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Voice Controls Coming To Logitech Harmony Users In Canada

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The Logitech Harmony Elite Remote and Hub has been slashed to half price

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  1. I’ve previously tried the hub only three times hoping for Alexa integration but too hit and miss!Was on offer a few days before Black Friday for £99.99 so I tried again! The remote makes so much difference! No opening app etc you’re straight there. Thought there was an issue with remote as my Humax wouldn’t work with harmony but then discovered Humax is faulty and waiting for a replacement. I would thoroughly recommend this package with the hub and ultimate remote as it’s intuitive, fits in the hand nicely , works every time and Alexa works with it too again every time

  2. This remote is ideal for my needs. Initial setup was simple (hint have a note of make/model numbers before you start). Basic operations were up and running within 30 mins. It only took an extra hour to completely set up 4 different complex activities to change Hue lights and different channels on roku box. I am sure there will be longer spent on “perfecting” these activities There was an issue when pairing Hub to PS4 but all other integration to smart home/media devices works great.App was reasonably intuitive and the wizard worked great for setting up new activities. the IR blasters are also a handy addition to the box to allow a range of positioning options. The remote itself has a good solid feel to it.Personally though I still feel the whole package is still over priced (£220 at time of review) I got mine during Black Friday sales. It really is the “nice” to have addition to your media setup

  3. This is a great piece of kit. The remote basically allows you to set up ‘activities’ which switch on several different thing as required and turn them all to the correct channel / input. The remote then becomes a customised remote for all of the things that are now on, for example, the volume might be controlled on a sound bar or amp and the channels on your satellite box.It also has a ‘devices’ menu, which essentially turns it into a remote for one of your devices at a time, so you can use it just as a tv remote if you need to change some settings.It allows you to schedule activities for certain times (we have it turn off the power socket overnight and back on again in the morning), which can be useful. It also connects to Philips Hue lights and other smart home equipment, like our Nest thermostat, so you can have a ‘Netflix and Chill’ activity which dims the lights, turns up the heating and switches Netflix on for example. All pretty cool.In the box you get the remote, a charging cradle, a hub, 2 power leads (for the hub and charging cradle), a cable to connect to your computer and 2 IR extenders, which plug into the back of the hub to extend the range of the signal, so you can put it in a closed cabinet with multiple shelves etc. The feel of it is nice in the hand. It has a textured back for buttons light up when you pick it up, so you can see what you’re pressing in the dark. The hub allows you to control Wifi connected devices, Bluetooth and IR without having to point the remote at the devices while you’re using it. It also allows you to use the Harmony app to control things from your phone or tablet if you can’t reach the remote. Handy.So far so good.Setup takes a while. Initially it wants you to do this through the phone/tablet app. It’s easy to add most equipment (make sure you make a list of the model numbers of all your devices to speed things up). It’s also easy to set up activities. Be prepared to spent a while fine tuning things to get them working to your liking though. It has taken me about a week of dabbling to get to the stage where I don’t think I’ll need to make any more changes.Strangely, certain changes (including updating the firmware) need you to plug into a computer and log in to a harmony account. It allows you to do this via your Facebook login for ease at least. The software (both the app and even more so the computer program) are far from brilliant. It’s more complicated than necessary to make changes, and sometimes you do it on the remote itself, sometimes on the app and sometimes on the computer. This could really be improved. Thankfully, once it is set up, you can wash your hands of it.Another quirk it the ‘home control’ buttons. You can set these up to switch on your smart lights etc, but you can’t change what the functions are (for example, you have to have short press for ‘on’ and long press ‘off’ – you can’t toggle). Also, you can only use them with ‘smart’ devices, as they won’t let you assign IR controlled devices (for no apparent reason).This is my second Harmony remote. The first was about 9 years ago, and, although I really liked it, it was nowhere near as functional as this. More recently, I used an iPad / iPhone app called SimpleControl (previously called Roomie). This app had some advantages over the Harmony, in that it was much more customisable and it had a TV guide which showed you what was on and allowed you to select that channel. Whilst the Harmony has a ‘favourites’ list of channels, it won’t tell you what is on- you have to use the guide on the tv or a different tv guide app. The other app got confused if you ran an activity from one app and then opened the remote on another app. Harmony works well in this respect- you can switch between the physical remote and the app and it remembers what is going on.The integration with Sonos is a bit rubbish on Harmony. It will turn on the Sonos, and start playing your favourite station. It also syncs your sonos favourites. Where it all starts to fall apart is if you try to do anything with groups. It causes all kinds of confusion. The thing it really lacks is any way of searching for a track/artist etc.Another thing that the Harmony doen’t allow is two activities running at the same time. If you start an activity, it automatically stops any previous activity. This doesn’t cause me any problems at the moment, but could be limiting for some things.Really cool that you can integrate with Alexa. I like that you can walk in and tell the ‘computer’ to play a movie.Despite the flaws, the Harmony remote is still, in my opinion, the best solutions on the market at the moment. Controlling things from an app is cool somethimes, but other times you just need a remote in your hand. This gives you both. The remote looks and feels great, the hub is unobtrusive, and Alexa support is a bonus. The battery seems to last well, and it has a convenient charger so you should never get caught out. If you really can’t be bothered putting it in the charger and it runs out, the phone app will sort everything out. If they sorted out the software, this would be a straight 5 star product. As it is, it drops a star but is still great. The cost is ludicrous at full price, but fortunately, I got it on Black Friday for an insane discount. For the full price I would have deducted at least one more star, although I still can’t find a better alternative.

  4. I’m glad I bought this in the Black Friday deal because although it’s brilliant, it’s not quite perfect. It really needs support for WiFi devices. It controls my tv through WiFi but can’t find the myriad of other WiFi devices I’ve got- notably the TP-link plugs. However, if you’ve got an Amazon Echo, you can use an app called IFTTT, to give Alexa a voice command which can control your plugs and everything all at once. For example, I say “Alexa trigger recorded stuff”, and she switches off the plug for my radio, puts the heater to 21c, turns off the main light, turns on a small lamp, uses Harmony to switch on the TV, the surround system, and the PVR, switching the tv to all the correct inputs. It took some tinkering to do and I’d recommend it if you are used to this kind of thing. Harmony however could do a lot of this with a software update. If it can control the TV by WiFi, it should be able to control other things the same way.

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