TP-Link HS110 Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitor

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  • £29.99 - 31st August 2018
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  • £29.99 - 22nd August 2018
  • £24.99 - 28th July 2018
  • £29.99 - 19th July 2018
  • £17.49 - 17th July 2018
  • £29.99 - 6th June 2018
  • £23.00 - 2nd June 2018
Since: 12th April 2018
  • Highest Price: £29.99 - 6th June 2018
  • Lowest Price: £17.49 - 17th July 2018
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Price History for HS110 Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring (Works with Alexa)


Current Price £29.993rd October 2018
Highest Price£34.9930th May 2018
Lowest Price£26.9921st May 2018
Since 21st May 2018

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£29.991st October 2018
£34.9918th September 2018
£29.9915th September 2018
£34.9930th May 2018
£26.9921st May 2018
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Deal: TP-Link HS110 Wi-Fi Smart Plugs (2-Pack) for $35 – 12/12/17

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The best smart plug in 2018

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TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring review: The oversized HS110 is no bargain

TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring review: The oversized HS110 is no bargain

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Turning an outlet smart has a lot of appeal, and prices for plug-in options have dropped substantially. The TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug with a power-usage monitoring option costs $39.99, but you can buy the very similar Geeni Energi energy-tracking Wi-Fi...


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  1. Now I can control my Set Top Box from abroad.

  2. Initially I had some teething problems as it would not work with the Amazon Voice Service, Alexa which I have on a number of Amazon Echo devices. I received some great support via the TP link email helpdesk, and they’ve tweaked things their end and now everything works seamlessly – Alexa included. This means I can turn plugs on and off, by saying “Alexa, turn off” to my Amazon Echo devices.

  3. Great product and easy to pair. I sat both plugs next to each other on a 2 port power strip , pressed the pair buttons and 10 seconds later job done. I unplugged them and moved them to the locations I wanted them at and that was it. No problems at all with the set up.I use a Virgin Media Super Hub 3 which is located upstairs and wanted an Ethernet connection to my Amazon Fire TV box downstairs. These work fine and I can stream HD movies with no problem. Great product and value for money.

  4. A product based on false advertising always gets up my nose. I bought this after reading this part of the extended description “The Smart Plug now works directly with Amazon Alexa” because I ONLY want local Amazon Echo control and not Internet connectivity for security reasons. So Imagine my surprise when it arrives and at the bottom of the quick start guide it tells me to go to this URL to learn how to set it up with Amazon Echo: […] That URL states that you need to sign up for a TP-Link Kasa account, the Kasa app and the Kasa skill to make it work, with a second URL on how to create a Kasa account […] That’s not my definition of “works directly”!!!Furthermore, on downloading Kasa for iPad (by the way, the TP-Link articles don’t include links to the app and it doesn’t appear in the App Store when searching on an iPad), there is a link for Terms & Conditions and one for Privacy. Within these legal docs, I discovered that (a) TP-Link provide your personal details to third parties so that customers can be advertised to and (b) they do not guarantee that they can keep your personal details such as email, address, credit card info secure and the final nail in the coffin (c) they do not guarantee the continued service that makes Kasa and connected devices work! What? So, if the TP-Link marketing team decide to abandon the product range, they can just turn the whole thing off? That may sound unlikely but believe me, I’ve been on the receiving end of such product strategies. Signing up to such T&Cs may be acceptable for a free service but not for a paid product. I did try getting the Echo to directly recognise the switch after putting it in discoverable mode to no avail. This implies that the Echo takes your voice command, passes it to the TP-Link skill which must push it to TP-Link in the cloud before finally coming back down to your house to control the switch. That is a security nightmare waiting to happen and not one I am interested being the Guinea Pig of.So, if you’re reading this review as a potential customer, you’ll not be surprised to learn that I returned the unit straight away and will try the Wemo switch from Belkin instead. If TP-Link is reading, please take note. You should provide a way for local use case only and not force customers to agree to your ridiculous contracts or force the use of Internet control. Please also correct the false advertising on your Amazon listing.

