Samsung wants to have Bixby in all of its smart home products by 2020

Bixby is one of the less popular voice assistants on the market today, with most of its mentions in the news concerning Samsung not allowing Galaxy owners to disable it. In spite of that, the company is on a mission to put it in more and more of its products. Samsung has announced that it’ll be putting Bixby in all of its IoT (Internet of Things) products by 2020.

So what exactly is Bixby? Samsung’s new virtual assistant, Bixby, is a different sort of thing than what you’re used to. Where Siri, Google, and Alexa are focused on collecting and understanding information out on the internet and then answering your questions about it, Bixby is trying to help you use your own phone. Well, it seems that they have now decided to extend it’s uses beyond the capabilities of a phone.

Samsung has already put Bixby in phones (obviously), TVs, refrigerators, and washers, but apparently that’s not enough. The voice assistant will be put into all IoT products, including ovens and robot cleaners, by 2020. That seems like a pretty ambitious goal, but Samsung says it’ll partner with AI research center competitors and even seek mergers to do so.

With Bixby in everything, a consumer (who has presumably spent lots of money on brand-new Bixby-equipped appliances) can say “Hi Bixby, I’m home,” and have their air conditioners, air purifiers, and lights turn on, as well as their robot vacuums returning to their charging stations. Similarly, saying “Hi Bixby, good night,” will turn appliances’ night mode on and turn off TVs.

Like most people, I’m alright with flicking a few switches and pushing a few buttons every day. It seems that samsung are intending to take home automation to a level that perhaps the world isn’t ready for yet, but hey, maybe they are onto something. I guess we’ll wait and see!




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