boost the heating for 1 hour” and “Alexa, ask Hive what is the temperature in the house”. All in all I’m very happy that we decided to implement Hive.

  17. I bought this to automatically turn on my young daughter bedroom light for her as she can’t reach the switches and I didn’t want to be leaving her evening unnecessarily. Its done the trick as far as that’s concerned. The only downside is that the actions you can create in Hive are a little limited. It would be nice to have different activation lengths at different times of the day. At the minute all you can set its a duration for the light to be on and the time periods the sensor triggers those light activations or not. I’ll be interested to see how long the battery does last. Installation was quick and simple. Pull the battery tab to connect the battery and then add some sticky pads (supplied) and stick to the wall. The front cover detaches easily from the back plate to allow you to replace the battery.

  18. Amazon has a habit of jumbling Hive products together sometimes so just to make things clear, this is a review of the Hive Smart Plug, specifically the first generation. I’ve also reviewed some of the other hive products which I’ve linked to below.The Hive Smart Plug is basically a device that sits between a socket and an electrical appliance that can be controlled by the Hive system. The plug goes in to the socket which should be left permanently “on”. Turning it on or off is then managed by the Active Plug; usually via the Hive app though there’s a manual button on the plug itself. The Hive app can manage power manually, according to a schedule or as a result of an event from another Hive device. I mainly use it to make sure my wife’s hair straighteners are turned off when we leave the house and when I’m on holiday to turn on a lamp according to a schedule.The device is well made and feels nice and solid and it’s very simple to install and enable in the Hive system. It works well and is reliable (which is more than can be said for other Hive products). The Hive platform is pretty good and the support (especially the social media team) is responsive and helpful.It works best as part of larger Hive setup (it needs the Hive Hub – it won’t work without it), so for example so you can set it to turn on if the Hive motion sensor is triggered or a door is opened. It’s ideal for those interested in home automation without fuss or complication. However it’s expensive and if all you want is to be able to remotely control your plugs there are cheaper and arguably better devices out there: for example TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, No Hub Required, Control Your Devices from Anywhere (UK Plug)The Hive system as a whole is also something of a mixed bag, it’s simple to use but it’s tightly locked down: for example Hive won’t enable any actions for the plug in IFTTT (unlike the previously mentioned TP-Link plugs) and forget about integrating it with any other home automation platform such as Samsung SmartThings. Hive also have a nasty habit of only releasing new features to customers on the monthly subscription plan.If you’ve already bought in to the Hive system and don’t want to tinker then the plug is a good, if expensive, option. Personally while I’m happy with the plug I have, I don’t intend to buy any more and will be moving to the TP-Link plugs mentioned above.My review of the door sensor: motion sensor:

  19. I brought theses to trigger lights on and off around my home. They work fine for a while but after triggering light on and off for a while they always end up sticking light stays on. I think this maybe a software problem but after multiple updates problems persists so have disabled the function in hive software. Hopefully they will eventually sort out this problem and I can use the sensors for there intended purpose.

  20. Great product, replaced a very old 80’s slide timer/ clock on our boiler (gravity fed system, with storage tank). I liked this look of this one over the Nest versions. Very easy to setup schedules on the website (and android app too). The website shows heating trends over time too, so can monitor temp levels which is interesting, especially as we are trying to improve things in the house.We probably use the app and alexa controls (via the hive skill) more than the unit which is the wall thermo. The total package is the wall thermo, a controller for the boiler and a hub for linking them all to your router. The sizes are roughly about the same as the wall unit. The hub will allow it to be extended to other hive things, like the lights.We got the version with BG installation. You can pick the times from the calendar on website, and a friendly chap turns up to install it all and show you how it works. Took him about 4 hours to do. Please check that the device will work with your setup as best you can.If you found this useful, please click on the options below, It helps me to know I am writing something good and useful 🙂

  21. Don’t waste your money on the cheaper products-if your using Alexa with built in hub really really easy to set up plug in turn on the appliance your using ask Alexa to find it —sorted working— no need to use separate apps on your phone or worry about your hub and phone using 2.4 WiFi band. So far works perfect, shall be purchasing more.