  5. Great Smart Plugs, TP-Link be aware I bought these over other brands purely because your Alexa integration works better than anyone else’s I can find in the UK.Really easy to set up, even easier to then get working with Amazon Echo. The app is more developed than some of the other IoT control apps I have seen, the devices themselves are smaller and neater than even Hive’s smart plug. All in all a great job.One request….please please please can you work do develop the same technology into a UK market Light Switch, single and double gang options. Make these and I’ll buy 10 ! nobody is really offering a viable alexa compatible option for the UK market at the moment.

  6. The bulb frequently drops off the network. A quick google reveals lots of others in the same position.If there’s no resolution in a week or so then it’ll have to go back. A shame as I have a number of other TP-Link smart devices which are very reliable.–UPDATE–I can confirm that the update has made the connection very reliable; it never drops off the network.Review changed from 2 stars to 4. After using this for over a month I can also say that this bulb, obviously, works best in a switch you never turn off. Otherwise you may sit down and try to remotely turn on the light only to realise you have turned it off. You are then forced to get up and walk across the room to turn it back on.My favourite way to use this light is to have it dim at 15 minute intervals so that I feel like the sun is setting,especially during summer, so that I don’t stay up too late, particularly when I am engrossed in my work.What is stopping this from being a 5 star review are small bugs in the app that make you click this things twice every now and then and the lack of a feature to automatically dim at a certain rate. Eg. Go from 75% brightness to 0% over 2 hours starting from 9pm. Without this feature the dimming functionality isn’t as useful as I would like.

  7. Reply
    Mr. Paul Phillip Baker 20th March 2017 at 12:00 am

    Bought this to make sure our dog didn’t eat up the sofa, the main reason I bought this one was due to how easy it is to set up. Pretty simple as long as you follow the instructions. My only disappointment was that there is no speaker so we couldn’t tell the dog to stop if he was doing something he shouldn’t. But gives a very clear picture and night vision works great.

  8. Install was painless and very quick. Paired with Amazon Alexa in no time. Works great and no network bridge needed. Works off my existing WiFi.

  9. Perfect, just what I wanted to link up with Alexa to control a lamp, easy to use and set up, perhaps a little thicker than I wanted but that is a very minor point, easy to use on pretty much anything you can plug in. I have tried it with a fan, a electric fire and various lights and all work well. Just plug it in, set up with WI-Fi, pair with Alexa and you are good to go.

  10. This product works well. I intended to use it to make a lamp come on when it got dark and it does just that with no issues.The app that is used to controll it is called kasa, and it makes it very easy to connect to your wifi. When you have the app open and try to turn the plug on it does it without any delay! If you are out of home you can still use the app to turn the switch on and off but there is a few seconds of delay as you may expect.The shortcoming of the plug is that its quite bulky.You can use widgets on you smart device to control the plug but only by groups of devises and only for one action wich makes the widgets more cumbersome to use for controling individual devices while adding a few seconds of delay to control the plug.The app has a timer function so you can switch the device off after a certain amount of time. You can also schedule the device to come on and off as many times as you want (limited to minute intervals). The other anoying feature was that the timing is difficult to set up as its like setting alarms. If you want to set lots up ie for a fish tank pump to go on and off at half hour intervals you have to set up 24 on signals and 24 off signals.Overall I have enjoyed the plug (so much so that i bought a second one) and think they have so much potential.

