Smart Home manufacture products compatible for the top 3 voice assistants

GE wants to simplify your options to integrate its latest smart solutions with products designed to be compatible with your voice assistant… whichever assistant you chose to use!

The “smart home” movement is gaining steam, but currently many of the voice-operated devices require commitments to specific ecosystems, be those Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit (with Siri). General Electric, though, is looking to make all of this a little less complicated with its C by GE line. Today, the company announced new Wi-Fi-enabled ceiling lights and wall switches that will work with whichever of the above systems you prefer, reports The Verge.  As a bonus, that means GE’s devices will still work fine even after one of the three clearly emerges as the leader of our voice-controlled future. You’re even free to switch voice services at any time if you’d like, thanks to a speaker and a microphone that’s built into each device. Unlike many smart devices that need to be tethered to a device such as a Amazon Echo, the GE devices function as their own hubs and can even control other devices. The ceiling light is meant to be the main illumination source for a room, and you can do anything with it, from changing the brightness or warmth of the lighting to listening to music. For that… GE’s new smart lighting devices will work with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

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