  22. I was in two minds about purchasing this plug and was debating whether this was more than just a glorified timer plug which you can get from the Pound shop, but costing you £39 instead!The app connectivity and control with Alexa is seamless however for someone like me to get full use out of the plug I would need a couple of key features:1) In manual operation (not timer), I’d like to be able to turn on the plug for 10min only either through the Hive app or through Alexa, for e.g. ask Hive to turn on the bedroom fan heater for 15min. Unfortunately this simple feature doesn’t appear to be present and you’d have to set an actual schedule for the heater to turn on/off at an exact time every day. Thing is.. I don’t want the heater on at an exact time, I’d like to be able to manually control it for a timer that I set manually. Anyway.. point made!2) Group function with other active plugs within the Hive app (not Alexa app). I’d like to group 2-3 of these plugs and control once. So for e.g. if I program my lights in the lounge and hallway to turn on and off, I’d have to set a schedule for each plug whereas if I grouped the plugs as “Lights”, I can control them via Alexa and say “Alexa turn on/off the lights” and both would turn on/off. At the moment I’d have to say the command twice.So in my view this plug has big potential but some simple additions would provide added benefits in a Hive smart home.

  23. Hive Active Plug is great addition to the smart home.Used over the past 4 months to control lights, particularly when away. At Xmas, use it to remotely turn tree lights on/off due to plug being in an awkward place.Great being able to control the lights when away from home at any distance via the app on phone.Note, you have to have the HIVE system installed. Then you can add the devices (eg Active Plug) to the system.

  24. It does the job and looks the part. However it’s way overpriced for what it is. I got a big discount on the Hive thermostat so it was an easier pill for me to swallow.A few people have commented about the weight of the base. Yes it does have some weight to it, but less than I was expecting. On my desk, which is very slightly textured laminate wood, the unit slides back when you try to push the buttons on the display – particularly the centre dial. So no, in my experience, it is not heavy enough. The bottom of the stand is a rubbery material so it might grip better on a very smooth surfaces. Your mileage may vary of course.On the plus side the thermostat is very easy to attach to the stand. There isn’t much more to say about it really. I don’t think it represents good value for money so in that regard I have to disagree with a lot of the other reviews. If it goes on discount around the £20 mark I would say that is a more realistic price.

  25. Yes it seems expensive after just paying for HIVE to be fitted and then finding you have to buy your own stand if you don’t want it screwed to the wall. Its a pity there is not an entry level product, or something from another supplier that is more reasonably priced, but.. after getting over the shock of the cost, it is a well made sturdy stand that looks good if its left in view. Just remember the plate on the stand replaces the back plate on your HIVE thermostat, the original one pops off before you fit it to this stand. Neat and tidy and well made.

  26. I use this plug to control a wireless charger for my iPhone so it only charges my phone for a few hours at night. It works perfectly and I’ve had no problems since the day I purchased it. It has also helped to boost the Hive signal (via the mesh) to our thermostat receiver which was quite low before I installed this plug.My only complaints are that the LED on the unit is quite bright, it would be good if you had the option to turn it off or at least dim it more. Also that it doesn’t support Apple Homekit, but that is an issue with Hive in general.

  27. Yes this stand is quite expensive but it finishes the Hive system off perfectly.It is high quality, stylish and weightly – it won’t fall over or be knocked easily.Solves the problem of wall mounting what is essentially a portable thermostat.Simply unclip the back off the thermostat and clip it onto the stand.It is the same back you take off to change the batteries so nothing complicated.Just stick your old back somewhere as in case you want to stop using the stand and you can put the back cover back onto the thermostat.Now the thermostat stands up and is easier to read and use.Great solution

  28. Only had this for a few hours but simple to set up. Mine is synced to a door sensor (easy to do) and turns on a light when we open a door from the house to the garage. Leave the door open and I set the light to stay on for 30 minutes (all adjustable) Close the door and the light turns off. It is Echo enabled and you can turn it on/off at the unit itself.These are expensive and I’ve o my invested in Hive as I have their heating. I’m sure you could do the same thing a lot cheaper

  29. Plug it in, find it on Hive, tell Alexa to search it out and away you go. It’s expensive for a reason. The reason is that it delivers…I’ve tried low price smart plugs and they’re never easy, use odd Chinese servers and die reasonably quickly.This just works…

  30. Before I had a Hive system, I used timer plugs to control lighting in the house so that they would go on and off during the evening whilst I was away. I got this plug so that I could programme a table lamp in the same way, but rather than using the fiddly timer plugs I could programme this on the app. It also meant that I could easily change the times each day, so that the lamp doesn’t go on /off at the same times. For this purpose, the plug is great.As I learnt more about what Hive can do, especially in conjunction with other Hive devices, I realised what else this plug is handy for. For example it’s programmed to come on automatically when the door sensor transmits that the front door has been opened in the hours of darkness. Hive automatically knows the sunrise/sunset times, so if the door opens outside those times the lamp stays off. If the plug activates, it stays on for 3 minutes. This means if I come home a light goes on automatically and stays on until I’m inside, before automatically going off by which time I’m settled inside. This is just an example of course of the different combinations you can put together with this plug and other Hive devices.Overall I’m really pleased with the plug and it’s a great addition to my Hive set up.

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