  11. If you’re after a reasonably priced, stable and fast VDSL2 (FTTC) router like me, this is perfect. It has all the latest standards like G.INP (be sure to get the V2 model for these, as V1 does not support them) and is a breeze to set up, taking me less than 10 minutes. I’m using mine with BT Infinity 2 and it works perfectly connecting at the same speed as my BT Smart Hub – which had to go, as after EVERY firmware update it crapped out and had to be reset to factory, set back up, etc.; I was done being a beta tester for BT! My old BT OpenReach modem acted as a backup for a short while, however it is too old to last much longer, doesn’t support the latest standards and I can’t get line stats…I use the modem in ‘bridge’ mode (see instructions in product description) connected to my firewall, and with the wireless disabled (which I never intended to use), so I can’t comment on the wireless functionality. I have the Smart Hub set up as my wireless access point instead, and in this regard it works very well. I did notice that this has a lot of security functions like built-in firewall, wireless guest network, and SPI, but I don’t need these; nice to see though. I can get line stats fairly easily by connecting my laptop to one of the free LAN ports on the modem, and it wall mounts. Frustratingly, since I won’t be using the wireless, I can’t easily remove the antennae as they are moulded, and just get in the way. It would be great if these could be detached without tearing the thing apart, but since I don’t want to invalidate the 3 year warranty I’ll have to live with it – for 3 years at least! Still 5 stars though, as all things considered, this is a fantastic bit of kit that fits my needs more than adequately. I hope you found this review helpful!

  12. First thing I wanted to mention is that these are really easy to set up both on WiFi and with Amazon Echo/Alexa. We bought them to control lamps in our living room and we were able to unbox and say “Alexa, turn on living room lights” in about twenty minutes.The only negative is that the smart plugs are a little bulky – if for example you have little clearance between a current socket and the back of a sideboard you might need to get creative.The positives are that they look good and have a nice visual light on them that confirms they are connected to WiFi and their current power state. A physical button exists on the plug to change power state if you need to. The setup on Android with the Kasa App was really easy – you can provide each device with a friendly name and also set up schedules if you want the sockets turning themselves on and off when on holiday for example.Once set up on Android or iOS and the sockets are connected to WiFi they can then be set up with the Amazon Echo using Amazon Alexa app. Bear in mind before you can find the sockets in the Smart Home section you must first ensure the sockets have any updates installed from the Kasa App and then install the TP-LINK Kasa skill. Once the sockets are found in the Smart Home section they are very easy to configure and add to groups – attached some screenshots of our configuration.Overall we’re very satisfied and will no doubt be getting some more in the future.

  13. TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, No Hub Required, Control Your Devices from Anywhere (UK Plug)Absolutely love these smart plug sockets – they are so useful, easy to control and can be programmed via the TP-Link App called Kasa. The TP-Link website rates these as having a maximum load 13A, and a maximum power 2.99 KWAnother great feature is this can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (in addition to setting schedules in the Kasa App). I love the ability to say ‘Alexa, switch on or off bedside light’ and it’s done! You simply add the ‘skill’ to the Amazon Echo via their App or online. And, each socket can be named to whatever you like (I prefer to keep the description short).Setting these up requires the use of the Kasa App – download that to your mobile device and follow the instructions – it takes a few minutes to connect to your device then the wi-fi, but once it’s done, its so simple to use.Another thing, if you’re using Amazon Alexa, in order for the Echo to accept and understand the voice commands to instruct the smart sockets, you need to open the Amazon Alexa App, go to the Settings option, select Smart Home, then select Devices, and finally click on Discover – your devices will appear and be available for voice command.I love these – they are brilliant! They are a little bulky and am sure in time there will be far smaller units, but they are so useful – it’s fantastic to be able to set schedules and manually override if you’re away from home to switch your devices on or off.

  14. Excellent, just what we needed to connect to Alexa to get the bedroom side lights turned off. Ace

  15.  Very pleased with this purchase. Bought this to see how voice command works with Alexa before making a bigger commitment towards a Hive/Phillips kit. I’m pleased to say that it’s been working wonderfully with my Amazon Echo 2nd Gen. It’s warm white and is equivalent to a regular 60W light.Setting up was a bit fiddly but nothing too serious. I screwed the light into the socket, turned the switch on, once it’d flashed (the actual bulb) three times I tried connecting with the KASA app ( as instructed in the manual ) which ended in failure twice. What I realised then was that the bulb itself was acting as a Wifi router/ssid and the app was trying to connect to that Wifi. I had to rapidly switch the light on and off again (as instructed in the manual) to get it to flash three times and start all over again. This time I went into my phone’s Wifi and connected to the bulb first (it shows up as TP-link or something similar) before opening the app, then when I went into the app and when it failed to connect I simply pressed “connect manually” and it worked just fine. All I had to do then was select and connect to my home Wifi. I’ve had no connection issues at all so far.I’ve noticed a few people had issues with Virgin Routers which had something to do with them not being on 2.4Ghz, I’m not sure if my issue was related to that, mine being a Virgin was as well but manually connecting it worked just fine.Alexa commands work flawlessly with it. All I had to do was go into the Alexa app and enable the TPlink skills. I’ve tried lights on/off, brightness up/down, turn it up/down and it’s been working without a hitch!Although I wouldn’t say it’s a very beginner friendly experience, it’s well worth the trouble for the price.

  16. This device works with an app called is generic app that is used by these Chinese knock offs. The app then links to Google home, assistant (see screenshot) or Alexa. Long winded I know. But the app is not in the list to select on assistant. So cannot do all the really cool stuff like saying ok Google good night and all the lights go off. If you are happy just to go on a generic app and turn off lights on and off this will be okay.The manual that comes with this only has instructions for Alexa.

  17. My third device and as previously, excellent product works perfectly with Echo. Not the easiest product to set up, but if you follow the instructions carefully there are no problems.

  18. I have bought a number of these smart plugs. They work well, enough however two have melted without blowing it’s supplied fuse. The first time it happened I just thought I was unlucky. The second time today and I know it’s the device.I have a portable air-con / heater unit that runs off a normal domestic 13 amp plug. The smartplug is supplied with a fuse and that should protect itself. Even though weeks have gone by using the same aircon everyday on the same TPLink smartplug, today the smartplug melted down, enough to leave the live pin plus fuse holder stuck to the plug socket. Somehow the unit continued to work until the smell of burning led my nose to the problem. It was only on switching the thing off and trying to remove it from the socket that the destruction can be found.TP Link should lower the fuse rating on the device to avoid this overload-heating issue surely if it cannot handle the amp-rating of its own supplied fuse…. I will write to them and suggest it.

  19. Works very well. Haven’t figured out what to use it on a regular basis for. Favourite use so far has been to turn off slow cooker when at work. I had it on a lamp (haven’t got Alexa yet) so could only turn lamp on using app and not by lamp switch as the plug is off by default.

  20. Well these arrived quicker than expected, and as they are a present for my wife and the home security, I wrapped up two and tried out one, it took a lot of faffing about but finally got it to work off turning on and off a Christmas light from my phone. It seems to work off 4G as well as WiFi, (set up on WiFi first) I do not know how to control this from the Echo Dot yet but that is also wrapped up for Christmas. The theory is I should be able to turn on lights when we are away from the house. I can only try. I do not know how to change the name of the device, so it might affect all of them???? (I am 72 and have fear of modern technology)Up date on Review one of the units failed to work after a week The company have been in touch so good service there. but I am still left with one not working unit which will be returned, I have asked for a replacement, but the company thinks everything is working OK now.I am pleased with the working two from the pack as they are only being used by my wife as a disability aid to turn of bed side lights etc. either from the phone or the echo dot, so I guess if all three were working this would get 5 stars.

  21. Set up straight out of the box following the quick set up card instructions in the box which was straight forward and then acrivated through the ‘Smart home’ tab in the Alexa Echo app. Now I can turn my lounge lamp on & off via a simple Alexa command! Will definitely buying more smart home plugs and devices as they are the perfect companion to the Echo.

  22. Works well but 2 of the 6 I bought have stopped working after 8 months and after testing, it is evident that the units themselves have failed. Why can’t companies build products that last – surely it cannot be that complicated. This should not be a disposable item. There seems to be no way to return on Amazon after 30 days for a replacement (which in a normal retail shop you could for at least a year) so I have to buy two more. Not impressed.

  23. They do work as advertised, however while they are on they cause unforeseen interference with other devices – they hog the WiFi connection completely (which is nuts seeing as you need it so infrequently just to turn lights on or off), and in particular they mess up your ability to watch tv using your Chromecast completely. You have to switch off all the plugs or else Chromecasts won’t stream at all (they don’t get sufficient bandwidth).Big big problem as it’s highly unlikely you want these plugs to dominate everything connected to your WiFi

  24. So I’ve ended up buying a couple of these and I plan to use them in as many sockets as possible around my house.Great for lamps, electronic devices and now I’ve even got one on my coffee machine – you’re able to control the plug from an app (switching on and off) as well as setting up timers and schedules!You can set a schedule for a TV in your kids room to make sure it switches off when you want them to sleep or get their homework done!They’re so easy to setup too – Literally Just plug it in, connect to the app and tell it your WiFi password. That’s it. You’re ready to go!!What’s even better is, they’re compatible with Alexa! So if you’ve got an Echo, you can control the smart plug with your voice! Now I can wake up in the morning, ask Alexa to turn the coffee machine on and by the time I’m downstairs, my coffee is waiting for me!Brilliant little devices at a bargain price! You won’t be disappointed!

  25. Got this to replace the TalkTalk Super Router, which is anything but super: I was getting signal drop-out on the third floor of my house, where my office is. So, replaced with this for my fibre connection, and problem solved: Consistent, good signal all around the house. Also easy to set up: Just connect via wifi using the password/pin printed on the back of the router, go to the admin page (192:168:1:1, where you will be prompted to enter a new password), and select your ISP from the list. Job done. I’ve also set it to hide my new SSID, added MAC address filtering, and set up the guest network with a separate password and SSID, then backed up the settings.

  26. Amazon Prime delivered today. I followed the helpful user manual, first scanning the IOS App QR code (also Android Ap QR code available). Downloaded the App ‘eFamilyCloud’ (first making sure that my iPhone was connected to my home with 2.4GHz WiFi.Registered and chose a password.I forgot the step to reset the device. I plugged in and switched on power, the light was flashing and the App found the device and linked quickly.I checked the App switched the WiFi Socket on / off – yes!!I next used Amazon Alexa App and added the ‘eFamilyCloud’ skill and linked (all in user manual) – yes again!! Alexa switches the socket on / off at my instruction.My only complaint is that the light on front of the socket is far too bright and might disturb in eg a dark bedroom!? Hence I’ve only given 4 Stars rating.Note: Power limit is 2000W load (about 8.5A).I haven’t yet tested App timing and it’s other features, which look useful.Multi-pack purchases are even better value!

  27. Arrived the next day, works after easy setup you open the app and you can view, BUT! it does not record unless your device (phone) has the application open/running, in other words you can only record while the application on your phone ON. Motion Detection all is does it send you a notification.

  28. Great quality image for the price only complaint is setup via WiFi seems hard work. Best advice is to connect via Ethernet to setup and then move to WiFi from there.

  29. Time will tell how good this router is but it arrived promptly and setup was a doddle. I unplugged my ISP supplied router that it was replacing and plugged it in using the supplied cables. You need to connect to the router via wireless using the SSID and password which is on the bottom of the router. Once connected it gave a good, strong signal and in scenarios where the signal wasn’t full strength, I was still able to stream HD Netflix on the TV via the Chromecast. Time will tell what its like with more and more devices connected but for now, no complaints. I also ran a Speedtest on my phone and it was significantly quicker than my ISP supplied router.Something to note;If you are on Plusnet, the username is your login for the Plusnet member centre followed by and then the password is the same as the password you’d use to log in. A quick Google search will give you the Plusnet help pages which has this information but hopefully this will help someone in future.

  30. When the camera works, its great. However i frequently find myself having to reset it after checking the app and seeing no camera available. Use it to check on thinhs when travelling so losing connection while we’re away is disappointing, especially since it happens a lot. Will probably get a different cam next time with more reliability

  31. A pair of these are benchmarking at maximum 220 megabits/second (1/10th advertised speed) so slower than the Netgear 1200mbps kit that’s half the price (managed up to 250mbps). 6 year old house. And by that I mean I’ve used iperf between two servers on the LAN, not testing something irrelevant like my internet speed!Sleep mode is enabled by default but can be disabled using their tpPLC_Utility (which incidentally says they’re operating at over 1000mbps!) will see if it still goes to sleep like the Netgears (update: they don’t, been working fine for a few weeks now).They are *massive*, you can barely push the switch on a double wall socket, also they’re upside down so the majority of the height is above the wall socket and the ethernet cable sticks out the top.These things are known to interfere with VDSL and coincidentally or not, my BT HomeHub6 lost its fibre connection under an hour after plugging these in, its back online now but I’ll keep an eye on it. The utility software had an option to help with this which I’ve not tried yet as it said it may lower the speed even more.

  32. Just watch out – this is a EU plug despite being on the UK Amazon site

  33. Must have for espresso machine, no more waiting in the morning for the machine to warm up.

  34. Wifi connected home automation is here to stay. This plug is connected to your wifi and using the Kasa app on your phone you can turn it on/off easily and set schedules – so it can be used to replace a standard timer switch if that is what you want. There are some neat features, such as the ability to say you are on holiday and it will set a randomised on/off timer, within a given time frame, so it looks like you are still in. So far so good…I want my home automation to link into my voice activated devices – mostly I want to control this with my Amazon Echo devices. Whilst this looks simple enough to do I found it a bit of a chore..I tried, I tried, I updated firmware, I did a reset, I tried, I tried and I tried again and then my Echo just found it – in theory you used the Alexa app on your phone, add the Kasa home automation skill, add your logon details and then it should be discovered…mine took many tries and I’d just about given up (I’d actually contacted TP-Link support…I work in IT so I’m pretty loath the contact support) when it worked. I can now control it using my voice (as long as I’m near an Echo) or the Alexa app, and it still follows all the settings from the Kasa app. It’s pretty useful to be honest, it controls the lamp in my bedroom – voice control for on and off!!!

  35. I bought one of these to replace my Belkin Smart sockets. These are okay – when they work. The problem is that they keep dropping off the network and are a real pain to reconnect.The TP-Link HS100 has much better reviews everywhere so I decided to try one of these to replace them.Setup was not easy. It should have been, but it wasn’t.I live in the middle of the countryside in a stone house and a little distance from a public road, so I don’t need a password on my wifi. Someone would have to be in my garden and outside a window to pick up my wifi! Therefore it’s not an issue for me at all.This socket will simply not work with an unsecured network. You have to either change all the settings on all your devices to use a password, or create a new wireless network with a password.I had to create a new SSID with a password, specifically for this device. Devices like this should not require this level of technical knowledge!I followed the instructions, connected to the socket wifi – but the app wouldn’t recognise that the socket was connected. I tried several times, but nothing. The app wouldn’t find the socket. A couple of times, the setup seemed to complete, but the light on the unit never turned solid green.When it finally found the socket, and I tried to connect to it, the app kept telling me that I could only control it when connected to wifi, despite having an active wifi connection!Eventually I worked out there was a conflict with my VPN, I had to disable it to get everything working.It took over 30 minutes and lots of swearing to get it to work – all because it didn’t like unsecured networks. This should not be a limitation. No-one should tell me whether I need a wifi password!Eventually, when it was configured, it worked more reliably than the Wemo sockets. They are cheaper, more compact and more responsive, and have more IFTTT recipes.If the network limitations are not a problem for you, these are great.

  36. Really easy to set up. I already has a Kasa account and it literally took me less than 2 minutes to set this up. Simple and well written instructions and a well designed app make this really easy to use (Android version tested). Another couple of minutes to link it to Google Home and sign in using the Kasa log in, and I had myself a voice controlled plug.The device itself, whilst not the slimmest or most attractive on the market, is functional, there is a local on/off button, it displays he current state of the plug (if it’s powering anything), and it’s wifi connection state.The app itself is very well done, giving schedules (which include sunrise and sunset events), away mode (random on off times during a set time and day window, and a switch countdown timer mode.I already have a first generation HS100 and a HS110 (the power monitoring version), and owned them for a couple of years. They have been very very reliable, with literally no problems whatsoever, no need to reboot them, they have worked perfectly, so I have lots of faith in this brand of devices and no reason to believe the second gen HS100 is any different.I recently reviewed a competitors wifiplug, and the setup difference between this, and the other plug in literally night and day, This is the real deal, and well worth the asking price.

  37. Brilliant! I’ve been searching for a smart plug that actually works – I’ve returned one and found out the hard way that apps for countless others are useless – and this is it! I installed the Kasa app before buying, just to make sure I could register etc. This proved a breeze. Bought the plug – beautiful quality – and I think connecting to wifi then Alexa (following the clear and simple pictures in the app) took all of 3 minutes, with none of the swearing and frustration occasioned by other smart plugs. Seamless interface between plug, app, wifi and Alexa. Flawless. Command is executed instantly every time, and I can control the lamps through the app or Alexa. Love it. Well worth the price!

  38. excellent devices, super-easy setup, very reliable and app great too. Works seamlessly with Alexa.

  39. Have a few of these around house. Works well and handy if you forget to turn off iron or anything else as you can use kasa app and turn them off when you are away from house. I also use with Google home

  40. Useful home automation, not difficult to configure. I have it linked to Alexa for controlling a lamp which cannot take a smart bulb, I am ordering more.

  41. I now have 7 of the smart plugs around the house and I have never had any issues with them. They are easy to setup, just follow the few simple instructions. The Android phone app works and has never crashed on my phone. It is easy to integrate these smart plugs with Alexa and have voice control.

  42. I’ve bought a number of smart plugs and have found that the cheaper versions are pretty poor in terms of connectivity compared these TP Link Smart Plugs. The TP-Link smart plugs seem to connect first time every time with none of the connectivity issues experienced as I have with the cheap smart plugs. The connectivity to the TPLink smart plug is very straightforward:1. Download the KASA app2. Connect to the SmartPlug3. Configure via the KASA app4. Connect via AlexaThe response time is quite quick from commanding Alexa, to the smart plug responding to the command.Overall I’ve been very happy with these plugs. The only downside is the bulky size of the plugs. It would be great if there were slim-line versions of these plugs as these protrude by about 3 centimeters from the socket before you even plug anything into the socket.PROS- Easy to set up and configure- Great connectivity- Fast response time- Easy to use companion IOS/Android appCONS- Bulky size*** Please could you click Yes if my review has helped you in any way ***

  43. Rubbish…….both now not working and no one wants to take responsibility………being passed back and forth, really did expect much better from Amazon.

  44. Love how simple it was to set up, literally minutes. Disliked the price increase following delivery as will now order a second adapter.Bought this plug after purchasing the Echo when it was Amazon Prime Day.Very impressed with the simplicity of downloading the app, connecting the plug to my WiFi, finally inputting WiFi password into the app to pair the plug and that’s it, done. So simple and I can now control my lamp from my phone and I downloaded the app on my husbands phone, using my log in details and he too can turn the lamp on and off.So if your thinking about getting one, go for it, it’s so easy to set up.

  45. These are great very easy to use, first of all you don’t need a smart hub these are plug and play. First step is to download the Kasia app onto your mobile or tablet follow the easy steps connect them to your Wi-Fi and give each plug a different name. Once use have these setup you can use them as a normal plug by pressing the led power button. Second you can use the Kasa App to turn the plugs on or off. And finally you can use your Echo or Google home to turn them on and off. You can set up scences like turn off the living room this might be your tv using one of these plugs and a couple of lamps. I have 5 around the house they are well worth the money especially if you have trouble bending or your plug sockets are hard to reach. I even use one for my hot water dispenser to make a cup of coffee in the morning I just leave a cup of coffee on the hot water dispenser when I get up I just say turn on the kettle by the time I get into kitchen my coffee just needs milk and it’s ready to drink.

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